taz + belly: Project 365: Week Nineteen

Project 365: Week Nineteen

13 May 2012

Week nineteen was LOTS of fun. See...
Sunday afternoon naptime... #me #you #photoadaymay

Sunday, May 6 (Day 127):  I know this makes me quite the child, but taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon is seriously one of the things I most look forward to each week. Both girls are exhausted from the week and usually go down without a fight. We can almost bank on three hours of uninterrupted time! Yes, I realize how lucky we are. I think Josh & I even squeezed a nap in on this day.
#photoadayapril photo prompt: me

Late night (for me) TV date with my husband.

Monday, May 7 (Day 128):  Late Monday night, we decided to watch a little television. Isn't he pretty? And if I'm being honest, he's pretty inspiring, too. If it weren't from him, I'd be on a ledge half of my laugh and stressed out constantly. Thank God, he is even-tempered and slow to anger. He definitely mellows me out!
#photoadayapril photo prompt: someone that inspires me

Peanut Butter. #smellsiadore #photoadaymay

Tuesday, May 8 (Day 129):  I heart peanut butter. And on Tuesday, I had whipped PB on a cinnamon and brown sugar bagel for breakfast. Seriously delish.
#photoadaymay photo prompt: a smell I adore

I package up pretties #everyday. #photoadaymay

Wednesday, May 9 (Day 130): As hard as it is to keep up with orders with a full time job, I love my free-lance graphic design business. I have the pleasure of making some pretty sweet birth announcements and invitations and I am constantly packing them up to send out to wonderful clients. This card might have been one of my favorites yet. An adorable photograph paired with my current favorite font!
#photoadaymay photo prompt: something I do everyday

#agape #favoriteword #godislove #photoadaymay

Thursday, May 10 (Day 131): Thursday, I spent an hour at lunch whipping up a card design to pass out at a Relay for Life function Friday night. My Bible study group is called Agape and we like having a Bible verse to share when we do service projects or "pay it forward". This love is definitely one of my favorite words.
#photoadaymay photo prompt: favorite word

The #kitchen at work, waiting on the #breakfast delivery. #fridaybreakfastismyfavorite

Friday, May 11 (Day 132): Every Friday morning my firm has breakfast catered from a local bakery for the employees. We are almost always stalking the kitchen counter around 8:15 waiting for it to come it. I usually go for a bacon biscuit or an ooey gooey cinnamon roll.
#photoadaymay photo prompt: kitchen

Being silly with my girls #makesmehappy !! #photoadaymay My girls make me #happy. #photoadaymay Thrifting, round two: brass lamps & trinket box.

Saturday, May 12 (Day 133): Saturday might have been one of my better days recently. Early that morning we had mini-session photos with my favorite sister/photographer. I was thrilled that the girls were so cooperative and I think we got some great ones. Afterwards, I ran Sophie home to her daddy and Ella & I set out for an afternoon adventure of thrifting with my friend, Beth. I scored these awesome matching lamps for $7 each and got lots of other fun surprises, including that brass trinket box!
#photoadaymay photo prompt: something that makes me happy

I'm linking up with Laura! Photo prompts courtesy of Fat Mum Slim.

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