taz + belly: February 2012

Project 365: Week Eight

26 February 2012

It's that time again! Here's what we've been up to for the last seven days...

Packing Josh for CT. #dislike #febphotoaday Icing my knee. #alsodislike #febphotoaday

Sunday, February 19 (Day 50): I spent some time helping Josh pack for his business trip to Connecticut / NYC. As much as I love his job and that he gets to travel, I hate the prospect of spending a week without him at home! Later that night, we laid on the couch for some television and I iced my knee. A combination of flat feet and less than ideal running shoes have left me with some knee pain. I'm taking the week off, but I'm icing the knee every day hoping to help it along.
#febphotoaday photo prompt: something I hate to do

Day in the life post details. #handwriting #febphotoaday

Monday, February 20 (Day 51): I composed a "day in the life" post and kept a list throughout the day of what we were doing and what photographs I was taking. It was a fun, but time consuming post. Sometimes I love my handwriting, other days... notsomuch.
#febphotoaday photo prompt: handwriting

Tuesday, February 21 (Day 52): This is one of my favorite photographs! It is me and my sister almost 11 years ago. It was New Year's Eve afternoon and I had gotten engaged VERY early that morning (like 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning). I don't have a digital version of this one, so I had to take a picture of the picture. It is grainy and didn't turn out great, but I love it just the same.
#febphotoaday photo prompt: a fav photo of me

Day 22: Where I work... Somewhere in the middle. #febphotoaday

Wednesday, February 22 (Day 53): This is a shot of my building as I was leaving for lunch. It's kind of bleak right now with no leaves on the trees. I could have taken a snap of my office, but I was working on several projects that I didn't want in the shot and it was a mess!
#febphotoaday photo prompt: where I work

Day 23.  #Shoes #febphotoaday

Thursday, February 23 (Day 54): Ummm, these are my favorite shoes. I only wear them about once a week or less, because they are really tall, but they are super cute! These were a present to myself when Josh was at the National Championship Game this past January and I was at home. I would have gladly traded places, but these were a nice consolation prize!
#febphotoaday photo prompt: your shoes

Friday, February 24 (Day 55): Okay, so the inside of my bathroom cabinet is not very interesting and I couldn't decide what to snap. We have a really cool green cabinet next to the bathtub that holds all manner of things, so I went with that.
#febphotoaday photo prompt: inside my bathroom cabinet

My favorite #green room. #febphotoaday

Saturday, February 25 (Day 56): Green was hard. I had several thoughts throughout the day, but it was never the right time. Last night after getting the girls in bed, I walked through the playroom and smiled at these lights. They are my favorite. This is also my favorite green room!
#febphotoaday photo prompt: green

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a day in the life.

24 February 2012

This wasn't a typical Monday, since I was at home with my girls. It is, however, pretty typical of how we spend our time when we find ourselves at home on a weekday. Lots of catching up and two very silly girls. I wanted to share this earlier in the week, but since a large part of the day was spent getting SD on a plane to NYC / Connecticut, I thought it better to wait. He's en route to Alabama as we speak, so I'm a little less worried about you paying me a visit in the middle of the night. You know... if there is, in fact, a crazy person following along.

AM_0505 AM_0525 AM_0530

5:05 am: The dreadful alarm went off and I know I don't have to work today.
5:25 am: Josh is all packed up and ready for his flight.
5:30 am: We pull out of the drive-way and head for the airport... almost an hour away.

AM_0607 AM_0609

6:07 am: Almost there and the sun's coming up.
6:09 am: SD does NOT want his photograph taken at the airport exit.

AM_0613 AM_0619

6:13 am: Passenger drop-off - that's him in the center of the photo, rolling his bag away.
6:19 am: Passing my office on the way back home to pick up the girls.

AM_0702 AM_0724 AM_0729

7:02: Couch to 5K, week three, day three.
7:24: On my last lap and I get a sweet text from SD.
7:29: Post-run euphoria... or exhaustion, you pick.

AM_0738 AM_0739

7:38: Making waffles with Gran.

AM_0741 AM_0912

7:41 am: Belgian waffles for breakfast? Yes, please.
9:12 am: Finally headed back to the Rock House so Gran can get to work.


9:25 am: Sophie's playing with dry-erase markers and letter cards. This keeps her busy for awhile.


9:26 am: Ella wants to help with chores, so she volunteers to fold laundry and watch cartoons.


9:33 am: Unload / reload dishwasher.

AM_0946 AM_1007

9:46 am: Sophie gets a sucker for using the "good girl" potty (she means big girl!).
10:01 am: Put away Ella's laundry.


10:07 am: Sweep the back porch and notice a "Happy Birthday" sticker from 2007. Ella was one.


10:39 am: Put away Sophie's laundry (Roll Tide!). 


10:58 am: Finally check my email.


11:02 am: Start another load of laundry and throw SD's shirts in the dryer.


11:09 am: Sophie loves to play dolls in the laundry room, even though the floor is ugly.


11:17 am: Lunch break -- turkey sandwiches and chips it is.


11:54 am: Pre-nap jumpy party.

PM_1201 PM_0108

12:01 pm: My least favorite chore with my favorite home appliance -- the Kirby.
1:08 pm: Change light bulbs. I swear every one in the house was blown!


1:12 pm: Sophie's finally asleep and Ella takes her "rest" time on the couch watching Sponge-Bob.


1:18 pm: Clean the bathroom and marvel at the number of toothbrushes / toothpaste tubes.


1:23 pm: A few more loads of laundry to deal with...


1:29 pm: Update my calendar and take a look at the budget.


2:05 pm: It's finally quiet, so I tackle my first design project of the day -- a puppy dog party.


3:47 pm: Beemer crashes on the bed behind me... I'm still working on design projects.


5:01 pm: After almost four hours, little bit wakes up happy!


5:09 pm: She wants to sit in my lap while I work. Not much work gets done.


5:14 pm: Almost done with design project number two -- an owl party.

PM_0516 PM_0518

5:18 pm: My little helper is obsessed with eating shredded cheese!
5:26 pm: Check the recipe one more time.


6:01 pm: Garlic bread is in the oven.


6:15 pm: I'm cooking dinner, Ella's throwing up in the bathroom and Sophie's reading.


6:24 pm: Sickie's had a bath and is armed with her plastic bowl in my bed. Not happy.


6:28 pm: Sophie & I thoroughly enjoy the new recipe, even if there's no one to eat it with us.


7:14 pm: Kitchen's clean.


7:19 pm: Sophie pauses to get a spoon to play with in the bathtub!


7:20 pm: Scrub-a-dub-dub -- she LOVES a bubble bath!

PM_0709 PM_0728

7:09 pm: Evening check-in with Josh.
7:28 pm: A quick snap on our way to get our pajamas on.


8:01 pm: Bed time for Sophie. Ella hasn't moved and I'm still doing house / design work.


10:02 pm: I finally get to sit down and enjoy some reality TV. Sad, sad guilty pleasure.

PM_0906 PM_1147

10:05 pm: A little work for my boss before I can really relax.
11:47 pm: Take my Instagram photograph of the day (my handwriting) and fall into bed exhausted...

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