taz + belly: Vacation, Part 2

Vacation, Part 2

10 July 2012

On Thursday of our vacation we spent most of the day at the pool. I wish we had a water park or splash pad closer to home, because these two girls loved it! There is a fence to keep them in and it is pretty impossible to drown. I layed my towel on the very edge and watched them run and play all morning.

THU - Sophie & Ella

THU - Run & Jump 1

THU - Run & Jump 2

THU - Run & Jump 3

All of a sudden, Ella wants to pose everywhere. It is all I can do to keep a straight face while I'm snapping away. I swear she looks like a junior Victoria's Secret model?!
THU - Ella poses THU - Ella poses again

THU - Sophie Splashpad

THU - Sophie & Mom

Of course, we had to stop for snack more than once throughout the day!
THU - My Milk! THU - Snack time

Friday was our last full day to spend in the sand. Everyone in my family came to the beach that day and it made for quite the sight. I wish I had taken a picture at sunset -- there were no less than five weddings taking place behind us and one photographer even asked us to move our awning just a few feet so that it wasn't featured in the couple's wedding album!

FRI - Bedouins on the Beach

I finally got a few great pictures of me and Josh on the beach... even if he was wearing that goofy t-shirt from 1997!
FRI - SD & Mom Closer FRI - SD & Mom

I spent some time sitting at the edge of the water while these two girls splashed and played in the waves. They were finally throwing caution to the wind and getting a little more than just their feet wet!

FRI - Mom & the Girls

FRI - Sophie Runs FRI - Ella & Sophie

FRI - Ella & Sophie in the Water

Of course, we had to have another SD administered self-portrait.

FRI - SD's Self Portrait

Sophie discovered that if you throw enough gold fish you'll make good friends with the seagulls. This mommy wasn't too happy about that...
FRI - Sophie Feeding Birds

On our last day of vacation, we tried heading to the pool in the morning before spending the afternoon at the beach. Unfortunately, there was nowhere in the sun to sit and the breeze was just strong enough to keep you cold in the shade. The girls barely took their t-shirts off and we ended up eating lunch at the camper before heading to the beach for one final hoorah.

FRI - Hello Kitty at the Pool

This was the day for getting our hands dirty. There wasn't any layout out. No books were read. But there was much fun to be had.

SAT - Sandcastles with SD

SAT - Taking Pics of K

SAT - Daddy's Alligator

SAT - Family Picture SAT - Watching the Waves

SAT - Playing in the Waves

SAT - Wipeout!

SAT - K & Kristin

We took an afternoon stroll with Poppy.

SAT - Walking with Poppy

SAT - Ella poses SAT - Soph & Mom

SAT - The Crane Flies SAT - The Crane

And managed to find a crane that the girls couldn't resist torturing. ALL down the beach.

SAT - Chasing the Crane2

SAT - Chasing the Crane1

The perfect farewell dinner consisted of many pizzas delivered by Dominos, the purchase of a few lottery tickets and a good book. The last night of vacation is always the most depressing.

SAT - Pizza

SAT - Family Night Dinner

SAT - Soph & K SAT - Pizza & DP

Goodnight, Gulf Shores!

SAT - Me & SD


  1. Awesome pictures! I can tell y'all had a blast! Because of your stories & pictures, we have booked reservations at Gulf State park during the Shrimp Festival in October & my whole family plan to go next summer! It looks like a great campground. I can see my girls playing on the splash pad now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh and Ella's poses are cracking me up! All of your hard work has paid off...you look smoking in your bikini!!!

  3. Love all the pics! You look great and your girls are adorable!


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