taz + belly: Project 365: Week Twenty-Six

Project 365: Week Twenty-Six

01 July 2012

Sunday, June 24 (Day 175): It was another day at the pool for me, thank goodness. Lucky me, Kamin brought this treasure that a friend bought at a yardsale. It didn't fit either of them, so I got a fun dress for free! It needs a tiny alteration, but I can't wait to give it a spin.


Monday, June 25 (Day 176): We got the great news about Ella's invitation to participate on a competition class this year. I couldn't resist picking up flowers on my way home to celebrate. She was tickled pink!

 This little girl was SO excited to find out she made the Tiny Competition dance team! #proudmom

Tuesday, June 26 (Day 177): I am flipping obsessed with these chapsticks. Have you tried them? There are no less than three in my bag at any given time.

I have an obsession with Chapstick, especially Baby Lips. These are all in my purse today... peach kiss and grape vine. #cantlivewithout

Wednesday, June 27 (Day 178): I worked on my Christmas list for awhile on Wednesday. Am I a nerd because I'm almost completely done with the girls? My "one gift a month" plan has really worked out well and aside from the theme park tickets, I'm doing really good!

Have I mentioned that I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping for the girls? Whew, relief!

Thursday, June 28 (Day 179): Holy temperatures?! We averaged 100+ degrees this week. Is it that hot at your house?


Friday, June 29 (Day 180): I picked up some fun sparkly nail polish at the grocery store and tried it out for casual Friday. Are you a fan of glitter? I was worried it would look too childish, but I've gotten lots of compliments. It was a cheap brand (Pure Ice at Wal-Mart), but a pretty blush color that wasn't too bright for a mommy.

Nail party!

Saturday, June 30 (Day 181): Guess who I found in the hidey hole this morning? There is a 2 foot square space in the corner between two pieces of furniture and she likes to squeeze herself and some treasures in there to play.

In the hidey hole!

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  1. I have to have the baby lips ever since you mentioned it a couple weeks/months ago! :)


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