taz + belly: Fitness Friday: a comparison

Fitness Friday: a comparison

06 July 2012

I must admit, I haven't been doing too well. Since we got back from the beach, I've been highly UNmotivated to go to the gym, to run, to do Insanity, to eat well. I've been in a funk and offered up my fair share of excuses for not following through. I knew I would have a few pounds to lose after indulging for seven days, but those few pounds have been making me feel icky. Like I worked really hard and now I'm trying to throw it all away. I hopped on the scales at the gym yesterday and I was at 133. That's 1.5 pounds less than when I returned from the beach, but still 3 pounds more than when I left. I have got to get back on track. I want 130 to be my "just got home from the beach" weight, not my "struggling to get back to after eating a cheeseburger" weight.

While I was throwing myself a pity party, I decided to compare some pictures because I knew it would make me feel better and would motivate me. I wish I had some indication of my weight in these, but I think the change is obvious. Sorry for the twofers, that's just how the images were saved in Flickr and I didn't feel like digging through the archives for the originals.

July 4, 2009 - I was pregnant with Sophie, but I didn't know it yet. I was taking Clomid and had a legitimate excuse for the extra weight. BTW, how stinking adorable is Ella in these images?! This was the first year we went to UAB for Thunder on the Mountain.

july4 052b

July 4, 2010 - Another somewhat legitimate excuse. Sophie was three months old, so I should expect to be a little heavier, but I should have at least been making an effort. I am probably in the neighborhood of 160 in these pictures.

family pics

July 4, 2011 - Ummm, no excuses. 16 months post-baby and I'm still not doing very much. I was happier than the summer before, but I was probably still pretty close to 150. 148, maybe?

Summer_ 040

July 4, 2012 - Even at 133, I'm happy here. Not that my happiness clinches on my weight, but I feel good and fit and healthy. I can wear my clothes without a struggle and I'm proud of how far I've come.

Kristin & Josh

Sometimes I need to see the comparison to remind me how far I've come. And to remind me that it's okay to take a few weeks off, but it's not okay to be lazy. Ever again. End of rant.

Can we talk about how my husband looks virtually the same in every image (with the exception of his crazy hair)? That is completely unfair. I'm also cracking up because apparently for the last three summers he's worn that same Patriots t-shirt on the fourth of July and the last two years he even wore the same shorts! I think he needs a few more patriotic items in his closet :).


  1. Girl, you are beautiful at 133 and at 160 too. You should be SO proud of how far you've come!! You'll get out of your funk... until then, look in the mirror at the beautiful person you are (inside and out) and reflect on all your accomplishments (that you've obtained by NOT being lazy!) It's ALWAYS okay to take some time off. Sometimes it's hard to get back in the groove, but like you say, its not okay to be lazy. That attitude will get you up and moving in no time, I have no doubt. :)

  2. you look great in all of them!!! i noticed josh's shirt too!! too bad he didnt wear it the first year, then it could have just been a tradition in itself!!!! hahaha!

  3. I noticed Josh's shirt, too. I actually scrolled back up to make sure I was seeing that right before I read where you said it. Ha! So funny. You look awesome and I love your outfit this year!

  4. You look great, but I know exactly how you feel. I weighed 133 last week. I haven't checked since. It's been so darn hot that I can't motivate myself to go run. I love the heat, but not for running. Then I've been so, so busy with work & then the day ends...no real exercise, I sit down & eat almost an entire Ben & Jerry's...yeah. Then I feel icky the rest of the night. It can be frustrating. I've got another crazy day complete with taking one son to the orthopedist, work, & 2 baseball games in Tuscaloosa! So, all that sitting!

    My hubby has a shirt w/ fireworks on it that he wears every 4th. If y'all were down UAB this year, he was there with it on! Ha

  5. Thanks, y'all. My self-esteem took a major flight today :).

  6. I knew i had the same shirt on. I told Kris that I was going to have the same shirt as last year. She said, "don't worry about it, it'll be fine". I'm pretty sure she knew she would be making fun of me. I'm not too worried about it though, i rocked it.

    1. JOSH FIELDS! This is a momentous occasion... I don't think you've ever commented before ;).


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