taz + belly: Vacation, Part 1

Vacation, Part 1

27 June 2012

I took in the neighborhood of 250 photographs while we were on vacation and I uploaded about 75 of those. Since it would be a bit gratuitous to try and include all of those in a single post, I'll share them over the next several days. Each day pretty much looks exactly the same, but they are all too cute not to share!

We left for the beach on Saturday evening after Ella's dance recital. We drove to Prattville, ate a quick bite at Chick-fil-A for dinner and put on our pajamas in the bathroom. Ella finally went to sleep between Montgomery and Greenville and slept the rest of the way down. We stopped in Bay Minette for gas and a potty break and were in Gulf Shores before midnight. Since we couldn't pick up our RV until Monday morning, we crashed with my parents in their pop-up on Saturday night. Even though we were hoping it didn't happen, we woke up to thunder, cloudy skies and nasty rain. I didn't take a single picture on Sunday (except a few instagram shots with my phone). We sat in the camper and played with the girls, we took a nap and read books and finally at two o'clock we were done. We showered and got dressed and drove our over-loaded car on a Krispy Kreme run. 24 donuts later we were en route to the Shrimp Basket in GS where we ate the best meal I had encountered in weeks! 

On Monday morning, Josh and my dad headed back out on a thirty minute drive to pick up our camper. By lunch, we were parked in a spot pretty close to the rest of our family and I was busy making camp. I managed to get the inflatable pool blown up and Josh let the girls play outside while I made our grocery run and grabbed Arby's for lunch. Seriously good. It was the first time I'd had Arby's THIS YEAR. I was able to lay in the lounge chair for a few hours while the girls napped and got started on my first book of the vacation. Camp was organized, my car was finally cleaned out and two girls & their daddy napped away in the air conditioned trailer. Finally, after two plus days, we headed out to do something vacation-y... the pool and splash pad!

MON - Family lounging
the family lounging spot * right where we could keep an eye on the splash pad
MON - Sophie Splashes
sophie spent most of her time running in circles
MON - The Hubs MON - Sophie at the Fence
sweet daddy keeping watch * sophie peeking out at everyone
MON - K & Kristin
me & K * my hair will be in a topknot in every.single.picture from vacation
MON - Ella poses MON - Soph, Ella & Molly
sophie, ella & molly posing for pics, as usual
MON - Ella, Jared & Soph
thankfully, Jared was there to get silly
MON - Soph & Gmom
and Granmom, of course!

On Tuesday, the weather was finally beautiful and we headed to the beach. I think we might have done the pool in the morning and beach in the afternoon, but whatever we did was perfect.

TUE - Beach at Last
finally in my happy place
TUE - Mommy Watches TUE - Sophie Water 2
watching the girls play in the water with K
TUE - SD & Soph in the Sand 1
building sand castles with our sweet daddy
TUE - SD & Soph in the Sand 2 TUE - Sophie
sophie still wasn't sure what she thought about the sand...
TUE - Don't Bury Me!
but she KNEW she didn't want to get buried!
TUE - Molly & Ella Buried
ella & molly didn't seem to mind

On Wednesday, Poppy and some of the other guys took the big girls to see the Battleship in Mobile, while Josh & Cory headed to the golf course. That left me and this little girl with no plans on the horizon.

WED - Mom & Sophie
we opted for a nice long day at the beach with K & Jared
WED - Sophie Lunches
we even managed to eat our lunch in the sand without incident (see my DP?)
WED- Sophie in the Sand
there was lots of good time spent in the sand * and LOTS of water hauling
WED - Sophie Digs WED - Ella & Molly
when the big girls got back, they hitched a ride to the beach with Josh
WED - Daddy's Here WED - Sophie Buried 1
and Sophie decided maybe getting buried wasn't so bad
WED - Sophie Buried 2
WED - Sophie Digs Out
on second thought.

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