taz + belly: Project 365: Week Twenty Three

Project 365: Week Twenty Three

10 June 2012

By the time you read this, I'll be soaking up the rays with my toes in the sand. I have missed my babies this week and cannot wait to get my hands on them. We are driving to the beach late on Saturday evening and I'll be unplugged and out of touch for the next 7 (glorious!) days. I'll be back next Sunday with another Project 365 post and then we'll start the beach recap on Monday. If you're lucky, there might be a daily instagram post between now and then, but don't hang your hat on it. We're going to be relaxing and flying by the seat of our pants. Ah, vacation.

All that's left on my plate. Yummy.

Sunday, June 3 (Day 154): Since our girls left for the beach with my parents early last Sunday morning, we've been on our own since the night before. We didn't know what to do with ourselves, but it was fun not having to plan the days around naptime or being super scheduled. On Saturday, we made a late night run to 5 Guys for burgers and Best Buy for a new car stereo. On Sunday, we had Jack's for breakfast, went to church, ate lunch out at a new BBQ place, went to tan (I know it's bad for you), took a nice long nap and then decided we should eat out again. You know, because the previous four meals were also eaten out and we decided to make it a record. We hit up a new-to-use Mexican restaurant, browsed the book store, grabbed groceries at Publix and rented a movie. It was after 11 before we headed to bed, but we had the best day.
#photoadayjune photo prompt: onmyplate

#upclose and personal with my favorite shoes. I had a great 3 mile run lunch today. I'm trying to focus on increasing my speed.  Grrrr. #photoadayjune #Paleo taco salad and #bama softball. Date night at home!

Monday, June 4 (Day 155): I can't choose, so we're going to with two photos for Monday. I snapped a close up of my favorite shoes that morning at the gym. I'm still smitten and I haven't had so much as a twinge in my knee since I upgraded to these. I'm only running about 3 miles, 4 days a week, but it's enough to keep me in shape and not lose any progress until we're done with Insanity. Later that night, we made paleo taco salad (but I added low-fat cheese to mine) and piled up on the couch to watch the Alabama softball team in the first game of the National Championship. Roll Tide.
#photoadayjune photo prompt: close-up

#steelcitypops for snack today! Popsicles are a #sign of summer :). #photoadayjune

Tuesday, June 5 (Day 156): I was lucky enough to get a free popsicle from Steel City Pops when a friend from work made a run for our summer staff. I really wanted to to try the coconut, but it wasn't ready when she got there. Instead I had the chocolate which was so yummy! If you live in the area you should definitely pay them a visit. You can buy them individually or get four for $10. There are lots of exotic flavors and everything is made from fresh, organic ingredients. To me, popsicles are a definite sign of summer!
#photoadayjune photo prompt: sign

Hello, 2012. I can FINALLY listen to iTunes in my car! Wedges and compression sleeves... sexy, no?

Wednesday, June 6 (Day 157): Why not have another two-fer? I was thrilled on Wednesday morning to join the modern world and have access to my playlists on the car stereo. After fighting with a broken CD player for the last year or so, Josh insisted that I upgrade and scheduled me an appointment on Tuesday. Not only does the radio play songs via my phone, but since it uses the USB cord instead of the headphone jack, it charges my phone simultaneously. Score. And because I couldn't resist, how sexy are those compression sleeves with my wedges? After a grueling workout the night before, my run on Wednesday was a little lackluster. My calves were really tight and I kept getting a cramp, so I ended up walking the majority of my 2.5 mile treadmill run. I pulled on these sleeves afterwards to help the circulation and muscle recovery and wore them back to work. I sent Josh this photo via text message before I left the gym and his response was that I was weird, not sexy. Oh well. At least I had on pants that day!
#photoadayjune photo prompt: hat

I might be a cheater, but this Dr. Pepper is GOOD! #drink #photoadayjune

Thursday, June 7 (Day 158): My plan for this week was to eat really clean and work-out extra hard everyday to get as many pounds and inches off before I took the "after" photos on Saturday. You know what they say about the best laid plans... Instead, I've been running errands like crazy to get ready for our vacation and it feels silly to buy groceries knowing you're leaving in a few days. We ended up grabbing fast food for dinner on Thursday and as bad as I felt about it, this Dr. Pepper IN A STYROFOAM CUP sure did hit the spot!
#photoadayjune photo prompt: drink

I can FINALLY get into these skinny minnies. #whatiwore #sixoclock #photoadayjune

Friday, June 8 (Day 159): You've already seen this picture, but this is what I was doing at six o'clock on Friday morning. We have casual Friday at work, although we still aren't allowed to wear any denim. I opted for skinny black pants, a button-down tunic and wedges. This is pretty much my summer wardrobe.
#photoadayjune photo prompt: six o'clock

Cheetos = dance fuel! #myviewtoday #dancerecital #photoadayjune

Saturday, June 9 (Day 160): Ella's been working so hard for the last 10 months getting ready for her Dance Recital. On Saturday, we headed downtown for the big show. She was all dolled up and ready to go, but we needed some Cheetos to help fuel us for the big performance.
#photoadayjune photo prompt: myviewtoday

I'm borrowing photo prompts from Fat Mum Slim.

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