taz + belly: Project 365: Week Twenty Four

Project 365: Week Twenty Four

17 June 2012

Well, there isn't a P365 linky anymore, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to share my daily doses of fun with you all. I completely ignored photo prompts this past week since we were at the beach. Here is just a tiny glimpse into what makes our family vacation the best. More to come later this week. If you follow me on Instagram (kfields1923) you've probably already seen these, but here they are again!

Oh, happy place.

Sunday, June 10 (Day 161): On Sunday it rained all day. Seriously. What do you call four adults and two children in a pop-up camper during a monsoon? Bored stiff. After a glorious nap and many Krispy Kreme donuts, we finally braved the rain and ate at our favorite local haunt. I know it's bizarre that my favorite thing to eat on the coast is chicken fingers, but these are THE. BEST.

My view...

Monday, June 11 (Day 162): Finally, some sunshine and a little relaxation. SD went to pick up our travel trailer on Monday morning, so we got to move out on our own. After setting up camp and buying groceries, we spent some time playing in the shade and hanging out around camp. I was craving the beach, but it just wasn't in the stars.

Day 3 and I finally have my toes in the sand! My happy place...

Tuesday, June 12 (Day 163): Finally. We opted for pool in the morning, lunch followed by a nap and a lovely afternoon on the beach. It was a welcome sight.

What 7 hours at the beach will do to you!

Wednesday, June 13 (Day 164): My dad took Ella to see the battleship in Mobile Bay, Josh went to play golf and this little bit and I spent six hours in the sand. This is what happens when you skip nap in favor of sandcastles.

Alligator love.

Thursday, June 14 (Day 165): By Thursday, we were ready for the Original Oyster House, even if it did bring along a 2 hour and 15 minute wait. Believe it or not, the girls survived and we even managed to pet an alligator while we waited!

Bedouins at the beach!

Friday, June 15 (Day 166): This was a great day because all 20ish of us went to the beach together. We packed a lunch and set up shop and didn't budge until sunset. This is my kind of beach day!


Saturday, June 16 (Day 167): Our last full day on the gulf. We opted for pool/splash pad for the morning, followed by a movie and quick nap. By two o'clock we were on the beach and stayed there until after seven o'clock! We chased a crane down the beach, saw five weddings and built an alligator in the sand.

Vacation is the best, but I'm whooped!

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