Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Monday.

Wanna know how to gain 4.5 lbs in 8 days?

Josh & Kristin - Friday

Eat at the Shrimp Basket at least three times.
Have a MASSIVE meal at the Original Oyster House that breaks the bank.
Have a single and a double mint chocolate-chip ice cream on a waffle cone.
Plow through a case of cold, canned DP.
Choose Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed donuts instead of a sensible breakfast.
Don't consume a single bottle of water or even open the boxes of protein bars you brought.
Only run once and only then because it's breezy and raining.
Read five Sookie Stackhouse books on a lawn chair in front of the box fan.
Lay on a blanket in the sand and watch your girls serve make-believe meals made of sand.
Enjoy seven, sun-filled days with 20 of your favorite people.

It was fun, but the laundry is ridiculous and my girls are exhausted. Oh... so am I.
See you tomorrow. Hopefully I can tell you I ran, did Insanity and ate clean.

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  1. I'm glad that you splurged & enjoyed yourself! It's back to protein bars, water & insanity. But for that did exactly what you should had...vacation from dieting!


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