taz + belly: Fitness Friday: The Pants

Fitness Friday: The Pants

08 June 2012


When I went to the beach two summers ago, I had a seven week old baby and the middle number on the scale was probably a five. I didn't get on the scales at all that summer, but I knew the number couldn't possibly be a good one and understandably so. I am not one of those women whose body just bounces back. Heck it wasn't that great to begin with, but I really have to work hard for results. While shopping at the outlet mall on our vacation, I found two pairs of very skinny pants at the Gap. They are side-zip chinos and were on a clearance rack for $2.98 a pair?! Of course, they only had really tiny sizes and one pair of sixes in both black and brown. Although I was nowhere even close to a six at that point, how could I possibly pass up $6 worth of awesomeness? Fast forward twenty months or so... I was approaching an 8 and wanted to give them a try. What I found, disappointed, is that they were really more like a 4 and I didn't have a hope of squeezing myself into them. Even after months of hard work, I couldn't get them past my thighs and they weren't anywhere close to my waist. Still, I couldn't bring myself to part with them. About a month ago, when I was starting to fit into some 4s, I tried again. I could get them on, but not zipped and I couldn't walk well enough in them to leave the house. Discouraged, I put them back in my closet. I know it's ironic that tomorrow is the "big reveal" and it would seem I've planned all along to wear these pants today, but that's not really true. On a whim this morning, I grabbed them from the closet while debating my casual Friday attire and slipped them on. They fit. I mean, they zipped!! I won't lie and tell you I couldn't stand to lose another inch in the waist and hips to make them better, but twenty-four months later my $6 investment is finally paying off. I've been saying since January that I wanted to look like a different person by the time we left for the beach and I do. Today I weigh 130.5 pounds and I'm wearing the pants. THE pants.

I can FINALLY get into these skinny minnies. #whatiwore #sixoclock #photoadayjune


  1. Congratulations on your big accomplishment!! You look amazing!! 130 lb is sorta my goal weight. I'm far from it, but I'll get there someday!

  2. You are amazing, lady!!
    Seriously, I know I've said it before, but you are such an inspirations.
    You look great :)

  3. Wonderful job, you look awesome!!!

  4. That's awesome! I'm jealous! I would love for you to post your meal plan. I have the hardest time planning a full day of meals.


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