taz + belly: Project 365: Week Thirteen

Project 365: Week Thirteen

01 April 2012

Q: How do you know you've turned into a terrible blogger?
A: When there aren't any posts between your last two Project 365 reveals.

Gah, y'all. I'm terrible. Terrible or not... here's the rundown of our last week together. I'm not making any promises, but I'm going to really try to get back on the bandwagon next week . And these pictures are terrible. This probably seems like a poorly executed April Fool's Day joke. It's not... bear with me.

In bed, reading with hubs.

Sunday, March 25 (Day 85): So, breakfast. I probably had the same two slices of peanut butter toast that I have almost every morning. Or it could have been an omelet if SD was feeling really generous. Either way, I didn't photograph it. I decided I would take a picture of our dinner instead and guess what? I forgot about that, too. I remembered sometime after ten o'clock when we were in bed reading together and I forced my husband to let me snap him instead. Isn't he cute? I cannot begin to tell you how fabulous I think it is that we read in bed together at night.
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: breakfast

The #key to a perfect spring afternoon outside. #marchphotoaday

Monday, March 26 (Day 86): On a whim, after work and school on Monday, we stayed outside working in the yard. SD cleaned up a new spot for me to park my car and ultimately we cut power to the house and installed a plug and light switch on our back porch. The girls were happily barefoot, running around in the yard enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. Coloring books and sidewalk chalk go a long way to keep sweaty, hungry girls happy!  {updated to say -- and in case it isn't clear how this ties into the photo prompt of "key", the instagram caption was 'the key to a perfect spring afternoon outside'}
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: key

 #myname #yesterday #marchphotoaday

Tuesday, March 27 (Day 87): This one couldn't be more self-explanatory. My husband thinks I have horrible handwriting, but I actually get complimented on it frequently. I perfected my signature in college, taking printmaking and drawing courses. It hasn't changed much in the last ten years.
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: my name

Calf massage = awesome.

Wednesday, March 28 (Day 88): Who wants to take a picture of trash? Unfortunately, I didn't take many other pictures this day. It was pretty perfect, by most standards. Although I had a pretty crappy lunch time run and then ran out of time to jog before Bible study, my day included Chipotle for dinner, an awesome time with my small group friends, sweet snuggles with Soph before bed, Survivor and a pretty stinking fantastic calf massage from SD. The fronts of my calves have been really sore this week and getting a quick rub down worked wonders.
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: trash

Bubbletoes. #feet #marchphotoaday

Thursday, March 29 (Day 89): Sophie's bubble toes. Need I say more?
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: feet

 These stay put when the littles aren't home ;). #toy #marchphotoaday

Friday, March 30 (Day 90): On Friday, the girls went home from school with my mom and spent the night in a tent in my childhood bedroom. My plans were to grab Panera's macaroni & cheese for dinner, balance the old checkbook and get into bed super early since I was running a race the next morning. Instead, my 40 minute commute turned into 2.5 hours (thanks to a power outage which affected traffic lights) and by the time I got home my schedule was completely disrupted. I did manage to pay the bills, lay out my racing attire and watch a terrible movie. I missed the girls and the only positive aspect of them being gone was that the toys stayed put for more than thirty minutes at a time!
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: toy

Nap time. On the couch. #whereirelax #marchphotoaday

Saturday, March 31 (Day 91): I got home from the race at noon, put the girls straight down for nap and cuddled up on the couch with Breaking Dawn. I was exhausted and promptly fell asleep. A grandmother's quilt always makes nap time so much better!
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: where I relax

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