taz + belly: Project 365: Week Twelve

Project 365: Week Twelve

25 March 2012

This week was long and hard. The girls were out of school for spring break and between running, running errands and working like a mad woman at the office this week, I pretty much crashed into bed every night. I'm thrilled to get back on a regular schedule this week, with the girls in school and my intense project at work wrapping up. I have some great photos to share from a birthday party a few weeks ago, some birthday plans of my own for Sweet Sophie and some photos of the work we've been doing in the yard the last few weeks. Until then... here's what we've been up to!

A little #corner of my home. #marchphotoaday

Sunday, March 18 (Day 78): After church on Sunday, SD headed out to play golf with the guys and the littles and I spent the afternoon outside. I finished up a little yard work that we started on Saturday and watched them jump on the trampoline, play in the playhouse and run around in the yard with our neighbors. Later in the evening, we got the girls into bed early and I snuggled up with that blanket to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead. Anyone else? This is one of  my favorite little corners. We have built-in bookshelves in two places of our living area and it makes for an excellent nook to style with books and treasures. The teapots and the brass pineapple are my favorites!
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: corner of my home

A little #funny Ella left on my desk last week. She was playing school :). #marchphotoaday

Monday, March 19 (Day 79): Since Ella came to work with my one day last week, there are all kinds of interesting treasures in my office. She collected office supplies and sat under my desk playing school for a long time. Apparently "Luke" wasn't too well-behaved that day.
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: funny

The plan was to fold laundry tonight. #before #marchphotoaday Then this happened under the pile! #after #marchphotoaday

Tuesday, March 20 (Day 80): Josh worked on getting all of the laundry washed and dried on Monday and Tuesday while he worked. It was a little sad, but pretty much everything we owned was in a basket waiting to be washed. My plan was to fold it all on Tuesday night, so I piled it up on the bed as I worked around the house. I was going to pile up and watch some mindless television while I did it. Ella took a book into my room to read until Sophie fell asleep and when I went to check on her, she was sleeping under the laundry. Oh well, it'll have to wait!
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: before & after

Chopped salad from Jason's Deli = #delicious. #marchphotoaday

Wednesday, March 21 (Day 81): Usually on Wednesdays I have small group Bible study, but because of Spring Break we opted to cancel this week's meeting. I stopped by Jason's Deli and got a fabulous salad and came home to hang out with Sophie for a few hours -- Josh was having dinner with a friend. When he got back, I headed out for a quick 3 miler at dusk and it was wonderful! The weather was perfect and there wasn't anyone at the track to distract/disturb me. Afterwards, it was Survivor and a salad. I always talk about how Jason's had the BEST salad bar, but I hate that their veggies aren't chopped smaller. Since I got it to go, I chopped everything again when I got home and tossed it with their unbelievably yummy ranch dressing. It was definitely delicious!
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: delicious

The #kitchen sink -- surrounded by bibs, sippy cups and dinner dishes. Not so exciting. #marchphotoaday 

Thursday, March 22 (Day 82): I almost took a picture of this area before dinner, but it was a mess! We had spaghetti, which always requires two pots, not to mention the plethora of dishes from Tuesday night's "breakfast for dinner". My kitchen is pretty much my least favorite room in our house and I would love to renovate it. I do love my vintage baskets hanging from the ceiling though. They are full of little girl necessities.
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: kitchen sink

 Date night with SD. Happy Hunger Games!

Friday, March 23 (Day 83): So, I completely ignored the photo prompt this day. We had a date and the moon was nowhere to be seen any time I found myself outside. Oh well. Josh & I dropped the girls off with his parents and headed out alone. We are fortunate to get to do that multiple times a month and we know what a blessing that is. We found a new-to-us Mexican place that was excellent, hit up GNC and the bookstore, grabbed some much needed Junior Mints from Walgreens and then watched The Hunger Games. I was beyond impressed with the big screen version -- I thought the story and the casting were spot on. I cried a lot and I'd like to watch it again now that I'm a little less stressed about the whole thing ;).
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: moon

My pretty grey ghost. #animal #marchphotoaday

Saturday, March 24 (Day 84): The girls were still at Nana's on Saturday and Josh had gotten up early to fish since the weather was supposed to be perfect. I slept until 9:18 and snuggled this beast for awhile before finally deciding to be productive. I went for a run before it got too hot, visited with my parents for an hour or so and picked the girls up right at lunch. They were both exhausted and took long naps while I got a jump start on our strawberry patch outside. When SD got home, he helped me finish up and made a run to Home Depot for mulch and a wheelbarrow. We were all exhausted (including Beemer, who I snapped right before crashing into bed myself) when we came in for dinner, but I am so excited that my yard is almost completely spruced for spring. Just a new American flag, a bird feeder and one more flower bed and we can call it done!
#marchphotoaday photo prompt: animal

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  1. Your photos are lovely. I need to get more creative. I started out doing marchphotoaday on IG, but I fell behind the last few weeks. Anyway, just wanted to say hello! Happy Sunday.


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