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15 March 2012

My girls love to be outside and they love sports. We all know this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with their daddy. This past Saturday was the alumni baseball game at our Alma Mater. It's a fundraiser for the current varsity team, which my brother-in-law helps to coach. They worked so hard to pull it off and we had a fabulous time at the ballpark. Not to mention, it's just across the street and makes for an awful easy commute!

Alumni Game 032

First up, we had to say hello to our daddy. He had just hit two out of the park in the Home Run Derby when we arrived. Sophie was pretty happy to talk with him through the fence.

Alumni Game 033 Alumni Game 035

I just knew she would be a disaster at the park and into everything. I was surprised that she actually sat still the entire day (with only a few mishaps) and was MUCH better than I expected.

Alumni Game 036

Don't they look presh in the yellow jacket gear?

Alumni Game 037

There were more than a few trips to the concession stand by these girls. Who could resist a lunch at the ballpark and unlimited Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

Alumni Game 038

Apparently, not even me! These chicken fingers were so good and I sacrificed other calories all day long to enjoy them. Thank goodness, I didn't even have to share.

Alumni Game 042 Alumni Game 039

We did actually manage watch our daddy play ball for at least a little while!

Alumni Game 040

Our one major mishap for the day was this. Sophie was walking along the edge of the sidewalk and stepped off into the grass by accident. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and ended up in a mud puddle. Thankfully, she had on water sandals and after stripping off leggings and washing her feet, she was good to go!

Alumni Game 044 Alumni Game 045

Alumni Game 046

Ella tried her best to get a snooze in, but this chair just wasn't comfy enough.

Alumni Game 050

We did get some good snuggles from our Daddy in between games. Sophie refused to smile and this was the best I could do.

Alumni Game 051

Alumni Game 052 Alumni Game 057

Sophie actually took a nap, even though it was hot and loud. As soon as Jo-Jo showed up, she piled into his arms and was out like a light. I'm pretty sure she slept for the better part of two hours out there. Boy did she feel better when she woke up to find her best buddy Carson there.

Alumni Game 056 Alumni Game 054

Alumni Game 059

Alumni Game 062

It was the perfect spring day to welcome baseball season and look forward to some pretty Saturdays outside. Wanna check out pictures from last years' game? You can click here! Don't you agree that he looked better with a shaved head than with his current mop top? I'm trying to convince him to cut it again, but he is determined to grow it out long!

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  1. I've got to make it to one of these alumni games. It always is great to be back at my alma mater. Great pictures and blog Kristin!


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