taz + belly: December 2011

2011 in Pictures

31 December 2011

In January, we saw the elephants walk into town, made our annual appearance on the front row at the Barnum & Bailey circus, saw Sophie turn nine months oldlearned to ride our big girl bike and enjoyed Sophie's first "snow"!

elephant_walk 007
circus11_ 072
ice day 050

In February, I learned to be really honest, we enjoyed an Alumni baseball game at our alma mater, you were introduced to Sophie's french fry and we gave this room a major overhaul.

alumni_ 005french fry 003spring swing 021

In March, we took our first trip to IKEA, moved to a new URL, took my favorite family pictures ever, celebrated Beemer's eighth birthday and took our first ride on the boat.

IMG_6775Cikea 004photo(5)

In April we celebrated someone's first birthday, ate lots of spaghetti, we dedicated Sophie to the Lord before our church and mourned with our state over a deadly tornado.

spaghettiO 009IMG_0576afirst 064

With May came Mother's Day and some unconventional gifts, we finally started posting about Easter {the hunting, dyeing and celebrating} and started enjoying pool life again.

MOM 023easter 064MemDay_ 033a

June is always one of my favorite months! We had a play date with our favorite friends, gave you a tour around camp, and spend a lot of time at the beach.

june 024Beach 025Beach 174

There was some singing in the rain when July found us, we celebrated our nations birthday and had our first Krispy Kreme donuts.

Summer_ 067 Summer_ 103Summer_ 013

In August, I celebrated my ninth wedding anniversary, started big-girl school, ran around with some cows and tried to vlog which turned out to be a half an hour long!

porch cows and tandem 031school girl 018porch cows and tandem 015

September was a really fun month. It was finally football season and I made a big mistake, we had a spectacular mermaid party and we welcomed our daddy back home!

mermaid_party 036mermaid_party 006september 002

In October, we had a family weenie roast, Ella's dance class  performed at school and we spent a lazy Sunday at the park.

park & football 046family_roast 001rodeo_queen 119

November brought trips to the pumpkin patch, jack-o-lanterns and lots of candy. Sophie got her very first haircut, we had a fabulous time in Tuscaloosa and had a very happy Thanksgiving with our family.

halloween_2011 055november_2011 037IMG_8655

Wow, December went by fast -- this might have been my favorite one ever! We met Santa Claus, picked out our pretty tree and SD & I took a wonderful trip to New York City for Christmas. And of course, we celebrated a wonderful Christmas with our family of four.

november_2011 121NYC 105CH_ 083

We have had such a wonderful year and as always, we are so thankful that you are here to read and really appreciate all of the kind comments and emails you send our way each week. If you want to see our yearly picture posts from the past, click here for 2009 and here for 2010. My how we've grown!

Catch him if you can!

30 December 2011

The night before Christmas Eve, we were cleaning house, wrapping presents and eating pizza as a family when we heard sirens. I did a double-take and realized that they didn't sound like warning sirens and that Santa Clause must be in the neighborhood! We went out on the porch and could see him a good ways in the distance making his way towards our house. When we realized that his entourage was going to miss our house (we are only one of a few which face the road and he took the street behind us instead), we started grabbing mittens and boots and threw ourselves in the car. A few neighborhoods away... we found him.

christmas_NYC 328
christmas_NYC 327

Sophie held onto Josh so tight, but both girls were excited to see him so close to Christmas!

Two Big Girls

Yes, I know I should be sharing photos from our Christmas celebrations, but I'm not quite there yet. I thought instead I would share what we worked all day on yesterday. When we woke up, Sophie had a nursery and by the time we went to bed, it was all gussied up as a play room. We moved the kitchen and baby dolls into her room and added a comfy chair for reading and where mommy could watch the comings and goings.

BIG_ 001

Bonus points for not having to walk through the room of a sleeping baby to go to the restroom! And giant fail for not realizing that a bath towel was creeping out of that door before I took these pictures. Meet Tuck, Sophie's Christmas lovie. She has never been attached to anything before now, but Nana & Grandpa gave her this sweet light up one that she calls Tuck and carries everywhere. The little blue wagon is from IKEA, courtesy of our favs K and Cory.

BIG_ 004 BIG_ 005

The kitchen fits perfectly on the hearth with room to spare for the little highchairs. I'm going to be adding wooden chairs for the girls to use around the little green table and this kitchen set up will be perfect!

BIG_ 002

And now for the sleeping room. Yesterday, Ella had it all to herself, but she's pretty excited about sharing it with her little sister. Ultimately, we want them sharing a bed. I know that seems a little strange to go from having their own rooms to sharing a bed, but both of my girls are cuddlers. And as good as they sleep in their own little beds, they sleep MUCH better when they are snuggled up with someone else. 

BIG_ 007 BIG_ 008

We have a beautiful green, iron, full-sized bed that we'll be transitioning to this space in the next few weeks. I thought it might be a good idea to get them on a schedule and get used to each other before making the big step of putting Soph in a big girl bed. 

BIG_ 009

So for now, Sophie's crib is tucked inside the door and she slept pretty good there last night. Ella spent the night away from home, so today will be the first night together!

BIG_ 010

What used to be Ella's closet, now holds all of her clothes, plus Sophie's hanging clothes. I still need to pick up some shoe pockets and get those organized a little better, but it's already more functional.

BIG_ 012 BIG_ 011

The biggest change was in Sophie's closet. It wasn't functional at all because all of Sophie's clothes hung in front of the shelving. We made the most of it, but it was difficult, at best. Now that her clothes are gone, we have a great place for games, puzzles and toys. I used some baskets we had on hand to corral baby dolls and smaller toys and we hung a bulletin board in the back to hang up their artwork.

BIG_ 013 BIG_ 014

I am trying not to be sad about the nursery being gone, but this is so much more practical and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I was afraid the "play" room would be a hodge podge and look thrown together, but I couldn't be more pleased. And just in case you need a refresher on what the rooms looked like before, you can read about them here!

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