taz + belly: September 2011

cheering for the tide

24 September 2011

september 013

We had fun last Saturday, cheering for our team and celebrating the last day of Ella's birthday week.

september 010 september 011

She practiced her fake smile and was brave enough to ask another girl where she got her super-cute face stickers. Although these didn't last the whole game, she was pretty happy with them for awhile.

september 015

We got to spend the day with our two favorite people, K & Cory.

september 016

This is quite possibly my favorite football picture ever. Ella did a lot of snuggling and laying down in between cheering for the band, singing the fight song and hitting our neighbors in the head with a very excited red and white shaker.

september 012

We're en route to these same red seats, anticipating cold Coke in a stadium cup, brand new shakers to start the day and another victory at Bryant Denny. Roll Tide!

friday's phone dump

23 September 2011

{i cleaned out my closet and realized I needed to purge}

{we had a yummy breakfast at the waffle house with Uncle Heath}

{ella got a late Missoni birthday gift, showed me how to say "WOW" and cheered for the tide}

{i devoured Dreamland Ribs, loaded potato soup from O'Henry's & KK}

{sophie discovered timeout, her first pigtails, bunny towels & her sister's flats}

{dinner date with daddy, park time in the rain, playing princesses & petting the horsies}

{a rainy morning commute, a 2 story copper frog in my hometown and a much needed pedicure}

coming home.

22 September 2011

I haven't blogged much about SD's new job, but he's been going strong since April. He works from home now, having pretty much taken over our bedroom {at least it's not my blogging desk!} and gets to take the girls to school in the morning and see them a lot more during the week than we were used to. He's still traveling some, but generally only once or twice a quarter. The girls miss him so much while he's gone, but we love hearing funny stories {like how he slept in on of the retirement homes or navigated Manhattan in a rental car} and getting random photo updates from him during the week.

Last week, he was working out of their Connecticut facility for a few days, but flew in and out of NYC. Ella was thrilled to hear he saw the Statue of "Liverty" and other skyscrapers in the city. His flight last Friday didn't come in until after 9 o'clock and when I decided to take two sleepy little bitties to the airport to greet their daddy.

september 001 

What is it about approaching the airport that is so exciting? I get a little lump in my throat every single time. We watched for planes to land and I pointed out the bright lights as we traveled the interstate. All week Sophie has been calling for her daddy and I've tried to explain he was "gone gone" or on an airplane and she didn't pay me much attention. Now that we were en route and I kept saying we were going to see daddy, she squealed "airplane!" every time I mentioned his name.

september 002

A late night snack of apple juice and goldfish kept everyone happy while we read Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth aloud in the terminal. His plane was early and after only 10 minutes we were watching him walk down the long ramp. I wish I had taken pictures then because two little pajama clad girls took off running to greet him, security checkpoint or not.

september 006 september 007

After snuggling and opening presents in the baggage claim area we were headed home, a family of four. They both had perma-grins on their faces until Sophie realized that daddy would have to put her down in order to buckle her in her carseat. Yeah, I should have taken a picture of that, too!

september 004 september 008

how about some video?

20 September 2011

SD asked me today if I had decided only to blog once a week. I learned two things from that question... #1 - he actually reads the blog on a regular basis and #2 - I'm turning into a really bad blogger. I've actually been sick for the last several days and haven't felt well enough to do much outside of drink Dr. Pepper and watch the same movie over and over again. I pretty much avoided food for 48 hours and ignored my family. I'm starting to feel better today, but still not very creative. I did, however, have these two adorable videos on my phone to share from the last several weeks of Ella's dance class. She moved up into a new class this year and I am already amazed at what they are learning this year. I can tell that the girls in this class really want to be there and are eager to learn. These are two short routines that they have already mastered and the mommies were lucky enough to get to sit in and watch them perform. My favorite moments are definitely that grin each time she turns around and sees me. Please ignore me in the studio mirrors... there really is no way around that!

Our Bed

13 September 2011

As much as I would like to share a bed with my husband, only... this is what most evenings in our house look like.

barbie_bed 004

They might not all sleep in there every night or all night, but at some point in each week I am covered in limbs. Did I mention that we only have a queen sized bed and our dog weighs 95 pounds? Yeah.

And in case you are having any trouble discerning what's really going on... my leg is hooked around SD to keep from falling off. The dog is ALWAYS on my side, behind my legs and stealing my covers. Sophie will only sleep on top of Josh and Ella is almost always laying sideways at the bottom of the bed, precariously close to the edge.

And, yes. That "Ken" doll is actually Joey McIntyre of the musically talented New Kids on the Block. I had a very diverse musical library as a tween.

The Birthday Girl

12 September 2011

My favorite little five year old was born on September 11th... on the 5th anniversary and it's hard to reconcile the two days. I thought all day yesterday about posting, but I didn't know which part to blog about. The part where I was a senior in college and watched the world change in the printmaking studio with fellow artists who were just as confused as I was or the part where a precious little girl made me a mommy. They are both such poignant moments in my life, game-changers, "marker" days as my pastor called them on Sunday. Both days, one ten years ago and the other five, left an indelible impression on me and will forever profoundly effect my future.

So instead of attempting to tell two stories that are so very different, I devoted the majority of my day loving my little birthday girl and letting her enjoy the day. I watched 9/11 coverage when I could, prayed for our country and remembered what those solemn moments felt like so long ago.

Birthday 009 Birthday 011

We started off the day with a little package of love for our five year old -- who declared that she looked bigger and longer when she woke up. She opened her presents at her party, but I couldn't let the morning go by with no reward! Instead of another big gift, she got four Junie B. Jones books to add to her collection. Another tradition in our house is picking meals on your birthday. As usual, Ella wanted pigs in a blanket for breakfast. We all piled in our bed and watched Mickey Mouse while we defending our breakfast from Beemer.

Birthday 013

When we told her she could pick any restaurant for lunch I really expected her to be creative! I should have known she would choose McDonald's and she decided to get an Angus Burger, just like her daddy. 

Birthday 014

Because she isn't technically a kindergartner, we can still get away with cupcakes for her school birthday snack. I was so sad that I couldn't be with her at school, so instead of ordering cupcakes from a bakery, we decided to make them together so that I could have some part of the celebration. Molly spent Sunday afternoon with us and was a huge help. You will see from the pictures below, that I got crafty and put the cake batter in a {very well cleaned} squeezy mayonnaise container so that the girls could help fill the baking cups. It worked so much better than I expected!

Birthday 015 Birthday 019

Birthday 023 Birthday 022

Birthday 028

Birthday 029 Birthday 031

Birthday 026

I sent her off to school this morning with Gran and the cupcakes, in a PRECIOUS new top from Cozumel that my parents bought her last week. I also made sure to send my camera so that Gran could get some good pictures for me. This is what I found when I downloaded them this afternoon...

Birthday 040

Birthday 034

Birthday 039

Gran was not at fault, I completely didn't realize the flash was turned off so every picture is horribly blurry and whirly and crazy. AND you probably noticed that she isn't even wearing the shirt! She spilled water on it before lunch and changed into a t-shirt. Hey, thanks. Much to her dismay, I made her have a brief photo shoot in the yard when we got home today so I could remember how cute she was "supposed" to look at her birthday snack today. Tis the life of a five year old... fashion and all.

Birthday 046 Birthday 047

Birthdaypalooza: Picture This

09 September 2011

It's been so much fun sharing Ella's special day and all of the little projects that made her party just perfect. Let's be honest, though... what you really want to see are the beautiful party pics, right? As always, my beautiful sister took pictures of all of the details for us and they really show off all that we did. Thanks so much, K. They are lovely as always!

Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party
Mermaid Birthday Pool Party Mermaid Birthday Pool Party

Now... it's time to start planning for Sophie's second birthday!

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