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My Big Girl

11 January 2011

iceday 053 iceday 050

I know she's growing, but it kind of hit me hard when she went from laying in my lap drinking a bottle to sitting up in a high-chair feeding herself! We had been talking about how she was having a hard picking up bites for herself just a few days ago. Over the weekend, I put some chicken on her tray to distract her for a moment while I ate a few bites, when all of a sudden she was stuffing her mouth full of food!
iceday 048

She's been eating big girl food for over a month, but self-feeded is a little different. So far, we've tried pasta, english peas, carrots, bananas, waffles and chicken fingers. On Monday night I made crockpot tacos and the meat was too spicey for her, so I tore up a tortilla and gave her a pile of chopped up tomatoes, shredded lettuce and cheese. I call it an inside-out taco and I think it might have been her favorite meal yet!

iceday 003

Doesn't she look pleased with herself?

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  1. She is just precious! I have the same high chair for Anabelle and I ordered a monogram for it on Etsy. I posted about it on my blog a while back http://bmkodatt.blogspot.com/2010/03/talkin-bout-girls-and-chairs.html
    I just thought you might like it :)
    I LOVE your blog! In fact I think it is my new favorite :)


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