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2010 in Pictures

31 December 2010

I cannot believe how fast 2010 went by. Just twelve months ago, I was very pregnant and so excited about what all this year held for us. It has been everything I hoped for and more. Here are some of my favorite moments from the year...

In January, there was a national championship win, our annual trip to the circus and thirty-one things we love about our sweet daddy.

roll tide 059

31 things 084

February brought our first snowfall of the year, a Valentine's date and a little work on our swing.

Vday 023
Vday2 021

In March, we took a trip to the zoo, visited the hospital for a sibling preparation class and had a very reassuring visit with our high-risk OB after a rather scary ultrasound.

jackson_zoo 023

In April we had our LAST prenatal visit, celebrated a visit from the Easter Bunny and finally welcomed our sweet Sophie into the world.

NST 001
hospital_days_1-2 074

May was a month of firsts... Ella's first haircut and mommy's first day taking care of two little girls on my own! We also managed to snap pictures to share of Sophie's finished nursery.

sweet_sassy 028


June was one of my favorite months. Ella danced her socks off in her very first dance recital, we took our first vacation as a family of four, chased fireflies for the first time and spent MANY lazy days pool-side.

recital 031
birthdayparty 045

Sophie had her three month photo session, we kept up our daily routine of naps and laps and I finally went back to work all in the month of July.

lastday 001

Can you believe it was August before Sophie had her first taste of yummy green peas? We also spent a rainy weekend at the beach, met our bestie for a swim party and Sophie found her voice.

easy peas-y 004
weekend love 022

September was a fun month. We went to our first game as season ticket holders, celebrated a pretty fantastic birthday and threw a huge party.

football 024

In October we dressed up like animals, had a little reunion and took our sixth month photos {although I didn't post about them until November}.

My Girls

With it, November brought shoeboxes to fill, Ella's first Alabama football game and lots of Christmas card orders.

christmas_child 010
tuscaloosa 026

December was my second favorite month... we rode the Polar Express, found the {not so} perfect Christmas tree, met Santa Claus and welcomed a white Christmas in Alabama.

polar express 061

Thanks for joining us for our best year ever. We hope you'll stick around for many more to come. Click here to see last years photo recap!

Over the River and Through the Woods

30 December 2010

to grandmother's house we go. Okay, we didn't exactly cross any rivers, but we did manage some curvy country roads. Does that count? 

The Thursday before Christmas was my first day off of work for the holidays and we baked, wrapped presents, watched Christmas movies and snuggled all day long. Come to think of it, that's pretty much what we've done since then, too. That night, we went to my parents' house for dinner and presents. We used to celebrate on Christmas Eve, but after everyone gets married it becomes harder to squeeze it all in. Now we just pick a day before or after and pretend it's Christmas instead. 

It was funny because the adults all had on leggings or pajamas, but the girls were dressed up! I couldn't resist -- we had too many Christmas outfits this year and not enough places to wear them all. It's also funny that I pretty much NEVER remember to actually get pictures of the grandparents while we're there. Thankfully, K took some of those and I'll have them at some point.

christmas 006
Me & Soph gearing up for present time!

christmas 012
Soph & Ella with their sock animals from Aunt Lane

christmas 007 christmas 018
We sure do love our gifts! {You can see Sophie's chompers in this one, too}

christmas 024
Sophie's first baby doll. Please, oh please, let this be her lovey... it is precious.

christmas 020 christmas 025
Ella got several cute outfits and a new Dora umbrella. She was pumped!

christmas 022

As if a roaring fire and good company isn't great enough, we got a phone call from the big guy who wanted to swing by a minute and love on the girls. Ella could pretty much be found staring out the window for the rest of the evening waiting on him to arrive {by car, this time}. He gave her a pretty ornament and she told him the Christmas Story from Luke chapter two.

christmas 026 christmas 030

christmas 034 christmas 033

Sophie snoozed most of the time he was there, but did manage to wake up in time to tell him goodbye.

christmas 037

On Christmas Eve, we spend the day with Josh's parents and his brother and our niece, Isabella. Nana & Cookie always managed to buy us all too much, but the girls all love it. Nana cooks a huge spread, which includes the best dressing you have ever eaten. It is her mother's recipe and although I can make it pretty well myself, I always enjoy eating it at her house. Again, I managed to capture very little of our day on camera.

christmas 042
Ella just before the presents got opened

christmas 048 christmas 051
Ella & Sophie, mid-haul

christmas 041

christmas 053

christmas 052
This is pretty much what Sophie looked like all day. She kept diving right into the middle of her pile!

Bunny's Surprise

29 December 2010

Remember in this post, I told you that Bunny and I were working on a little surprise for Ella? After finishing up most of my Christmas shopping I knew I wanted to get her one more gift, but I wasn't sure what. After seeing a post on Design Mom, I was reminded of Jennifer Maher's amazing artwork and decided to see if there was enough time left to have her paint a custom piece of our very best friend, Paint Bunny.

This is one of the pictures I snapped and emailed to Jen the week of Thanksgiving.

bunny 003

And this is what I received in the mail just two weeks later. Let me just tell you that I teared up a little when I unwrapped the package. I knew it would be beautiful, but I wasn't prepared for just how much like our sweet friend the painting would look. We ordered a 5x7 acrylic painting and the artist's husband custom framed it for us. Now we just have to find the perfect place to hang it!

paint bunny

Ella was pretty excited when she opened her gift on Christmas morning. She was a little puzzled at first and said, "It's a frame?!" When I asked her who was in it, though, a grin split across her face and bunny has been on her bedside table ever since. I told her that we wanted her to have something very special for her room and that one day when she was too big to sleep with bunny, this would remind her of her special friend. Her response? "Mommy, I'll always sleep with my bunnies!"

christmas 089 christmas 090

A Christmas Picture

Ever wonder how many shots it takes to get a photograph of my two girls, happy and smiling, at the same time?

christmas 130 christmas 131

christmas 132

christmas 133

christmas 123 christmas 124

christmas 135

christmas 137

christmas 128 christmas 129

christmas 134

Apparently more than eleven, since I didn't get a single one where they are both looking at the camera!

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