taz + belly: August 2010

When it rains, it pours

30 August 2010

pensacola 124

We stayed on the fourteenth floor of the Emerald Isle in Pensacola Beach, FL.
We've stayed here before and it was a bit of deja vu, but boy did we enjoy it.

pensacola 081

Unfortunately, as Caycie & I were crossing the three mile bridge in the dark
on Thursday night, I commented that I hadn't even looked at the weather
to see what the week looked like and wouldn't it be horrible if it rained all
weekend. I'm not kidding when I say almost immediately, the windshield
was pelted with big fat raindrops. It seemed as if I jixed us. Absolutely not fair.

pensacola 083

So what do you do at the beach when it's raining?

pensacola 011

Eat breakfast on the balcony and never put on real clothes all day long.

pensacola 038

Text, take math quizzes and play endless rounds of Family Feud on Facebook.

pensacola 052

Read really good books and baby-gaze.

pensacola 069

Head out for mint-chocolate-chip and beg to eat mommy's, too.

pensacola 063

Ingest insane amounts of peanut butter and jelly.

pensacola 100

Impromptu mani-pedis.

pensacola 089

Running and splashing in a torrential downpour in your pajamas.

pensacola 105

And of course, take plenty of naps.

We're Home

29 August 2010


So sorry for our unannounced absence from the blog-world. We took a little detour here. Pictures and posts to come!

Easy Peas-y

24 August 2010

Sweet Potatoes were a hit... she didn't even seem to notice the difference between cereal and veggies. After four days, I decided it was time to spice things up a bit. I decided to go for the green and give her peas. Apparently, Sophie is going to be our adventurous eater. She opened up like a little bird and didn't skip a beat.

easy peas-y 004

easy peas-y 006

easy peas-y 007

easy peas-y 008

easy peas-y 005

Weekend Love

23 August 2010

weekend love 004

Playing Airplane

weekend love 022

Lots of Swimming

weekend love 012

Friends' Birthday Parties

weekend love 027

Snuggling our Bestie

weekend love 028

Playing Pretend

weekend love 032

Hanging Out with Sister

weekend love 034

Poolside Again

weekend love 037

Getting Dive-Bombed by Dragonflies

weekend love 038

Setting up House

weekend love 040

And just in case there was any question about how baby food was going? Good.

Here, Kitty Kitty

20 August 2010

kittens 005

Have I mentioned that we're dog people? Kittens are cute and snuggly, until they grow up and get fat, lazy and boring. SD, isn't really a fan. So, Ella & I take advantage of the fact that our neighbors {hey Abernathy-Davis clan} have a multitude of cats who seem to think they live with us. It's the best of both worlds. We have kittens, but no vet bills. We can pet them, without being required to buy cat food.

kittens 006

One morning last week, I opened the back door to crank my car and load up backpacks, lunchboxes and purses. What I found, were six tiny kittens in a row staring at me. Now despite the fact that it was still 15 minutes before I would normally rouse Ella, I flew into her room like a five year old and woke her up. She asked if she could just sit on the porch in her pjs and play while I got ready.

kittens 003

On Monday night, instead of the back porch, they were camping out at the front door. Ella was so excited to see them back after about five days. SD was cutting grass and we had nothing much to do, so we moved Sophie's bouncy seat outdoors and hung out with the kitties for a bit.

kittens 015

Ella couldn't believe she could actually hold them!

kittens 012

And don't think Sophie was bored... kitties milled all about her bouncy and she couldn't take her eyes off of them. See that little bitty camped out behind her?

kittens 011

See that pretty smile?

kittens 007

kittens 023

kittens 025

kittens 026

kittens 024

Mama cat finally came to claim her littles for dinner, so we headed in. Our tanks were full, my friend. Kitty love does it for my little girl.

Doctor Day

19 August 2010

doctor 001

This little booger went to the doctor yesterday and aside from the shots had a pretty good time. She weighs 12 pounds 12.5 ounces {30th percentile} and was 25 inches long {95th percentile}. Can you believe she's almost off the charts for length? Tall and skinny sounds good to me.

We had some concerns about a knot of her foot, but it's just baby fat. Everything else was perfect and Dr. Darby was really impressed with our head-holding skills. It turns out, we can start baby food any day now. I'll be adding squash and carrots to the grocery cart tonight and I'm sure there will be a funny post to follow.

doctor 004

She had to get four shots, two in each leg, and that was by far the worst part. Thank goodness our SD was there, because mommy seriously teared up. Maybe it's because she never, ever cries, but hearing her wail like that is awfully hard!

doctor 011

The best part of the trip? That white tissue paper they stretch out on the exam table. This girl was in heaven. She balled up four feet of paper and slobbered on it and stretched until there wasn't much left. SD thinks maybe we need a roll of that at our house.

doctor 015

doctor 018

And for those of you who will inevitably ask... yes, Gran made the bubble. Adorable, right?

She is the Walrus, Goo goo g' joob

18 August 2010

august 053

So I found the cuteness of this romper at Target this week for $4 and there was no way I could pass it up. Do you know Ella has never had a Beatles tee? I realized this week that I have been seriously remiss in the Beatles Education of my girls. Well, no more.

My daddy taught me to love those mop tops from a very early age. I don't remember not being able to identify those songs. So, starting yesterday we've been listening to the One album on our way to and from school. Ella is already singing Yellow Submarine around the house, so I'm guessing it's going well. Maybe we'll have a video of that situation pretty soon.

A Comparison

17 August 2010

After yesterday's post, I thought maybe you'd like to see Ella at three months to compare. These were both taken at their 3 month photo shoots and they're wearing their respective coming home/christening gowns that Gran made.

Sophie {left} and Ella {right}

What do you think now?

Chippy Garden Goodness

16 August 2010

Remember these newborns pictures? Well now it's time to share the three-month session. I know I gave you a little sneak-peek last month, but it's time for the full reveal.

Hello old man faces, chippy old chair, blooming crepe myrtles, pretty pink rainboots.





Of course, we had to sneak a sister shot in there!


Since Ella had pics made in her "coming home/christening" gown at three months, I wanted to do that with Sophie, too. I can't wait to have them hanging side by side in my bedroom.



Thanks Sister K, you are awesome, as always :).

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