taz + belly: July 2010

Business Cards

30 July 2010

I ordered these pretties today and I'm pretty much in love. In case you haven't visited in a few days, the shop looks a little different, too. Have I mentioned that I like charcoal grey and green together a lot?


If you've placed an order with me this week, you're up next. I promise. I delivered a yummy project today and have been working on my own cards and labels, not to mention a little someone special's baby photo book. Whew.


27 July 2010

Guess who LOVES flying high?

poolday 014
poolday 014b
poolday 004

An Introduction

26 July 2010

Sophie, meet Cereal. Cereal, Sophie.

cereal 001

Last week we decided that maybe Sophie was old enough to try cereal. She is sitting and holding her head up so well and is positively famished. I swear, you would think we never feed the child! She scarfs her four bottles down each day and is sleeping all the time. We decided it must be a growth spurt and maybe she needed a little extra fuel.

cereal 002

At first, she was a little apprehensive. She didn't know what to make of the spoon and the cereal was running out of her mouth. I thickened it up a little and she started sucking it off the spoon.

cereal 006

Apprehension turned to determination as she fought to keep every little morsel in her mouth. I scraped it off of her face, her hands and her bib in an attempt to salvage every last drop.

cereal 009

Determination turned to frustration and then down-right anger in between bites when I stole her spoon. Although we never saw a happy face while she was eating, we certainly saw some ugly ones. I think we can assume based on her reaction to the lack of cereal, that she was digging this little treat.

cereal 011

So much so, in fact, that we scraped the bottom of the bowl and were forced to repeat bath time. She had a crusted on cereal smile by the time she finished her bottle and wipees just weren't going to cut it.

cereal 013

Luckily, some splash time in the tub soothed her soul and she forgot all about that wonderful cereal. Until the next day, at least.

cereal 018
cereal 016
cereal 015

Garden Girls

23 July 2010

Lookie, lookie... it's a sneak peek of Sophie's three month session! We sweated it out in the garden last night and I am so thrilled with how beautiful these are. Hopefully I'll get to share them all very soon. Right, K?


Giggle Girl

22 July 2010

On Saturday, we spent the day at the pool... just us girls. Sophie slept through most of it, but Ella and I had a nice day together after twelve straight days of working for mommy. She climbed up in my lap and asked that I tickle her, so she could try not to laugh.

How do you think that worked out for her?

lately 011
lately 013
lately 018
lately 016


21 July 2010

How sweet is this?

lately 021

Sophie's Status

20 July 2010

So, I've been holding out on you. Sophie is a LOT of fun.
I've been storing up photos to make the case...

lately 009

When I first flip her over in the mornings, she's a little startled.
That is until she sees her mommy!

lately 001

We got a new rubber mat at Ross a few weeks ago and boy do we love it.
Since we never found a rug for the space, it makes a soft place to play.

lately 030

lately 039

We look in the mirror a lot.

lately 029

And we're working on holding our toys,

lately 031

and sitting up like a big girl!


19 July 2010

I forgot to mention that we got a big box of goodies from Aunt Lane a few weeks ago. It's just that I've been waiting for somewhere special to wear these pretty dresses. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of helping with a baby shower at church and it was the perfect excuse for getting these girls all dolled up. What do you think?

lately 027

A Quick Fix

16 July 2010

I thought you might be suffering from withdrawal. Hopefully these sweet images will help you get your fix. They certainly did for me!

lastday 018

lastday 021

lastday 019

lastday 022

lastday 020

In the days and weeks ahead, as I adjust to a working mommy of two, you can always click the link for my photos at the top of the blog to see what we've been up to if the days between posts start to add up. I almost always upload my pictures every few days, even when I can't find time to share the stories.

The Last Day

15 July 2010

lastday 001

The day before I went back to work, we soaked up every second of our time together. We woke up early and stayed up late. We spent the whole day playing in the water with our family and friends. We snuggled on the couch and talked about how tomorrow, everything would change.

lastday 011

Even though maternity leave is supposed to be that time when you rest and recover and get to know your new arrival, this time it was about Ella, too. It isn't often that I get to spend days on end with her, doing exactly what we want to do all day long. Lucky for us, Sophie is the sweetest baby with the most wonderful disposition. She was happy no matter what we were doing, so we took full advantage of our time together. Instead of being cooped up in the house nursing every two hours, her four feedings a day allowed us time to go on adventures, plan picnics, enjoy a vacation and spend endless days at the pool with Garan.


I will never forget the twelve long weeks I spent at home with this girl. It was as much about her as anything else. It didn't matter that we were running out of time or money. Sacrificing sleep to squeeze it all in & eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner was just fine with me.

Love Letters: Three Months

14 July 2010



This month brought lots of changes to our sweet little family of four. You learned to hold your head up like a pro, to sleep on your belly and to roll over. I learned how hard it is to spend my days away from you.

It is amazing how fast three months fly by. I got used to living a fairytale life at home with my two little girls. We made waffles for breakfast, spent lazy mornings playing under the windows and long afternoons snoozing by the pool. We sang silly songs, made trips to the library and started taking baths in the big tub together with Ella.

You took your first vacation to our favorite place in the world. It was there that you started sleeping through the night. It would seem that vacation agreed with you. We could tell you recognized us when we loved on you and you LOVED all of the attention you got when our whole family was camped out next to one another. You put your toes in the sand and surf and learned to love sleeping on a blanket under the setting sun.

Although you are still my tiny girl, you are really starting to fill out... especially in the face. Your arms and legs are still long and lean, but you have three chins and the cutest fat rolls at the tops of your legs. And just like your sister did, you have the roundest belly I have ever seen. You are finally wearing 0-3 month clothes, but if newborn sizes weren't so short we would probably still be wearing those. Everybody who sees your bare feet comment on how long they are. Even your daddy remarks that you have the longest big toe he's ever seen!

You have been holding your head up so well, that we've been letting you sit in your Bumbo seat on the kitchen counter. You still don't like it for very long, but I have a feeling you'll be cooking with me & Ella before you know it.

I know that the doctor recommends you sleeping on your back, but a few weeks ago you decided you weren't doing it anymore. We put you down for bed and you pitched a fit. We tried everything, but nothing we tried made you happy. Then I laid you on your belly in a last ditch effort to make you happy and you've been sleeping eleven hours at night ever since. After a nap this weekend, I caught you holding your head up so high... looking all around your room for someone to get you. Early Sunday morning you surprised me by squealing long before daylight. When I came to check on you, you were laying on your back with all your arms and legs straight up in the sky. You looked just like a turtle. It seems you've learned to turn yourself over in your sleep, since I've had to flip you two more times since then.

I hope one day you know what your real name is. Just like your sister, we call you a million different names and expect you to react to them all. Sophie. Soph. Soapie. Soap. Soapie girl. Little Bit. Peanut. Biggie. Biggity-big. Boogity-bug. You know how it works, one name leads to another.

When I come to get you up in the mornings, you are so disoriented. You hate being flipped over onto your back before you are awake. But as soon as you're on the changing table, early morning sunshine on our faces, you are grinning up at me. Saying good morning. And as much as I miss you while I'm working, I cannot wait to get home to you every afternoon. You smile when you see me and we snuggle with Ella Bella & SD when we get home. The moments before daybreak and those hours just before dark are the best parts of my day; you and your sister are the best parts of my life. I cannot imagine them without you.

American Beauties

13 July 2010

I'm starting to realize that Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do I love honoring the sacrifices made for freedom, but I love the tradition, the colors and the time spent with family. We almost always have a poolside picnic on the fourth of July and this year was no different. We got started a little later in the day since it fell on a Sunday, but we more than made up for it on Friday, Saturday and Monday.

american beauties
cards & sherbet
hot dog
my girls

Closer to dark, we loaded up picnic number two {fastfood this time} and headed downtown for Thunder on the Mountain, our local fireworks show. Garan, Poppy & Jared joined us this year and we had just as much fun as last year. The boys threw the football until dark, Ella and Sophie got plenty of attention and K & I took lots of pictures.

garan & poppy
silly girls
jared josh & cory
UAB quad
josh & k
k & kristin
family pics

Pictures of fireworks are courtesy of K, of course.

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