taz + belly: May 2010

Girly Days

29 May 2010

sweet_sassy 015

"This is a girly day, isn't it, momma?" That's what Ella said to me over our lunch date yesterday. When I agreed, she said, "Girly days are fun... I don't really like boy days." I'm not sure what boy days are, but I'm glad she was enjoying herself.

SD has been pressuring me to get Ella's hair cut for some time. Can you believe she is almost four years old and has never had a haircut? At first, I was worried about cutting the curls off and them never coming back. Then, it just got so pretty and I couldn't imagine parting with any of it. Recently, it was well below her waist when wet and right at her waist when dry and curly. He was right... it was time.

I tried making her an appointment the week before Sophie was born and she wouldn't go. She panicked, thought she might have short hair and refused to go. SD brought it up again a few weeks ago, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment at Sweet & Sassy. We went yesterday and had such a good time!

sweet_sassy 023

I'm sure y'all are thinking that it still looks so long, but we cut almost four inches off. She was a little timid when we got there because we had to wait, but once she was in the chair with that purple cape wrapped around her shoulders, she was positively giddy. Not only did they cut and style her hair, but they sprayed it with colorful glitter and her choice of hair perfume. Ella chose apple over cupcake and watermelon and finished her turn in the chair with glittery hearts on her cheek. She threw her hair over her shoulders a million times yesterday.

Despite the "posh" atmosphere of S&S and the steep prices on party packages, I learned I could get Ella's haircut for about half of what we would pay for her at my salon. That meant we could splurge on a mini-manicure and boy was she tickled pink.

sweet_sassy 024b

She loved being pampered and talked the stylists ears off while we were there. Our general rule at home about nails is this... no red anywhere, otherwise dark polish is for toes only and light polish is for fingers. I know that might be a little overbearing, but she is little and I like her to look her age! Since it was a big day, I told her she could pick any color she wanted for her nails and she went bright and dark.

sweet_sassy 028

She ended up with dark purple nails {which she loved so much that I bought her that same color at Target later in the day} and fish nail-art on her thumb. She also got glittery lotion on her arms and hands and got to pick a ring of her choice. She picked out a pink poodle ring and I'm pretty sure she slept in it last night.

sweet_sassy 029

We finished the day with lunch of her choice, a new pair of shoes and an afternoon lounging in the sun.
Can a girly day possibly get better than that?

sweet_sassy 031

Summer Days

25 May 2010

We did again today and I'm happy to say this is the plan for the next five to six weeks. Sleepy mornings in pajamas and lazy afternoons by the pool. Ella did much better today. No screaming... just foot kicking, tip-toe walking goodness. I love summer.

pool 010

Pool Days

24 May 2010

This is how I spent most every summer day of my childhood. That is the best part of having a pool in your backyard. Even though we have to load up and drive a whopping three miles to get to Garan's, it is worth every moment of preparation.

pool 006

Ella was pretty scared and even a little mad at me for making her get in the water. She can touch the bottom of the shallow end this summer and I fully intend for her to be swimming by the end of the season. She did really good and I promised that we would try to spend every afternoon there after I picked her up from Heidi's.

pool 008

Sophie spent her afternoon in the shade, snuggling belly-down on the picnic table. Maybe when she has a little better head control and the water warms up a little, we'll let her take a turn. Until then, she's got it made in the shade!

Little Princess Paperie

Guess what's open?


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Fashion Girl, Revisited

22 May 2010


This is what my fashion girl wore to school yesterday. The first dress she picked was a long-sleeved denim dress, so we compromised on this one. In addition, she had on Hello Kitty wellies, mardi gras beads and a Jonas Brothers lunchbox. How could I not take a picture?

Sunshine Girl

21 May 2010

sunshine_girl 001

I always called Ella that when I went it to get her out of the crib in the mornings... "Hello, my sunshine girl!" It looks like we have another one. We spent some time on the front porch today drinking our bottle and she loved it so much that we needed to find a sunny spot inside. Since Sophie's windows are so high, sunlight doesn't pool on her floor until late in the afternoon. Luckily... big sister's room get's lots of light and Sophie didn't seem to mind crashing.


p.s. these are my absolutely FAVORITE pajamas :)

Ali-U Made the Blog Again!

20 May 2010

This is Ali, one of my favorite people ever. I might not get to see her very often {we're averaging once a year!!!}, but we talk via email quite a bit and we pick up where we left off when we do get to see each other. Ali was my freshman year roommate in college and we had a blast. Ella asked us today what we did when we lived together and we just had to laugh...

sophie 008

We sang to the Dixie Chicks at the top of our lungs.
We watched way too many episodes of Friends.
We had Dawson's Creek viewing parties.
We randomly drove to Alabaster for free Mt. Dew and TCBY.
We called each other from our bedrooms which were 15 feet apart.
We ate cheesy french fries with bacon & chives for dinner.
We put dirty dishes in our roommates rooms when they didn't help wash.
We laid in the bed together with our feet on the wall and talked about boys.
We spent WAY too much money on clothes.
We stood in long lines outside in the cold on Thursday nights at dance clubs.
We irritated our other two roommates to death. Seriously. We were so silly.

Ali, did I leave anything out? We had so much fun with you yesterday. Thanks for visiting. I hope you weren't traumatized by my ridiculous dog and two silly little girls. And I hope you enjoyed the strawberries :).

Tummy Time

19 May 2010

sophie 005

Nursery Update, The Big Reveal

18 May 2010


I am finally ready to show you the finished nursery and it's about time, considering Sophie will be five weeks old tomorrow! We have really enjoyed spending time in here getting to know our newest addition and I can't wait to see how much she loves it as she gets old enough to play and spend time in her sanctuary.


The crib is the first thing you see when you walk in the room. We finally settled on having it under the mantle long ways to keep the back wall from feeling too crowded. It was in the middle of the room in Ella's nursery and we loved being able to walk around it and I'm so glad we placed it here because people can stand on either side of it to get a good peek at her when she's sleeping. The bedding was in Ella's nursery and is Bubbles by Bacati in pink and green. We have a geometric sheet from Target and another owl printed one from Pottery Barn Kids. I bought an extra PBK sheet to cover pillows for both the crib and chair.

Above the mantle is a pretty pink mirror from Homegoods that I snagged for $39. It was already the perfect shade of pink, but drilling into concrete walls to anchor something so heavy isn't as easy as it might sound! The four pictures that flank the mirror are courtesy of Ella and in frames I found at Hobby Lobby for $2 each. All it took was a coat of cream spray paint and they were ready to hang. I do plan on filling the two frames on the mantel with photographs at some point, but for now I'm happy with the scrapbook paper.


A few sweet details that I love. The porcelain baby is actually a powder shaker and was mine as a little girl. The stacks of pretty books appear in several places in Sophie's room and are actually part of a collection of Ella's that she shared. The knit hat was one of my favorite baby gifts and I couldn't bear to hide it in a drawer.


To the left of the crib is my skeleton closet, our cheapest nursery project coming in at $1.61. We have a basket of blankets on top and an empty cupcake stand ready to hold toys as she has enough to display. In the top half of the cabinet are some pretty things we wanted to display and the lower half hides baskets of toys and books. There is just enough room next to the cabinet to slide her hamper next to the wall, which keeps it handy but out of the way.


To the right of the crib is our favorite spot to snuggle in Sophie's room. The wire yardsale chair looks fabulous thanks to new cushions and upholstery courtesy of Gran. You wouldn't recognize the dingy chair and orange plastic cushions we started with. I love the striped curtains on the two small windows and the shelves next to the chair keep our necessities organized and out of the way. The antique doorknob peg rack was a Christmas gift from my dad when I was in college and I love having it close by to hold pretty bibs and blankets. The starlights above the chair hold 25 watt bulbs that provide the perfect amount of light for nursing, snuggling and sleeping.


The changing table wall is directly opposite of the crib and turned out just how I envisioned it. The dresser made quite a transformation and the inexpensive pulls from Hobby Lobby made a huge difference in how it looks. There is usually a changing pad covered in cream chenille where Sophie & the wire basket sit in this picture. The pink file drawer and fabric covered box hold lotions and potions for changing and the dresser itself holds linens and tiny baby clothes. The gallery wall above the table was compiled from old frames that were painted to match one another. The ballerina pictures were in my room growing up and the pretty pink lamp was another HomeGoods steal.


And just in case you needed another gratuitious picture of my sweet girls, these are among my absolute favorites from Sophie's newborn session. Ella was so excited to have pictures of she and Sophie in the same spot. All photos in this post are courtesy of my sweet sister, K, of course. You can see the rest of our newborn and nursery photos here.

Want to remember where we started and how we got here? This is what the room looked like just before it's transformation began. Click here to see the first few projects we started in the nursery. One of my favorite transformations was the old dresser we used as a changing table and the treatment on the wall above it. This post is all about how a little elbow grease makes a lot of impact when you have painted wooden ceilings AND a fabulous husband. Sophie's crib helped determine how we would decorate her room. Remember when my mom made fabulous curtains and my sweet daddy hung them up? Soon after, we made a comfy place to rock our sweet girl. These lights might be my favorite thing in the whole room! This was clearly the cheapest project we completed, but makes a big impact in the corner.

Scrum Dilly

16 May 2010

Scrum Dilly means scrum-dilly-umptious, as in scrumptious, which also means wonderfully beautiful, handsome or fabulous... depending on the situation I find myself in. These pictures definitely called for a hearty "scrum dilly."

I swiped them from K's blog today and I can't wait to share the rest! According to her, I should have them all in the next few days, but you can click here for a few more beauties.

Thanks, K. We love and appreciate you more than you know.

Front Yard Campout

15 May 2010

Poppy called to see if Ella wanted to spend the night with him on Friday
for a front yard campout. He has a two-man tent and thought it was just
the perfect size for he and Ella to enjoy. Josh and I were skeptical about
whether or not she would last all night... especially since she is afraid of
a gnat. We asked Garan to please take some pictures with her camera.

campout 001
campout 008

Ella & Poppy setting up the tent.

campout 013

All done...

campout 017

Of course, no campout is complete without a sack full of books and toys.

campout 022

Heading in for the night. I hear there were a few squeals and some cell
phone room service requests, but all in all a very successful campout.

campout 023

The sun is up...

campout 026

and this is what I saw when I stopped to pick her up at 8:45! Not only did
she make it through the night, but she wouldn't let Poppy out of the tent
this morning. We are well on our way to having an outdoorsy little girl.

campout 029

No spend the night party at Garan's can be declared over until homemade
waffles make their appearance. Even mommy got in on the breakfast goodness.
Thanks Garan & Poppy for the invitation and pictures; Ella had a great time!

Field Day Crashing

Friday was Field Day at my mom's elementary school and Ella, Sophie & I decided to crash. It was awfully hot outside and Ella didn't play nearly as much as I'd hoped she would, but she told me she had a "great day at Garan's school" so I'm glad we spent the day in the heat!

field_day 001
{Ella caught up with her friends Madi & Lauren}

field_day 003
{We ate yummy cherry sno-cones and had our face painted}

field_day 004
{Sophie got to try out her sling and LOVED it}

field_day 008
{Ella tried out the inflatable obstacle course and declared it "too hot!"}

field_day 010
{so we wrapped things up by playing games in Gran's classroom to cool off}

Love Letters: One Month

12 May 2010

Dear Sophie,

Today you are one month old. The past four weeks have gone by so much quicker than I wanted them to. We snuggle you all day long, but I know I'll regret not holding you even more. Ella loves you so much and asks to hold you and care for you all day. She lays so close to you and looks at you with such love in her eyes.

Your daddy and I beg you everyday to stop growing. You are still such a tiny girl, wearing only newborn clothes and diapers, some of which still swallow you whole. You have long fingers and toes and your arms and legs are still so skinny. Your brown hair is still long and fluffy and hasn't given any hint of curling or turning blonde. The only thing plump about you are your precious cheeks and little round belly.

We couldn't have asked for a better sleeper. You are getting up about twice a night, but letting mommy sleep five or six hours at a time overnight. During the day, you open your eyes every three to four hours and sometimes stay awake for several hours at a time. You are so wide-eyed and alert! Your big blue eyes just take everything in.

Lately, we've been catching you smile; it might be the sweetest thing we've ever seen. You have always smiled in your sleep and we wonder what you must be dreaming about. On Wednesday, you smiled when Ella told you good morning and I got a sweet Mother's Day smile early on Sunday morning. Your daddy claims to get smiles all the time, but we won't tell him that it's probably just gas! This morning we heard you giggling in your sleep. Daddy and I laughed so hard at such a sweet little sound.

Your appetite is quite healthy, little one. You eat far more than your sister did at this point, sometimes six ounces at a time. You eat so much, in fact, that we are giving you formula every other bottle because it seems to help keep you full. I call you my little piglet. You look so satisfied after eating when you throw your arms over your head and stretch your neck. I almost always kiss that soft spot on your neck when I can catch it... neck sugar is mommy's favorite.

Ella's favorite time of the day is bathtime. We bath you on a sponge in our kitchen sink and use that yummy soap and lotion that your Aunt Lane sends for you. Your big sister stands on her step stool at the counter and watches you wriggle in the water. You love the warm water and never cry when we pour it over your sweet head and body. The part you hate is getting out! You almost always squeal when I wrap your wet body in a towel. We fight over who gets to brush your hair and snuggle your freshly bathed body. If only Ella liked bathing as much as you do!

Sophie, we never could have imagined how much you would change our lives, how much you would bless it. I have learned so much about motherhood in the last four weeks. Going from no children to one child is a difficult transition, but going from one child to two is life-changing. We are still figuring things out, but having such a wonderful time doing it.

Thank you for every moment this last month; I can't wait to share so many more with you.


Pop & Granmom

My grandparents live on the same street as we do. And the same street as my sister, my parents and all of my mom's siblings. Small town, huh? I don't know if you'd technically call it a farm, but that what I call it. My Pop raises cows and grows hay because he loves to. In fact, he told me he had been thinking about selling the tractors and the cows and buying a fishing boat. He changed his mind and bought a new tractor instead; he was afraid he might get bored.

farm 017
{you can see Ella, Gran & Gran-mom if you look really hard}

We spent the afternoon at their house yesterday, riding the tractor, planting flowers, playing hide-and-go-seek and picking strawberries. It was a beautiful day. At first it was just me, Ella & Sophie enjoying the sunshine with Pop & Gran-mom. Then my mom got there, then K and Cory. Three more of my aunts and a cousin showed up before we left. I told you it was a small town.

farm 002
{Ella & Pop working in the garden and snuggling in the shade}

farm 009
{the first ride on Pop's new tractor}

farm 014

farm 021
{working in the strawberry patch with GM & Molly}

farm 027

farm 019

farm 030
{even Sophie enjoyed her time in the sun}

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