taz + belly: March 2010


31 March 2010


{Post typed yesterday}

Sorry for the sporadic posting the last few days, but our house has been a bit of a whirlwind. I went to the doctor last Wednesday for my weekly visit and for the first time this entire pregnancy, Sophie wasn't measuring as she should. Instead of measuring 36 weeks, my belly was closer to 34 weeks and it caused my overly-cautious doctor {which I appreciate} some concern. My doctor was sure the measurements were off because of her position and nothing more, but I had an ultrasound and non-stress test that day to see how things were going. The ultrasound showed her to be 5 pounds and 15 ounces, putting her in the 24% percentile over all for height and weight. According to my doctor, anything between 10% and 90% is considered normal, but we wanted to take a better look at her just in case. The NST showed her heartbeat and movement was great and I had very few contractions while on the monitor.

Fast forward to Monday. I had a regularly scheduled appointment that morning, but because of her size I spent 30 minutes on the monitor again. Sophie fell asleep and had to be shaken awake by the doctor, but performed really well. I had another appointment in the afternoon with a high-risk-pregnancy doctor to confirm her weight and see if there was anything else going on that we needed to know about. I was on the ultrasound machine for about 45 minutes and the images we saw were astounding. It was one of the best machines available and the resolution afforded us some really remarkable pictures of our sweet girl. Seeing her face on the screen was so much fun! The technician and doctor were wonderful and they measured every piece and part of her, including blood flow to her major organs and umbilical cord. All was well and her percentage jumped to 27% with the better machine. She weighed in at 6 pounds and 6 ounces, which didn't sound all that small to us at all! We are still scheduled for a delivery on the 14th, assuming she doesn't surprise us any sooner than that, but the doctor told us we had absolutely nothing to worry about. Sophie Kae Fields is just perfect.

Now... wanna know all of the funny things that have happened in my absence?

#1 - On Friday night we went to dinner at a local BBQ restaurant because we were too exhausted to cook and didn't feel like driving into town. Dinner was good and the staff gave us free pie since we had to wait on our food. As we were leaving, me with pie-in-hand, Josh and I miscalculated the car key hand-off and the pie ended up on the nice clean floor. Everywhere. Ever seen a pregnant lady attempt to bend over and clean up? Needless to say, I wasn't much help and they rewarded me with a replacement piece of chocolate pie. It didn't help with the embarrassment, but it sure was YUMMY.

#2 - Saturday morning we had a birthday party in Chelsea and then Ella accompanied me to a pedicure. With all the unanswered questions about the day of Sophie's arrival, I wanted to make sure my toes were ready even if nothing else was. Ella stood beside me and watched with lots of questions and my tootsies have never looked better. Until as I was wrestling the princess into the car I scraped my big toe with my blue jeans and completely ruined the just-paid-for pedicure. If Ella hadn't been securely buckled in, we would have gone back in for a touch up, but I didn't feel well enough to do it all over again. So after spending $30 on a pedicure, I got to spend $6.50 at Walmart to buy polish to match and gave myself a pretty decent paint job once I got home.

#3 - My carseat was supposed to be delivered on Saturday morning while we were out. I ordered a carseat and base combo and then an extra base for Josh & Gran to share. I got a deal on Walmart's website and had a giftcard to help defray the cost. I had it shipped priority because we were loading the car over the weekend in case of Sophie's early arrival and wanted to have plenty of time to get it installed. When we got home from the party we were thrilled to see two boxes on the front porch. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection they were both really small and contained two carseat bases. I spent 30 minutes searching for a customer service telephone number on their website and an hour on the phone with them and local stores trying to hunt down the carseat. Luckily, the rep was very nice and overnighted us one {which as I type this has been delivered at my house, but I won't cheer until I see it with my own eyes!!}.

#4 - This is perhaps the best story of the weekend. After the disastrous pedicure, Ella and I ran in Walmart to pick up a few things for the hospital. The only two areas of the store we visited were the toiletry and grocery sections. As we were getting ready to check out, Ella reminded me how good she had been and wanted to get a Reese's Cup and a movie from RedBox. As we wheeled by the greeter on our way out the alarms all went off. I dutyfully handed over my receipt and waited while she looked through my bags. Apparently the alarms indicate what set them off and we were looking for a CD or DVD. Did I mention anything about visiting the electronics department??

[**BACK STORY** Last week, while grocery shopping I decided to pick up a surprise for Ella from us for Easter. She has been begging for Myley Cyrus' new CD and I happened to be alone at Walmart for a change. I bought it, but put it in my purse so she wouldn't find it while digging through the grocery bags when I got home, and I never thought of it again.]

Fast forward to Saturday... I finally realize why the alarm went off and try to discreetly pull the CD from my purse without Ella seeing it. I explain to the "nice" older lady why I have a Walmart CD in my purse and that yes, I had paid the $8 ticket price, just on a different day. I had already balanced my checkbook since the purchase, so no receipt was to be found and she didn't exactly believe my elaborate story. All I could think was what 9+ month pregnant woman with a 3 year old in tow, spends a ridiculous amount of money on groceries, but shoplifts an $8 CD?!?!? She wasn't giving in. I did my best to convince her and she chastised me pretty hard about not bringing previously purchased merchandise into the store and that she has to personally account for the alarm going off. I was horribly mortified, but at least I wasn't drug off into a manager's office or frisked in front of my daughter or the half-million people streaming out the doors, some of whom I probably knew. It was horrible and as much as I hope it never happens again... the CD is still in my purse!

UPDATE - The CD is still in my purse and the carseat was finally delivered with no complications.

Ella Cam 1.0

27 March 2010

So... Ella got a Fisher Price digital camera for Christmas and she's been snapping away since then. Apparently, it was set on the lowest resolution {so excuse the super-poor quality}, but the pictures were hilarious. Josh downloaded them for me this week and there were 300+ photos of the funniest things. At least we know what's most important to her lately...

Her bedroom
EllaCam 288

EllaCam 287

Bunny, of course
EllaCam 284

EllaCam 283

EllaCam 282

Sweet Daddy
EllaCam 281

EllaCam 241

And... it's never too early for a brooding self portrait
EllaCam 238

I had so much fun looking at these, that I'll be doing regular "Ella Cam" posts, especially once she's snapping away at Sophie!

Dancin' Queen

25 March 2010

Guess whose costumes were passed out today?

dancin queen 004

dancin queen 001a

dancin queen 005

dancin queen 006a

Things I Learned Today {or was reminded of}

24 March 2010

petit fors 001

1. I love petit fors; especially when they are a surprise from sweet friends at work.

2. Ella "thought" she loved petit fors, but quickly learned she was wrong!

3. I love being pregnant, but I'm tired and ready for Sophie to get here.

4. Sophie is low. Really low. As in, the doctor said she's pretty sure she's lower than Ella was after 10 hours of labor when we decided on a C-section.

5. I have made no progress towards delivery, which is a good thing. I'm holding out for the 14th.

6. Sophie weighs 5 lbs and 15 ounces today. She is measuring a little small for 36 weeks and her estimated weight at delivery is around 6.5 pounds.

7. Only Sophie's lips and chin are discernible by ultrasound at this point... she is too low to get on film.

8. Ella really LOVES hearing SK's heartbeat... even by telephone.

9. Sophie really HATES the fetal monitor and kicked it off several times today.

10. I love Survivor a lot.

11. I am completely over American Idol. It isn't any good this year.

12. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the perfect dinner. Except when your mom sent you home a plate of yummy food that you completely forgot about until you were eating the second bowl of cereal.

13. I should probably order a car seat right now, since we seemed to have misplaced ours and our child could come at any time now.

14. I think the census is stupid, especially considering that I never got a form and they're mad about that, but they won't issue me another one unless I call back after April 12th!?!? Did I mention I should be in the hospital birthing a child that week?

15. Babies R Us is a bit overwhelming, but I'm convinced I need one of everything.

16. I miss my husband a lot when he's not here and we're ready to see him tomorrow.

17. Alabama season tickets are great... until you have to write the big check. That also happens between now and Sophie's arrival. Lottery, anyone?

18. This child is positively adorable. And the light of my life. When she lays her hands on my belly before bed and prays for her little sister I am absolutely moved. It is the most beautiful thing you have ever heard.

petit fors 003

Sunday's Pretties

21 March 2010

Guess whose Easter dresses were delivered this week?

pretties 003a

Now, I know SK shouldn't be here for Easter, but now she'll have a pretty dress just in case and she & Ella will have pretty matching dresses to wear all summer.

pretties 005

Isn't the detail beautiful?

Sophie also has something pretty to wear home from the hospital and I couldn't love it any more.

pretties 008

We decided on a french hand-sewn dress instead of smocking and I love the tiny pink flowers and bonnet crafted from an antique hankie.

pretties 009

As if that wasn't pretty enough, here's a sweet little secret. The slip from Ella's coming home dress had her name embroidered at the hem, so we added sweet Sophie's name just above it. Isn't that a wonderful thing for them to share?

pretties 010

Isn't Gran amazing?

Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day

20 March 2010

It was the perfect morning to spend at the zoo...

jackson_zoo 014

We rode the carousel {or watched from the sidelines},

jackson_zoo 023

took a train ride,

jackson_zoo 027

got in the pen with the kangaroos,

jackson_zoo 036

went BACK to the aviary {against mommy's better judgment},

jackson_zoo 039

looked at the pretty pink flamingos,

jackson_zoo 050

watched Simba and Nala sunbathe,

jackson_zoo 056

pretended we were the "biggest animal at the zoo",

jackson_zoo 060

and sang Taylor Swift all the way home. We also managed to grab Zaxby's for lunch, pick up a movie for mommy and a movie for Ella, and take a nice long nap.

I wish...

february 018

I wish I were doing this all day today, but I'm not. Instead, we're spending this beautiful day at the zoo, picking up {a reserved copy... yay!} of New Moon from Redbox this afternoon and making cheeseburgers for dinner. Pray that I survive and I'll have lots of pictures to share. Happy Saturday!

Nursery Update, Skeletons in the Closet

18 March 2010

Wanna know what you can do with $1.61? This might be my favorite transformation yet.

Although my original nursery plan included built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace, the closer I got to my due date the less responsible I felt about spending several hundred dollars on one project. I decided I might feel better about waiting until summer and bringing in some other piece for storage in the meantime. I shopped my own house and ended up with this...

february 021

It's an old "skeleton-closet" from the local elementary school that completes the set we have in our living room as an entertainment center. It has been hanging out behind the dining room door, full of hooks and bins as our makeshift coat closet. Since winter is coming to a close, we figured we could re-purpose it for the nursery and we wouldn't even miss it.

First, K & I painted it white chocolate - the color of the trim, fireplace and other furniture in the room. See that cute little knob on the front? It was $1.61 at Hobby Lobby and the only money I spent on this project!

february 024

Using left-over scraps of fabric from the curtains and a roll of pink ribbon in my craft stash, I covered the glass in the lower half to give us a little room for storage that might be less than pretty.

february 026

I attached the fabric and ribbon with hot glue and it worked like a charm. FYI - if you ever burn yourself with an industrial glue gun, don't attempt to pull the hot glue from your hand. With it, comes your skin and it isn't pretty. Instead, run your hand under cool water and once the glue is dry, it peels right off without a mark. I had two lovely fingers to show for the first attempt.

After a few shelving snafus, my dad finally managed to install white melamine shelves on the interior of the cabinet and anchored it to the wall in the case of cute climbers.

Isn't she pretty? Next came the fun part... accessorizing! On top of the cabinet is a metal cupcake stand painted white - I'm not sure what I'll display here, but I like where we're going. I also added an antique locker basket full of cuddly sweater blankets that are better reserved for cool weather.

skeleton 003

In the lower half of the cabinet we have plenty of toy storage.

skeleton 007

And inside there is lots to smile about! The top shelf has a few frames waiting for pictures of Sophie and a "Liberty of London" canvas bin I picked from Target this week to hold stuffed animals {Nana, this is what else you bought!}.

skeleton 004

On the middle shelf is a set of books Lane sent us last summer and a set of cast iron Scotty bookends I got from one of my favorite antique shops.

skeleton 005

Finally, on the last shelf is a bonnet that Ella wore home from the hospital and one of Ella's pretty tea sets. We don't have a place for it in her room and I don't want her playing with it, so it worked out well to display it here. The colors are perfect and it is at the perfect height for display.

skeleton 006

So, what do you think about our $1.61 make-over?

skeleton 001

Burger Queens

17 March 2010

Just because I have to work this week, doesn't mean Ella isn't having a wonderful Spring Break. She spent the first half of the week at Garan's and she'll be hanging out with Nana on Thursday and Friday.

Yesterday, she had a playdate with some of her best girls at Burger King and boy was she happy to tell me all about it...





Thanks, Riley & Chaney, for making Ella's day so much fun!

A Two-Post Kind of Day

16 March 2010

Does your heart beat a little faster when you get a package in the mail? Mine does... especially when it is something that I didn't order myself. That has happened to me twice this week. Today, however, might have been the best. When I saw this box on the kitchen counter at my parents' house I knew it was going to be a good one...

Sophie's Peacock 001

When I opened the box and saw this, it was confirmed.

Sophie's Peacock 004

**please excuse this awful picture... it is awfully gloomy outside and I tried multiple
locations before giving up. you women who take your own belly pictures deserve kudos!!**

A week or so ago, my Aunt Lane {who lives in Kentucky and supplies us with all of those lovely Thyme Baby lotions and potions} emailed me about what I needed or wanted for the baby. I told her several practical things that we needed as well as a frivolous one that I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself. Not only did she send me one, but she picked the one I loved the most. I absolutely CANNOT wait to carry sweet Sophie in this sling. I had a carrier with Ella, but hardly ever used it because it was bulky and padded and uncomfortable for us both. I look forward to snuggling each other in this one.

When Ella asked what it was for, I told her it was to carry Sophie in. Her response? "Sophie is already in there, momma." Well, okay. Thank you SO much, Aunt Lane... we can't wait to send you pictures of this sling once Sophie is actually "in" the sling as opposed to "under" it.

Scroll on down for this week's belly post!

Baby Belly, Week 35


Nursery Update, Sneak Peek

15 March 2010

sneak peek 004

Guess whose room is finished? REALLY finished? Except that cord dangling over there... it's getting a mini make-over later in the week. As soon as I get home before dark to take the pictures, I'll have LOTS of pretty things to share. I just couldn't resist giving you a little sneak peek in the meantime.

M&M Moments

13 March 2010

Look what I did today... blog design when I can't sleep is really working out well for me :).
Click the image below to visit Michelle and say hello. She's joining the big, bad world of blogging!

michelle banner

Guess Who Is Here?

Sweet baby Lake. Born March 10th at 4:28, he was 7 pounds and 20 inches long. I had the pleasure of holding him for almost an hour yesterday and visiting with his mom. If I didn't have baby fever before, I certainly do now.

Baby L 037

I remember visiting the hospital when Grey was born and I was 36 weeks pregnant with Ella. She kicked me the whole time I was holding him. I am 35 weeks pregnant with Sophie and she, too, moved as long as Lake was settled on my tummy. Talk about drama queens!

Lake 003

We will be blessed if Lake & Sophie love each other half as much as Grey & Ella do. I cannot imagine sharing this wonderful time of my life with three more precious people. Congrats Ryan, Grey & Baby Lake!

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