taz + belly: February 2010

My Kind of Saturday...

28 February 2010

Yesterday was a good day. The kind of day that makes me happy I live in my little rock house, married to my best friend, with a golden-haired princess running around and a tinier version hanging out near my ribcage.

We had no plans, no agenda, nothing to do. We wore our pajamas most of the day. I only left the house once. We watched countless stupid movies, listened to music and read books.

This is how we would spend our days if I got to stay at home with my littles.

We slept 'til seven and made pigs-in-a-blanket for breakfast...

saturday 002

and decaf coffee, which I thoroughly look forward to on the weekends.

saturday 004

We ate pretend ice cream. All day long.

saturday 005-6

SD & I got back in bed and watched Dick Tracy and My Girl, while Ella cooked in her kitchen, watched some cartoons and read the latest Highlights magazine.

We had a couple of visitors stop by to check out the nursery and I worked on some hanging lanterns for her room (that I hope to share soon!).

We hung out in Sophie's room for a bit; talking about what we'll do together when she gets here.

saturday 012-13

We finally got around to getting clean. We acted silly and made funny faces while brushing our teeth.

saturday 011

Mommy made a run to Dollar General for light bulbs and paper towels and couldn't wait to get back home.

Ella got commended (and then scolded) when I found her like this. Of course, I made her stay for a picture and then we had a quick convo about why this was considered dangerous.

saturday 014

We had help from Beemer on a project for Sophie. I'm cooking up something extra special for her hospital door.

saturday 016

I ate Ben & Jerry's for a late afternoon snack, with a waffle bowl. Because pregnant women have those, right?

saturday 019

Then SD & Ella were off to play with Isabella & Nana while I watched Help Haiti Live and cleaned house. It was a long, fun day and I can't wait to do it all over again.

Posting may be a little light this week - we have revival services at church and there might not be much photo-taking around the rock house. There will be a belly post and we'll for sure see you next weekend. Have fun!

Hint of Spring

27 February 2010

This is what we spent last Sunday afternoon doing. We might need a coat this week, but I'm hoping for a little playtime with my princess again tomorrow.


It's a Gift!

26 February 2010

Sophie has been getting a few gifts here lately and I've actually been meaning to post about all of them. Just like I've been meaning to post pictures from last weekend that have been on my camera all week and just never made it to the computer. Is it too much for a pregnant girl to ask her camera to do the dirty work for her? Gosh, that would be so easy!

Anyway... I got a lovely gift this afternoon from my sweet friend Krystal and I must say it is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I cannot wait to put her in this and only this (save a diaper, of course) and take a picture of her snuggled in her crib. My mouth is watering just thinking about it and I couldn't help but share!

february 034

Nursery Update, Curtain Call

25 February 2010

Things are happening in Sophie's room this week and I can't wait to share the pictures! I have several projects in progress and once they are all wrapped up in a bow, I promise to post lots of details. In the meantime, here's a little something the amazing duo of Garan & Poppy whipped up for me this week...

february 023

I have been back and forth about what I wanted over the windows - from valances and sheers, awnings, fabric bunting. You name it, I've considered it. Finally, I bought three yards of fabric and some pink ball fringe and handed it over to my mom. I told her to do with it what she could that I just couldn't come to a decision. Thank goodness that she's as crafty as ever, because what she sewed is beautiful. It wasn't what I asked for in the beginning or even what I thought I wanted, but it is perfection.

My dad took a 2x4 piece of scrap wood and cut it the width of the windows. My mom made flat panels from 1.5 yards of fabric each and lined them with white sheets. She opted to move the ball fringe up from the hem about 6 inches since it was so tiny and it had a lovely effect. The finished panel was stapled to the top of the piece of wood and gathered on the corners. Then the wood was screwed directly into the ceiling above the windows and just in front of the crown molding. By hanging them from the ceiling, we gained over a foot of height making the curtains very dramatic and making the two tiny windows have much more presence. I could not be happier with how they turned out! What do you think?

february 031
Yes, mom... I know that gown needs to be pressed. I promise I'll get right on that :).

Picture Perfect.

20 February 2010

Remember this post? If you liked that picture, you'll definitely love this one. Here's Ella making her advertising debut...


Check back in a few weeks when I'll have another fun surprise to share!

The Big Day

17 February 2010

Vday3 003

We've never made Valentine's Day a "big" day in the monetary sense of the word. I don't necessarily want expensive gifts or flowers that wilt, but I do love spending the day together and making it special for our little princess. We try to make holidays special for her, even if they don't benefit us much and any excuse for us to buy her a gift, is always a good one.

Vday3 005

She requested a picnic for breakfast, so we spread out a quilt in the living room floor and ate there while watching our morning cartoons. Since Sunday mornings are hard on us anyway, we opted for pink, strawberry muffins instead of something more involved. They were yummy and I ate a few too many butter-slathered ones myself.

Vday3 009

We gave Beemer a toy FULL of peanut butter and treats to buy us a little time to eat breakfast. We have a hard enough time eating dinner at the table, much less having food accessible to her on the floor.

Vday3 004a

Ella requested that we open presents before breakfast so, of course, we obliged. Ella got a Fancy Nancy Valentine's Day storybook and three pair of Fancy panties. We were worried that every time somebody asked her about her morning she would pull her dress up at church! Fortunately, she didn't do that, but she did show them to us several times this afternoon. SD got a cute football t-shirt that was right up his alley. I have a history of buying funny t-shirts for Vday - including "I Heart Hot Moms" and one with a pregnant stick figure that says "Look What I Did." This one really fits in.

Vday3 008

My Valentine gave me some much-appreciated coupons for house-cleaning and foot massages. Any pregnant girl knows it doesn't get much better than that. We enjoyed a wonderful service at church this morning - even Ella commented in the car, "That was good church!" - and a yummy lunch out with the family. We topped it all off with a belly photo shoot and an extra long nap. I hope your Valentine's Day was as great as ours.

Vday3 007

Nursery Update, Sophie's Crib

15 February 2010

I had a rough day today. Not because of one thing particularly - I was just tired, achy and the day seemed really long. I have pretty easy pregnancies once the morning sickness wears off, but I had forgotten how everything starts to hurt at the end. I have exactly 8 weeks to go {and should know an exact date on Wednesday} and my body is no longer my own. My ankles are huge, my calves aren't much better and we won't even begin to discuss my fanny! I don't look like I'm carrying high, but I perpetually have a noggin underneath the right side of my ribcage. Sophie has started using my hip bones as a way to stretch and despite the lack of room in there, she's getting quite acrobatic. Did I mention that I could eat Nutty Bars and Strawberry Pop Tarts ALL DAY LONG?

I was dreaming about heading home this afternoon when SD sent me a text message that he had plans tonight and would be late getting home. That kind of ruined my plans for crib assembly tonight. The nursery is making significant progress, but I was ready to see some sleeping quarters come together. Guess what? He had already put it together for me. Let me just say that this absolutely made my year.

This is what I saw when I walked into Sophie's room this afternoon:

crib 001

And this is what you'd see if you walked in there right now:

crib 002

Isn't that crib fabulous? Seriously. It makes me swoon. It should, but I plan on getting my money's worth by letting my grand-kids sleep in there!

crib 005

A little detail shot. The crib itself is cream and the outside of the crib skirt and bumpers are mint green. The green isn't quite as light as it appears here, but it is very subtle.

crib 006

Now for an interior shot. The insides of the bumpers are pink and the sheet is the Brooke line from Pottery Barn. I bought an extra sheet and this beautiful damask fabric for a few squishy pillows. Gran made them. They are down-filled and I can't wait to pile in the rocker with her and these pillows at my back. See GiGi the giraffe? Ella picked that out for Sophie several weeks ago.

crib 010

Here's a detail shot of the pillow backs. Gran used rick-rack all the way around the pillows and across the seam in the back. She covered buttons with left-over sheeting and I am in LOVE with the way they turned out. It all makes me giddy.

I also managed to buy a really cute crib sheet at Target today (it has a hole in it and will be exchanged tomorrow), an adorable cover for the Boppy (I tore a seam while removing the tag) and I looked at some cuty-patooty slings, but couldn't make a decision. All proof positive that it was a long day.

On a brighter note - tomorrow, I plan to do some baby laundry, fold more of her clothes and organize the closet. I could totally sit in the floor and stare at her room all day!

Baby Belly, Week 31


Don't forget to click over here for out-takes... hopefully I won't look as ridiculous as I did last week!


14 February 2010

Before the snow changed our direction for Friday, Ella and her friends exchanged Valentine's goodies and ate yummy heart-shaped cookies at school. You saw the crafts we made for her friends last week, but here are a few pictures of the treats she picked up at school and dance class.

Ella all ready to head out Friday morning.

Vday 001

Enjoying sugar sprinkle cookies, courtesy of mom.

Vday 008

Ella on the couch Friday afternoon, ready to dig in!

Vday2 001

Pretty princess rings from Madeline.

Vday2 003

Her first adventure with Fun Dip, from Grace. Fortunately for mommy she wasn't a fan and Sophie & I got to finish it off.

Vday2 004

The ring pop did not disappoint!

Vday2 006

Now we're all jacked up on sugar and enjoying a Valentine's Day nap. Have a happy heart day.



Valentine's Day Date: Updated

13 February 2010

So, this year I wasn't the one with a hot date for Valentine's Day. It was Ella's turn! Since the fall, Ryan and I have tried to make a conscious effort to get the kids together at least once a month for a play date. They are so sweet to one another and play so well together. I swear I should invest in a digital video recorder just to show you how stinking adorable they are when they're together.

Vday2 011

Ella has been beside herself for the whole week about going over there and she wasn't going to let a little snow and ice cramp her style! She came in my room early this morning to tell me that there was still snow on the ground and wanted me to check the weather for ice on the roads. After much contemplating {and an equal amount of begging} we set out over the mountain and made it safely to our destination.

First, there were special Valentine's to be exchanged.

Vday2 009

Then a yummy lunch at the Egg & I.

Vday2 020

Vday2 021

Vday2 023

And finally, a big bowl of ice cream to top off the day.

Vday2 019

Vday2 013

Vday2 014

As always, all great things must come to an end and we headed home for a nice long nap. Ella & SD are at the high school basketball team and I'm enjoying some quiet time cleaning house and doing a little laundry. Did I mention I'm enjoying a little of Ella's Valentine's Day candy? Well, I am and it's good!

Snow on the ground...

12 February 2010

I learned my lesson the last time they said it was going to snow in Alabama... I did not tell Ella that there was even a chance. I got her up and dressed for Valentine's Day, packed treats for her friends and sent her off to school. Lucky me, our offices were closing at noon so I left a minute early, grabbed lunch and picked up a VERY excited little girl. She couldn't believe that I'd kept the snow a secret. I couldn't believe the forecasters actually got it right.

Vday 015

This is what we saw when we pulled in the drive (please ignore the fact that our CHRISTMAS wreaths are still hanging... I'm a procrastinator these days). We passed a big, pretty house on the way and I commented on how pretty in looked in the snow and Ella said, "Just wait until we get home, mama. Our house is gonna be beautiful-er!"

Vday 019

My little snow princess!

Vday 023

Mommy & Ella

Vday 027

Ella and daddy, laughing in the snow.

Vday 033

Our attempt at a cute picture. The first attempt had snowflakes fluttering in my eyes and this one has a gorgeous double-chin. Oh well. At least SD looks handsome!

Vday 034

Our snowman :).

Vday 039

Our mini-man that daddy built. I remarked on video that this was our redneck snowman. He's about 16 inches tall and right next to our satellite dish. Classy.

Vday 065

We spent most of the afternoon swinging hard in the snow. First with daddy, then with mommy. SD taught her how to pump her legs and she spent lots of time practicing.

Vday 061

Last, but not least, is Sophie's first snowy photo-op. She's getting nice and round and I couldn't resist a sweet picture in our backyard. You can see I accidentally picked the one spot in our yard not completely covered by the pretty white stuff. We have a HUGE tree in the backyard, full of ivy and it is so thick that the snow wasn't getting through!!

And now for one quick funny... the post title. As ridiculous as it is, all day, all I could think of was "snow on the ground" to the tune of "pants on the ground". I hate to admit it, but it has made me giggle all day long. I told Josh that and apparently he got it stuck in his head, too. After a long afternoon in the snow, we were stripping down in the laundry room and he sang "pants on the ground" and Ella looked right at him, naked as a jay bird and finished with, "looking like a fool with your pants on the ground." We laughed uncontrollably. I asked her where she heard that and she told me that we watched it on American Idol. She's been singing and humming it all afternoon. I swear she has a photographic memory, just like her daddy!!

After getting dry 'jamas on, we threw back the curtains to watch the snow, piled in our bed for cartoons and fell fast asleep. It was a long, but fun day and we are so sad that it's over.

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