taz + belly: A Week of Video: Mother's Day

A Week of Video: Mother's Day

14 June 2010

Well, I've had some requests for more video on the blog, so here it goes! Since we haven't been taking too many pictures recently, I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Forgive me for the lack of content, most of these will be short clips of our everyday life. I will tell you, though, there are a few doozies I'll share later in the week. Oh, and please for give my hillbilly-bumpkin accent. I know for many of you this will be your first introduction to my voice!

This is a little conversation I had with Sophie on Mother's Day...

This is my first attempt to upload videos to You Tube, so they might need some tweaking. My suggestion is to pause the video until it completely loads or it might skip when you play it.


  1. I love it!! And you do not sound like a country bumpkin, you have a cute voice! I don't like hearing my voice on tape either, lol.

  2. Those little "grunts" are the sweetest sounds EVER! Love it!


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