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Pop & Granmom

12 May 2010

My grandparents live on the same street as we do. And the same street as my sister, my parents and all of my mom's siblings. Small town, huh? I don't know if you'd technically call it a farm, but that what I call it. My Pop raises cows and grows hay because he loves to. In fact, he told me he had been thinking about selling the tractors and the cows and buying a fishing boat. He changed his mind and bought a new tractor instead; he was afraid he might get bored.

farm 017
{you can see Ella, Gran & Gran-mom if you look really hard}

We spent the afternoon at their house yesterday, riding the tractor, planting flowers, playing hide-and-go-seek and picking strawberries. It was a beautiful day. At first it was just me, Ella & Sophie enjoying the sunshine with Pop & Gran-mom. Then my mom got there, then K and Cory. Three more of my aunts and a cousin showed up before we left. I told you it was a small town.

farm 002
{Ella & Pop working in the garden and snuggling in the shade}

farm 009
{the first ride on Pop's new tractor}

farm 014

farm 021
{working in the strawberry patch with GM & Molly}

farm 027

farm 019

farm 030
{even Sophie enjoyed her time in the sun}

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