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Flying Solo

08 May 2010

So, Friday was my first official day at home with both girls by myself and it was so much fun. SD has been working some and getting out of the house for several hours at a time over the last week, but yesterday was the first day where he was gone when the girls and I got up and he wasn't home until after nap time. I was a little nervous about how we'd manage, but it turned out to be a very nice day and Ella was such a big helper.

We started the day with blueberry muffins, snuggling in the floor watching Eloise at the Plaza. If you have little girls and haven't seen this movie, it is adorable. It is running on the Disney Channel right now and we've watched it three times!

picnic 007

The girls must have looked awfully snuggly, because it wasn't long before Beemer joined in the fun.

picnic 008

The thing that worried me the most was getting both girls to nap at the same time, giving me some much needed down time to recover from a busy morning. I suggested that we pack a picnic and head to the park for an hour to soak up some sun. I knew that the playground would make Ella plenty sleepy and the beautiful day would keep Sophie awake until we got home. My plan worked perfectly and we were all enjoying a nap by one o'clock.

picnic 011

picnic 013

picnic 016

picnic 017

picnic 020

picnic 018

picnic 024

picnic 026

{We don't normally spend our time at the park on the phone, but as we were playing we heard a very loud sound and turned around to find a pair of The Blue Angels flying over in a formation. She was so excited to see them away from the beach that we had to make a quick call to daddy and fill him in on the details!}

picnic 029

picnic 030

Thanks, girls, for a lovely day in the sunshine - the first of many, I hope. Now that I know I can successfully manage both girls for ten hours without killing myself or one of them, I feel like we can do anything. Maybe now we'll have lots of fun adventures to share in the coming weeks!


  1. Good for you Kristen. Yes, you will enjoy many wonderful days with the girls and things will get easier as the days and weeks go by. You and Josh are great parents and I am so awed by you guys. I love that precious Fields Family, you are an inspiration to all of us. Hope you have an amazing Mother's Day!!!!!


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