taz + belly: November 2009

Two of a Kind

30 November 2009


Today was the big day and we couldn't be happier. People kept asking what we were hoping for and honestly, all we could think about was hearing we had a healthy, growing baby. This has quite possibly been the longest twenty weeks of my life - I wasn't nearly as nervous carrying Ella as I have been with this little one.

This pregnancy has been pretty similar to Ella's, with one major difference... movement. This baby moves so much more than Ella ever did. So much so, that the ultrasonographer had quite the time tracking her little fanny down! Once we saw it, though, there was no question as to who she was going to be.

Josh picked out the name Sophie - it was first on his list. I had a few girl names that I liked, but whenever I pictured another little girl, I couldn't get Sophie out of my head. We were trying to pick names with some familial significance since Ella was named after Josh's grandmother. He decided that he wanted to name her Sophie K, after my sister, since we call her "K". I couldn't get over having an initial as a middle name, so we opted for Kae instead. Since it was so traditional, I wanted the spelling to be a little different. It's funny because Ella has told everyone today that she picked out the name.

If you haven't already... scroll on down for this week's baby belly installation! I'm guessing K posts good ones this week instead of outtakes.

**Updated to say: The Little Princess Diaries is here to stay. As much as we would have enjoyed a baby boy, I am thrilled not to be brainstorming new blog names and ideas! Josh had already nixed all the pink. There will be no name change, but I'm guessing a new silhouette will be joining Ella's once that is possible.**

Baby Belly, Week 20


December's Silent Sunday

29 November 2009

stuff 029

I know that this isn't December and since I'm typing, this post isn't really silent either. BUT... Ella has so many pretty holiday outfits that we'll be sporting a different one every Sunday from now until New Year's and sharing them on the blog, Silent Sunday style.

I also know this is blurry, but that's what happens when mommies are too big to squat down and dogs keep running through the frame and little girls won't be still.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the big baby reveal!

I'm Thankful

26 November 2009


This Thanksgiving I have an awful lot to be thankful for. Salvation. Liberty. My precious family. A baby on the way. A little house with heat and warm beds. A full belly.

There are many more things to look forward to and be thankful for. A parade and sausage balls. Thanksgiving dinner and yummy desserts. Cards and games. Out of town friends and relatives. Early morning shopping. Football games. Rivalries. IHOP. Christmas tree hunting. Holiday decorations. Sonograms. Baby names. Seeing Santa. Scout the elf.

I love this season and can't wait to savor every moment. I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. I can't wait to see your pictures and share all of our adventures. See you next week!

Birthday Recap

25 November 2009

First, second and third I ate this...

november 036

followed by this.

november 040

I got this. Tickets to this. And lots of money/gift cards to shop here.

Then, I watched this...

november 003

with her.

november 001

It was a pretty good night.

Little Lady Bugs

24 November 2009

Ella had a birthday party to attend on Saturday and it was so much fun. Madeline's mommy threw a fabulous lady bug themed party and had the girls dress in red and black. Wanna see what we did?

november 005
Ella before the party, all dressed up with her coordinating birthday gift! Isn't the girls table adorable? Madeline's mommy used our tea party table and gussied it up in red, black and green.

november 007
Madeline's adorable lady bug birthday cake, courtesy of our sweet friend Kristi.

november 014
All the girls with their wings and antennas!

november 009
There was a bug hunt in the front yard and the girls were a little skeptical about picking up plastic bugs at first...

november 027
We got to see our bestest friend Ella Matthews!

november 026
Madeline wasn't really impressed with the whole "Happy Birthday" situation.

november 017
Present time!

Between the sheets...

november 042, originally uploaded by kfields1923.

Guess who I found under the covers on Sunday afternoon? Princess Ella and her favorite handsome boy. They played really good together, but Josh gave her a lecture after he left about having boys in the bed. I was hoping we could get by without that conversation for a few more years...

Baby Belly, Week 19

23 November 2009


Make sure you come back next week... there will be bare belly and the big reveal! Any predictions about this little bean?

BTW, if you'll look to the right you'll see my new "belly button." Clever, right? You can click the belly button at any time to see all of the maternity shots together. Kind of a timeline of epic proportions. Quite literally, in fact.

Hormonal Much?

Okay... this video just made me SOB while eating my pizza! Is it the pregnancy or did you cry, too?

Ella's Big Day

18 November 2009

october 030

Ella had a big day on Monday. Both good and bad. Fortunately, I was responsible for the good part. Unfortunately, I was responsible for the bad part, too.

Daddy had to work late, so we decided to cook yummy chicken pasta and have a girly hour to ourselves. The baby had been kicking like a pack of ninjas on my afternoon commute, so I was pretty confident that SD and Ella might finally get a feel. We were snuggled up on the couch, eating dinner and watching 'toons when the baby walloped me good. Ella put her hands on my belly and her eyes got SO big. She was so excited. Score!

After dinner we rode to K's to take my weekly belly pics and then came back home to find SD here. My general mode of operation for exiting the car is to turn around and unstrap Ella before ever getting out of the Jeep. Her carseat is in the middle of the backseat and this has always been the easiest thing to do. I unstrap her, she gets out and waits on me at the back door. Since my belly has been growing it has become harder to get her out. It strains my sides to turn around so for the FIRST time since I've been pregnant, I decided to get out of the car and unstrap her. I pulled the keys out of the ignition to stop the incessant beeping while I gathered my things. I hopped out of the car and pressed (what I thought was) the unclock button and closed the door. I attempted to open her door and it was locked. I reached to open mine and saw the lock button wasn't up. My heart started to race and I could already hear Josh's response. Did I mention we were in our driveway, but that we don't have a second key?

I looked at Ella through the window and told her I'd be right back. Josh started fussing at me immediately, but I was in no mood. I went next door for re-enforcements while he called our sweet mechanic friend. In the meantime, I explained the situation to Ella and she began to cry. So did I. I tried talking her through unbuckling her carseat, but she panicked and started tugging at the straps. I started to panic myself and contemplated breaking some glass. Our friend got here fast and was laughing when he opened his car door. He had her out in ten minutes, making her torturous event a little more than fifteen, even though it seemed like a hundred and fifteen. She dove into my arms and said, "I forgive you, mama." Bless.

Needless to say, I will NEVER get out of my car again without the keys in my hand and we'll be picking up a valet key asap. We were all traumatized for life.

Baby Belly, Week 18

16 November 2009


Don't forget, outtakes are here!


15 November 2009

I'm sharing this on behalf of my husband. And as much as I'd like to claim that it's stupid, I can't help but laugh uncontrollably when I watch it. The scene starting at about 23 seconds has to be our favorite. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have!

Holiday Confusion

10 November 2009

I'm listening to Christmas music on the radio and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Not to mention I'm swooning over photos from our visit to the pumpkin patch just before Halloween. I'm having serious holiday confusion. Can you blame me?






Aren't these gorgeous? These are the "official" pumpkin patch photos courtesy of my lovely sister, K.

Campy - otherwise known as the longest post in LPD history.

I may not look or act like a country girl, but I am. I love to be outside and I love to camp. My parents decided several weeks ago that they would spend this past weekend with Ella in a place we all love. I decided kind of last minute to join the ho-down and I am so glad I did.

I was off work on Friday for my doctor's visit and a long-overdue dentist appointment. I decided to make the most of it and packed my car and drove up to meet them on Friday afternoon. The two hour drive was quiet and filled with beautiful trees of every color. When I arrived at camp, I saw this sweet face...

ft payne 016

and this pretty scenery.

ft payne 018

ft payne 038

On Saturday, we went to the weekly Trade Day a few miles down the country road. Although we didn't buy much we did see lots of pretty things.

ft payne 027

ft payne 022

ft payne 032

ft payne 025

We did manage to catch the Alabama game and eat lots of good food. We were all in bed by 7 o'clock and up at dawn every day. We spent lots of time by the fire, reading books and laughing at Ella.

On Sunday morning, we packed up camp and took one last stroll around the lake, taking in the sights and sounds.

ft payne 039

ft payne 043

ft payne 047

Take a look at these tiny toads!!

ft payne 049

Fare well, Ft. Payne!!

ft payne 055

Now, for a few questions you asked and a few others you didn't (and might not).

  1. The shoes from the previous post are from K-Mart; as were Ella's cute pink Mary Janes.
  2. I was sitting in a lawn chair with my legs propped up on the grate over our camp fire. It looked much different when the fire was burning.
  3. SD skipped out on this trip in favor of the Bama game. Can you blame him?
  4. There were no pics of K & Cory at camp because they stayed at a different campground. Cable was a necessity for them during football season!

Baby Belly, Week 17

09 November 2009


Click here for outtakes. And please don't laugh!

Wanna know what I did this weekend?

08 November 2009

ft payne 035

Absolutely nothing.

How we got there...

05 November 2009

We told you about our fun on Halloween, but we didn't tell you how we got there.

halloween 014

We dressed up for dance on Thursday and got to share treats with our new friends.

halloween 007

We sorted candy and prizes for our friends at school,

halloween 012

and wrapped them up pretty with ribbon and homemade stickers.

halloween 029

We shared Halloween cupcakes with pretty girls {and boys}.

halloween 034

We went to a Halloween birthday party,


and got mommy's car stuck in the mud before we left!

That's right, folks. My sweet little car got stuck in a yard full of mud and almost made us late for Trunk or Treat. Josh didn't make it to the party and I carefully parked on the edge of the driveway to keep from getting blocked in since we had somewhere to be so soon after the party.

As soon as I realized my back tire was spinning I ran inside to get help from a man. As thrilled as I was for the assistance, Corey proceeded to gun it into the yard hoping to make it all the way across. As you can tell from the photo above, that isn't exactly what happened.


Here he is trying to apologize and blame it on Ella {just kidding!}, but we all gave him a pretty hard time about it.


This is what I did while six men and one sweet lady helped dig, push, pull and grunt my car out of the yard. A four month pregnant chick in heels, walking in very soft mud carrying a fancy fairy is NOT a good idea. SD gave me a hard time about it when we came home covered in mud and it has taken me all week to get it clean. Let me tell you that I will park in the street from now on!

Posting will be light this weekend, I'm meeting my fancy girl in Ft. Payne for a family camping adventure while SD and Beemer hold down the fort. I'll have lots of pictures to share on Monday, as well as news from my latest doctor's appointment. Have a great weekend!


03 November 2009

halloween 002

One day Ella told me that while she was at school she played with a Tiger! Parker was the Tiger and he was scaring her and the girls. They were trying to stay safe in their castle with Connor, the handsome boy who saved them. At this point I'm laughing pretty hard, she's very into this story. When I ask who she was she looked at me and said, "Cinderella" as if there was any question. Katelyn was Snow White - they were princesses living in their castle. I asked about Madeline and Noah and got the best parts of the story. Noah was the "mommy of the princesses" and Madeline was the witch! This story was retold several times over the week without change, so it must be a pretty fun game to play.


On a car ride home Ella said, "Mom, I want to go to Disney again. I want to see Cinderella's castle." I told her that once the baby got here and got a little older we would definitely go back. She sounded very excited and said, "Oh, Mom. Cinderella is going to love our baby! She's going to think it's so cute!"


While we were all three piled in bed watching Olivia, Daddy tried to abandon us. I tried unsuccessfully to keep him there so Ella said, "Stay, Daddy. I love you. You're my handsome boy!" I'm guessing you know the outcome...


When asked if she was getting a baby sister or a baby brother she answered, "I don't know... we haven't decided yet!"


I told her I loved her while getting in the car for school and she replied, "I love you best." When I argued with her she said, "Wait, wait, momma. You love me more than the sun, but I love you more than the moon."


While watching cartoons, one of the characters asked the audience to raise their arms. Ella did and then looked at me and said, "Don't get my underwear!" I'm guessing she meant underarms.

Baby Belly, Week 16

02 November 2009


For outtakes starring Ella, click here!

It's Halloween Day!

01 November 2009

For Halloween, Ella was to be Fancy Nancy. We ordered her birthday outfit with Halloween in mind. Her FN doll has fairy wings and a few weeks ago Ella decided that needed some, too. We borrowed them from our sweet friend, Stevi and Ella looked precious. Unfortunately, she didn't wear them very long. Walking in wings proved difficult for Ella! We had to add tights and a long sleeved t-shirt to keep this fancy fairy warm and we added a flower to her hair and pretty pink eyeshadow, since Halloween at our house require "face paint".

halloween 037

Our first stop for trick-or-treating was Granmom and Pop's. She wasn't sure about going to the door by herself, but she was so excited for candy. We laughed at her because when we asked what she was supposed to say she almost always responded, "Trick or Treat, give us some candy!" What happened to please?

halloween 040

After G&P's we headed to our church for the annual Trunk or Treat celebration. There were hotdogs, bounce houses, a hayride and more candy than any street block should contain. She and daddy walked around the circle and got way too many Reese's Cups!

halloween 042

In case there is a question, SD and I dressed as Fancy Nancy's parents. You've read the book, right? They are very plain :).

halloween 050

Here is Mr. Maddox driving the hayride through the spooky cemetary. Ella asked us what the cemetary was and what was in it. How do you answer that for a three year old?

halloween 062

We wound up home on our couch with lots of candy and a potential tummy ache!

halloween 066

We each ate a few pieces and headed off for bed. Little did we know that mommy would be up at midnight with an awful belly ache. Apparently this baby does not love Reese's Cups as much as Ella Bella does!

halloween 065

Click here to view photos from our entire day.

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