taz + belly: June 2009

The Love of My Life

30 June 2009


This is the love of my life. She is in her element... barefoot, fancy, giddy. As many of you already know, my sweet sister K had her twice annual special on Saturday and managed to squeeze her favorite {non-paying} sister in somewhere along the way. We appreciate so much, how often she gives her time so that we can have beautiful photographs of our little girl. Even though I wasn't first in line, she graciously sent a few photos for me to enjoy in the meantime. I won't lie, they brought tears to my eyes, especially the one above. I don't know what I would do without that fancy girl.

I'll be sure to share the rest of our photo shoot once it is available. If this is any indication, we're in for LOTS of eye-candy. If you live anywhere in the Birmingham area, you should visit her and schedule a photo shoot. Pronto. Her work is amazing.


What about the other love of my life, you ask? SD is coming home tomorrow. For awhile; and we are ecstatic.

Goodnight, sweetheart.

29 June 2009

Well, it's time to show you where we sleep. Yes, I know it isn't Friday. We spent the weekend together lovin' on our SD and the house was such a wreck that I couldn't bring myself to take pictures. He went back to work this morning and Ella & I finally cleaned up enough to share! So, welcome to our master bedroom.

master 002

This "F" is on the door to our room and is the first thing you see. My sister bought it for me for Christmas on year. It is an antique and one of my favorite things.

master 005

Okay, this is really my favorite thing in the room and I can say that since SD isn't here today. This is Beemer and she sleeps in this bed, too. I know... big dog, white sheets. What can I say? She keeps me company when Josh is traveling. You can almost always find her here at night.

master 004

This is a better picture of the whole bed. We have an iron bed that was a wedding present and I love it. It also has four posters and canopy rails that I can add when I'm in the mood for a change. I'm not really a "bedroom suite" kind of girl, so this really works for me. The bed sits in front of a fireplace that doesn't work and I love having the mantel above us. It is a nice place to display photos and a great place to sit a cup of coffee.

master 008

Here is a better picture of the mantel and it's contents. From left to right: a picture that my sister took of us as newlyweds, it's a bit provocative so it stays in the bedroom; a photo of Bath, England that was taken by a friend and given as a wedding present; a wedding photograph; and Ella's 3 month photo in her christening gown.

master 010

This is SD's side of the bed... lots of books and family photographs. These are more bookcases built by the very talented Poppy {my dad} to maximize our storage. This chair was picked up at a yard sale at Sue's and my parents had it recovered in this funky fabric before I got married. I'm thinking about having it covered again in khaki linen with nailhead trim. What do you think? You can also spot our original 1920's hardwood floors in this picture. Although we refinished them when we bought the house 5 years ago, because of our dog, our child and the age of the wood they aren't shiny anymore! Believe it or not, I like it much better these days.

master 006

This is my side of the bed, with more books and magazines. There is also an elliptical trainer on my side of the bed {I'm hoping to relocate it soon!}, but I managed to keep it out of the photos.

master 011

This is a sweet little dresser given to us by my aunt and uncle and I use it to store my jewelry and stash Christmas gifts during the winter! Across the room is an old armoir that's seen better days. I'm looking for a replacement now to paint robin's egg blue. Maybe I'll share pictures then.

master 012

This is another wedding gift that hangs on the wall in our room. It was handstitched by a family friend and I will always treasure it.

master 015

I'll give you one last photo to help you see how it all fits together. I love our antique windows, but Josh doesn't like having the curtains open. I threw up the shades just for you since he wasn't here to complain. The pleated valances were a weekend project that included 2x4s, moleskin fabric, upholstery tacks, hot glue and a staple-gun! I have been very happy with them.

Thanks for visiting... I promise to actually post on Friday next time.

Birthday Girl

28 June 2009

Today was K's 24th birthday. We celebrated with pool time, BBQ, the wedding video and ice cream sundaes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, K! We love you...

esty & birthday girl 042

esty & birthday girl 034

esty & birthday girl 037

esty & birthday girl 043


24 June 2009

There are a few things brewing around here... did you notice? If you look up in the address bar next to my URL you should see a new icon {unless you are using the newest version of IE, darnit}; a familiar little silhouette of our favorite princess. You may also notice a new link on my sidebar over there... to etsy. I've resurrected "put together" as an etsy shop instead of the old blog. Although, there aren't any items currently listed, I'm working on it. Click back and visit soon!

Working Girl

Recently, Ella has started asking a lot of questions about where I go each day. She talks about how I "work" while she's at school. She knows the name of the company I work for and where it's located. She knows it's called an office. Anytime we are driving she'll point to random buildings and ask, "Is that your office?"

On Saturday, I had to work a few hours despite the fact that there was a VERY large music festival on all sides of my office building. Since I wasn't planning on being there all day, I knew it was a good opportunity to show Ella where I worked. We packed a picnic lunch, colors and coloring books and off we went.

She was fascinated by the size of the buildings. I'm only on the seventh floor, but that must seem pretty high to a little girl. She was nervous about sitting up in the window sill, but pointed out many "castles" that she could see {they included a large iron statue and two beautiful churches within a few blocks of my office}.

She wanted to know where all of "my people" were and what my "teacher's" name was. She helped me work, talked on my speaker phone and played on the computer in my office. It was a fun day and she was duly impressed.

father's day 010
Ella taking over my office!

father's day 012

father's day 005
Eating a picnic lunch.

father's day 007
Attempting to take a nap under my desk.

father's day 008

Giving up and playing a game instead.

sew sweet.

This week she became a crafter. Officially. Gran taught her how to sew buttons. Granted, she only sewed one loop through each button, she successfully attached seven buttons. Boy, was she "croud".


Crowd: Ella's way of saying "proud". We absolutely do NOT correct these misspeaks... they are our favorite.

Happy Day

23 June 2009

My goal this summer has been to leave work on time, drive straight to Gran's and spend some time outside with her and Ella. It's almost July and that goal hasn't come to fruition too many times. With Josh out of town a lot, it feels like I spend most of my time during the week working in the yard, folding laundry, vacuuming the floors, bathing babies and disciplining dogs. Since there are only a few short weeks of summer left to be had, I'm going to try and be more purposeful about the time we spend together during the week.

In honor of Father's Day, we persuaded SD to stay an extra night this weekend and he didn't head back to work until this morning. Since K & Cory were at the beach and missed our impromptu celebration Sunday afternoon, we decided to coordinate a little shindig at Gran's for Monday night. She grilled out and we ate dinner in our swimsuits. It made me think long and hard about my childhood. We spent most nights eating dinner soaking wet, with puddles at our feet. We would swim in the dark, watching fireflies and bats swarm overhead. I miss those lazy summer days.

I grew up in the water. Until my parents surprised us one summer with a hole in the backyard, my mom was a lifeguard at a private pool in our neighborhood. Those days, we swam from sunrise til sunset almost everyday. I don't remember learning to swim, but it was shortly after I learned to walk. The home videos look ridiculous because we're two and three years old, doing flips off the diving board and swimming the length of the pool underwater.

I wanted Ella to be an early swimmer, too. I want her to respect the water, but not to fear it. We've been working really hard to get her acclimated and we're making leaps and bounds. She is jumping in the shallow end as long as we'll catch her. She will lunge off of the steps and kick her feet until she reaches your hands. Her new favorite trick is to hold onto the side of the pool and walk her way around it without assistance; she climbs about 15 feet from the steps, takes a rest and goes back. She is practicing putting her face in the water and blowing bubbles. My guess is that she'll be swimming unassisted by the end of the summer.

Last night, Pop {Gran's dad} came to dinner and brought with him a tiny life-vest he found when he was cleaning out his fishing boat. She was so excited. Her exact words were, "I'm gonna love it!" In a matter of minutes she was floating on her back and swimming in the deep end all by herself. We made sure she swam some without it, too, but I think it was just what she needed to boost her confidence.

This was a happy day.

Tooth Fairy

Did I tell you that Ella thinks the tooth fairy came to visit? We had to explain the process of losing baby teeth and getting bigger ones because Molly lost a tooth and Ella was very distraught. One night last week, Ella pulled her cheek aside and said, "Look at my tooth Mom!" I looked at it and smiled and she finished with, "I lost it and the tooth fairy brought me a quarter!"

father's day 002

Sweet Daddy

22 June 2009

We had a wonderful day celebrating our Sweet Daddy. Any day we get to spend with him start to finish is a good one. Here is the photo recap... I'm guessing you can figure out what we did!

father's day 018

father's day 014

father's day 013

father's day 015

father's day 016

father's day 022

father's day 025

father's day 028

father's day 026

Like Mother, Like Daughter

18 June 2009

And I mean that in more than one way. I've been struggling with what to do for our grand-daddies this week for Father's Day. We don't really spend money on those kinds of holidays, but it isn't as easy to create a quick craft as it was for Mother's Day. My brilliance kicked in on the drive home this afternoon and I decided we would bake yummy chocolate chip cookies and package them up for all of the men in our life.

I got to Gran's to pick El up and you know what she said? "Me and Gran made cookies for Father's Day!" See what I mean? Like mother, like daughter. I sure hope Poppy likes cookies, 'cause he's getting another batch.

Here's what we were up to...

cookies 007 Finding the perfect recipe,

cookies 006 Eating chocolate chips,

cookies 003 Mixing it up,

cookies 002 Being a helper,

cookies 008 And scooping it out.

cookies 001
Did I mention we have matching aprons?

Work in Progress

So, it's almost Friday and we're celebrating with Show Us Where You Live at Kelly's. I debated on whether or not to participate this week because (a) we don't have a playroom/bonus room other than the craft room, which I shared a few weeks ago and (b) because my laundry room is a scary, scary place. BUT, in the spirit of transparency, I'm going to share and hope that you don't laugh too hard.

Our laundry room is about 13 square feet 13 x 13, so it has lots of space. The problem is that it totally lacks in style. It has three doors - one onto the back porch, one into the dining room and one into our bedroom. Not only does it function as a laundry room and a place for the dog to hang out while we're at work, but it functions as our walk-in closet since we don't have even a shelf in our bedroom for clothes storage. It's not that I don't have grander ideas for this room, but when we bought our house we didn't have the budget to redo every room and this one is easily avoided. I'm usually the only one who sees it, but it's starting to wear me out.

cookies 013
Here is the wall with our ancient washer and dryer. If your a regular, you'll know these bad boys bit the dust last week. Since then, I've been hauling laundry to Gran's on a regular basis and SD has been visiting the laundromat before coming home on the weekends. The good news is that we'll be picking up a new, white, matching pair this weekend and I cannot wait. Above the w/d are shelves heavily laden with outgrown baby clothes that need to go to Goodwill and my maternity clothes just waiting to be worn again. Yes, that is Ella's dismantled crib leaning up against the wall. I am SO embarrassed by this tour.

cookies 010

cookies 011

cookies 012
These are white, laminate wardrobes left over from the previous owner where we store our clothes and shoes. We have three wardrobes with doors and a single set of shelves for my twenty plus shoeboxes. Most of those have multiple pair inside. I know, I'm sick. It's an addiction and I need professional help. It looks like it's been six months since the floors were dusted and cleaned, because, well... it's been six months since the floors were dusted and cleaned! What? You don't avoid your laundry room like the plague?

Now... for the good news. Because this room is huge, by laundry standards, and we've dubbed this "The Year of the House", this room is getting a major overhaul this summer. The washer and dryer will be relocated to a new wall being built in the middle of the room. The space will be divided into a master bathroom, which we currently don't have, and a laundry room/dressing room with custom closets, cushy carpet and new cabinets for the laundry area.


Just for kicks, I've included a floor plan that we've drawn up and it makes me drool. The room will be painted a mushroom color to match our bedroom and will have all white cabinetry and berber carpet in the laundry half. We're adding ceramic tile, custom vanity and shelves and lots of pretty accessories on the bathroom side. I can't wait to get ready in style!


16 June 2009

Sunday morning we were sitting in the sanctuary before church and were talking about the people coming in. Ella asked about someone that she didn't recognize and said, "Why are they at our church?" I told her that they came to church because they loved Jesus, just like us. She responded with a typical question, "Where is Jesus?" As usual, I explained that he was in our hearts AND in heaven. She looked at me with a very serious face and said with much concern, "Did he die?"

{Slap Happy}

15 June 2009

sillybo 010

sillybo 008

sillybo 006

sillybo 005

sillybo 004

sillybo 001

sillybo 002

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