taz + belly: March 2009

Fruit Salad

31 March 2009

I'm calling this fruit salad because it is such a random conglomoration of things that there isn't another name for it.

I'm still out of town. My job is great. Spending the evening in a hotel room, alone, isn't so great. I'm watching American Idol right now. Who doesn't love Kris & Matt? They were so good tonight. I also found a cheap mexican restaurant today which made me happy. No more Taco Bell or Subway for this girl.

Josh is home with Ella and I'm not. She told me today that she didn't miss me. She told me she loved me and that she was my best girl, but she didn't miss me. Rats.

These are the updates I've gotten from Garan:

Monday - Ella had a good evening with garan and poppy! We went to bed about 9:30. She started out watching Tom and Jerry in our bed and fussed just a little when I moved her to the pallet but turned over and went right to sleep! She awoke about 5:30 saying her eyes hurt. We cleaned them and she got back in the bed with poppy for about 15 minutes. We cuddled, ate bisquits and watched some more T & J. She put in her order for lunch, got dressed, brushed teeth and we left for Heidi's about 6:55. She did not want to stay home with poppy and was ready to go to school.

Tuesday - Ella is such a joy! She had a good time with Poppy while I took Pam to dinner. As soon as I got home she said, I want my pj's on! I said why, she said, because poppy has his on! So we got in the tub and got those pj's on. She helped me make chili sauce, we watched a little of HGTV and she went sound asleep. I had to wake her up at 7 this morning to go to Heidis. She was ready to go to garans house as soon as I picked her up yesterday. She would not even let me sit down! She had no accidents at garans house. She also helped poppy set up your computer!

I'm still waiting on those pictures, but I'm glad she's having a good week. I cannot begin to tell you how much I want to squeeze her. I cannot wait for Friday. I'll be late getting home since I'm so far away, but she better get to stay up late and wait for me.

Our computer came and something is wrong with it. Figures. They sent us the wrong one and the touch screen isn't working. That doesn't bode well for a return to blogging, guys.

Did I tell you that on my way to this town I passed some crazy stuff? There is a field on a rural Alabama highway and it is FULL of very large folk art. I mean a tiger the size of an airplane. Bugs and animals made from round hay bales. A red prop plane with Snoopy in the driver seat. If I hadn't left my camera at home, I would definitely have some pictures to share.

Between my hotel and the small town I'm working in there is a funeral home. It is in a double-wide with a lean-to. They have six hearses. I'm not kidding.

The toilet paper in my bathroom says "facial quality tissue". They must be talking about the face of a dinosaur because it is the worst tissue I've ever used.

I've talked to Josh & Ella again since I started this post 40 minutes ago. Josh overheard her saying, "I love you, my Beemer" while we were talking. That warms my heart. The she talked to me again. She has such a sense of humor; I love the way she answers questions. She told me that she was having fun with her daddy and her Beemer. That she had pizza for dinner and a pop-tart for breakfast. I asked her about her day and she said they played doctor and watched cartoons. When I asked her if she played outside her exact response was, "Mom, it's dark outside." I told her that I meant when she was at school and she said, "I think I didn't." She is so precise. Then, when she was trying to tell me that Parker & Connor brought pop-tarts today she started stuttering and said "tart" about 15 times before she got it together. I'm not making fun, I absolutely love it. She's only started stuttering recently and she doesn't get hung up on syllables so much as words. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it makes me smile. A lot.

Have you watched this yet? I know that some of you read Kelly's blog, but I wanted to post the link in case you hadn't gotten around to it yet. I wanted to embed the video here, but I had to update something on my computer and don't feel like restarting it right now. I hope you'll head over there and watch it. It is something else. Our pastor told us this story several months ago, but I love the way Louie phrases the story and how animated he gets. Sometimes I need a reminder that God is holding it all together. That reminds me that I don't have to.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and the random nature of this post. Maybe soon I'll get it all together.

Hello again

29 March 2009

This photo is from so long ago, but it is one of my favorites. Taken by K, of course, while playing with her many baubles; Ella has been a girly-girl from the get go. Can you believe how tiny she is in this photo? The best I can tell, it was taken sometime spring of last year. It is amazing to me how she has grown since then.

I'm blogging this picture because I'm in a hotel room without my girl and I can't take a "picture of the day." Fortunately, I should be receiving one each night via email so that I can see my little princess and share them with you.

In another life, I worked for another company and traveled quite a lot. In this life, it's been eighteen months since my last overnight business trip and I'm finding it more difficult than I remember. Then, she was small and didn't seem to remember my absence. Now, she is very cognizant of everything that is going on and she knows I'm not coming home until Friday. As it stands, I'll be traveling for the next several weeks. I'm far enough away to miss my family like crazy and not get to see them everyday. I'm close enough that I'll be driving home on Friday evenings to spend wonderful weekends at home.

Lucky for me, my hotel has high-speed internet, despite it's remote location. Lucky for you, that means I'm blogging again. You did miss me, right?

You'll be glad to know that I've ordered a new computer and it should be here on Tuesday. That means that my blogging should resume quite regularly. AND, not that it matters, but my computer is a mac-daddy. It is an all-in-one desktop with a touch screen monitor. It will be like having a giant iPod on my desk. I'm so excited that you can be sure I'll post the details soon.

{under construction}

20 March 2009

this girl is learning about html and blogger templates today. she's changing things up and hoping it turns out the way she wants. please be patient this weekend as this blog gets a little facelift.

::UPDATED:: this whole "under construction" thing didn't last very long, because our very old, usually faithful computer finally gave up the ghost. what i mean is, it won't open any programs, it is slow as christmas and we don't even have it on anymore. she's going to the geek squad this week and i'm hoping they can salvage my files, but we'll be getting a replacement VERY soon. in the meantime, i'm sorry that i won't be blogging - i can't really do that from work and i don't know how often i'll be able to "borrow" someone else's computer. we'll see. in the meantime, i'll take TONS of photographs and hope to catch you up very soon. new blog look AND new blog content. until then...


Do you make homemade salsa? or pico de gallo? We love having tacos and fajitas around here, so I find myself making it at least once a week. We all love it and even Ella will sneak the tomatoes while I'm mixing it up.

Here is what you need:

2 medium sized tomatoes
1 red onion
1 jalapeno pepper
lime juice

Here is what you do:

I like to chop the cilantro first, while your cutting board is dry. If the leaves are damp, pat them dry with a paper towel or dishcloth. Finely chop and set aside.

Chop red onion and jalapeno {remove the seeds from the pepper if you don't want it too spicy} and set aside.

Dice tomatoes and put into bowl. I like to pit the tomatoes first because you don't need the extra juice, just the ripe red meat. Add two heaping tablespoons of diced onion, one tablespoon of jalapenos, one tablespoon of chopped cilantro, two tablespoons of water, a dash of lime juice and pinch of salt. Stir and taste!! Add more lime juice and salt to taste. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving.

We pile it on top of chicken and cheese fajitas and boy is it good! We even have to make Ella a mini-version without the jalapenos. We've been eating it all winter long, but I can't wait to make it with some with fresh spring tomotoes.

It doesn't hurt to have a little helper this cute. Enjoy!

The effects of chocolate

19 March 2009


She got a chocolate surprise for having a great potty day.
Excited doesn't even begin to describe it.


I wish I could post a picture, but their website is weird. After Cody posted a comment about Express, I got a coupon in my inbox for $30 off. It was a sign, I went today. I'm now the proud owner of this little number and I like it a lot. Fortunately, it looks great with my necklace and earrings from the previous shopping adventure... the shoes however, won't work. Although the dress is ankle skimming in this picture, it is dragging the ground for me. I'll have to do a wedge or heel of some kind. Oh well, new shoes are never a problem.

Dresses: 22, Me: 0

18 March 2009

Remember how I said I was going dress shopping yesterday and I wasn't coming home without something to wear? Well, I tried.

I went to Francesca's and the only dress I liked wasn't in my size. I went to Anthropologie and the one I LOVED was on sale, but wasn't in my size. It wasn't even on their website in any size. I tried on this and this, but couldn't bring myself to pay that much. I went to Old Navy and found nothing. In Belk I found nothing. Ditto in J.Crew and BCBG. I tried on about six dresses in Banana Republic, but nothing I fell in love with. I tried on this and this at Urban Outfitters and loved both (both are on sale in the store), but just couldn't make a decision. I even went to TJ and Ross and was utterly disappointed. I'm taking suggestions, if you have any to offer.

The point of this story is that I better be glad that Ella (above) is so fashionable, because this season, I'm not going to be. I'm going to brave another mall tomorrow and hope for the best. Otherwise I'm going to wear jeans and a t-shirt and embarrass my sister.

Did anybody

17 March 2009

watching American Idol think that Adam Lambert sounded a LOT like Lars from Serendipity? I looked high and low for an audio or video clip to no avail. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about?

Baking Cookies

16 March 2009

This post is why you shouldn't bake cookies with a two year old.

cookies 004

cookies 005

Let me start over. My mom actually baked the cookies, but I did have the monumental task of icing 40 pairs of undies and with a two year old, that is some serious work! Not only did she cough and have to be redirected and instructed to cover her mouth*, she put her foot in one cookie and her hand in another. Seriously?

cookies 001

cookies 003

The cookies turned out perfect. It's a good thing, too, because my day was going downhill fast. My yellow necklace was broken when it arrived today and they are currently sold out. Thank goodness for wire-cutters and ingenuity, because I put it back together. Then I opened the pretty eggplant dress. First of all, it isn't eggplant it's purple. Second of all, the medium is more like an extra small and since it isn't even knit it has no stretch at all. Hmmpph. So, tomorrow that tiny, ugly, purple dress is heading back to Wally World and I'm going shopping. Again. For the third time to find a dress for the rehearsal. This time, I'm going to suck it up and go to the mall. Anthropologie. Francesca's. Belk. Get ready, debit card. It is on.

* No cookies were harmed in the making of this post. No cookies were actually coughed on and both cookies that she "touched" are in a piece of tupperware for her Tuesday afternoon snack. I just thought you should know.

p.s. I'm sorry to those of you who read in Google Reader, because you'll probably see 4 versions of the post today. I didn't do so hot with the spelling and grammar or picture-sizing and it took a few edits to get it just write... I mean, right. Forgive me?

Pigs & Pigtails

15 March 2009

pigs & pigtails

I'm sorry for my lack of posts over the weekend, as well as our lack of enjoyable content. We haven't had much "blog-worthy" going on around here. On Friday night we had cheap Mexican food with some of our favorite people, followed by a quick trip to Walmart. We knew we were in for a wet and lazy weekend, so we stocked up on movies and Reese's peanut butter eggs. On Saturday, we stayed in our pajamas almost all day. We watched Kung Fu Panda, Body of Lies and Australia {my new favorite, if you haven't see it, stop what you're doing and watch it now}. Ella went to a late afternoon wedding with Gran & Poppy while we cleaned house and then we all resumed our pj-wearing, couch-laying-on, tv watching weekend. Today it was pretty much a repeat of yesterday, just add church and family night supper. I think we all know that wedding events, pretty afternoons at the park and house renovations are about to kick it up and we're taking advantage of the temporary lull. I hope you weekend was as lazy and enjoyable as ours was and I promise to pick up speed on the blogging front this week.

P.S. To all my blogging friends - I am so sorry for the lack of comments at your sites. I mean to comment all the time, but we aren't allowed to post internet content from work and by the time I get home, cook dinner and give the princess a bath, I've already forgotten. I so appreciate the comments you leave on my posts everyday and I promise to get better. It is always more fun to share when you know someone is actually reading. Bring on the comments :)

Bunny Love

Because Ella loves her so much, she makes
these kinds of faces when SD tortures them.

bunnylove 003

bunnylove 004

Wedding Attire

Rehearsal Dinner

I don't know if you read Kelly's blog, but I really enjoyed her Recession Dressing post last week. I have had lots of clothing items to buy over the last few weeks/months with our upcoming wedding. I have a fabulous bridemaid's dress* from J.Crew that I can't wait to share, my mom made Ella's flower girl dress so I don't have that to worry about and we've already picked up Sweet Daddy's groomsman attire. I did need a new dress for the bridal shower, the bridesmaid's luncheon and the rehearsal dinner, not to mention shoes for some of those events and shoes for Ella.

I don't know if you've noticed, but money is scarce these days. For everyone. It doesn't really keep me from shopping (unfortunate, says SD), but it does have me paying special attention to where I buy things and what I spend. I found a dress for the shower and luncheon at TJMaxx a few weekends ago and both were $29. I have found Ella's shoes, I just need to order them - hopefully that will happen tomorrow. I finally decided on an outfit for the rehearsal dinner and I'm so excited. The most exciting thing, perhaps, is how much I spent!!

I got the dress above from Walmart, of all places, for $25. They have 97 cent shipping on clothing items and it is due to be delivered tomorrow. I got the necklace and earring below from SamMoon.com and they were $9.95 together! Also due to be delivered tomorrow. Thanks to Kelly for the suggestions and UPS for the speedy delivery.

I also got those cute gladiator sandals at Payless for $22 and they came yesterday. I am in love. They are so much cuter in person and even better on the foot. Maybe once all of my pieces come tomorrow I'll try it all on together. And because I couldn't possibly resist, I got Ella these gladiator sandals, too. How cute will we be? Thanks for indulging my self-centered post. It was fun!

*this isn't the exact bridemaid's dress, but very similar. mine has a keyhole cutout in the back and is espresso brown. all of the bridesmaid's got brown dresses from J.Crew, but they are all different. so cute!

Hypothetically speaking...

13 March 2009

What if I told you that hypothetically a vacuum salesman came to our door a few nights ago? And that while he was here I felt gross. And my floors felt gross. And my mattresses felt gross. Hypothetically speaking.

What if I told you that I decided to keep that vacuum, because hypothetically we seemed really good at negotiations (purely by accident) and got a really good deal? And that the salesperson talked in a fake accent while he hypothetically filled out my paperwork?

What if I told you that while the hypothetical vacuum salesperson was vacuuming my hypothetically dirty rug that he said, "Do you have a tissue? I think there is something hanging out of my nose."

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

A Cinderella Thank You

12 March 2009

We received a care package from Aunt Lane this week and Ella couldn't have been happier. There was a vintage high-chair for Jaz, Mickey Christmas ornaments and stickers, lavender scented lotion, bath wash and diaper cream and most importantly a Cinderella bank.

Spring fever

10 March 2009

We are ready for spring at the rock house. We are ready to plant flowers and play outside, barbeque on our gazebo and watch fireflies light up our back porch. We're ready for sandals and capri pants and new spring wardrobes.

In fact, today I picked up some sandals, a few dresses and a windbreaker for our resident princess and it sparked a spring cleaning frenzy. Her closet was atrocious. It was spilling over and clothes were piling up around her room. I'm embarrassed to show you the pictures. I'm even more embarrassed that Josh has been such a good husband and has really been keeping the laundry rolling around here and I, unfortunately, haven't been putting it away. Here we are before...

And here we are in the middle...

And finally, a very pleasant after. She probably tried on 20 items or more and we took out anything that didn't fit. Her fall/winter clothes that she can still wear are on the bottom with shoes and extra hangers, her spring play clothes are on the top left and her church dresses are on the top right. As full as that closet is, we've got a load in the washer and a load in the dryer now. All of that beautiful negative space is about to be filled. And to think... just this morning I would've said she had nothing to wear!

I feel so much better.

Mills Alice Foster

09 March 2009

Here are a few paintings I did over the weekend for baby girl Mills Alice Foster. Aren't they cute?


Just wanted all of you avid readers {tongue in cheek} to know that I left my camera at K's today, so there will be a slight delay in the weekend recap. I'm hoping to get it tomorrow afternoon and share some pictures from our weekend. Have a happy Monday, everybody!


07 March 2009

This photograph* is the first one we ever took together. 12 years ago today. Chris Garrett took it. We were in the back seat of Libby Garrison's car. It makes me laugh so hard, because we were such babies. I look the same, but SD has changed so much.

Today, I'm getting to spend all day with this sweet face. Ella is going to Nana & Cookie's and we are going home decor shopping and to lunch. Have a great Saturday!

*sorry the photo quality is so poor. I don't have a digital copy to post and the photo is so old and the glass in the frame is wavy, so it is almost impossible to get it in focus.

Let's Talk About Daddies

06 March 2009

Is there a conversation you like to have over and over? When I was a little girl I would climb up in my mother's lap and say "Let's talk." When she asked me what I wanted to talk about, I said "Gulf Shores." Hearing her talk about those conversations has always been so funny to me.

Now Ella has a favorite conversation. She'll climb in my lap or SD's and say "Let's talk about daddies." This is the conversation that takes place {one of these isn't technically correct, but instead of correcting the sweetness, we roll with it}.

SD: Who is Ella's daddy?
E: Josh

SD: Who is Beemer's daddy?
E: Daddy

SD: Who is daddy's daddy?
E: Cookie*

SD: Who is mommy's daddy?
E: Poppy*

SD: Who is Kamin's daddy?
E: Cory?
SD: No
E: Poppy

SD: Who is Molly's {Jessica & Haley, too} daddy?
E: Heath

SD: Who is Karson's daddy {my favorite}?
E: Phillip

SD: Who is Chaney's daddy?
E: Chad

SD: Who is Jared's daddy?
E: Justin?
SD: No
E: Jo-Jo

SD: Who is Gran's daddy?
E: Poppy?
SD: No
E: Pop

SD: Who is Alston's daddy?
E: Patrick

SD: Who is Bella's daddy?
E: Bull-Bull

SD: Who is Jackson's daddy?
E: Mister Ray

We've come to love this silly conversation, even though it is virtually identical everytime we have it. Sometimes she gets confused and asks questions. Sometimes she wants to ask about the daddies and let you answer the questions. We love this conversation. Even in the middle of LOST.

* These were the first relationships she discovered included "daddies" and was extremely perplexed. Almost everytime we saw Poppy she would look at me and say, "That's you daddy?"

Ruby Red Slippers

05 March 2009

Apparently I was unaware that there are consignment sales all over the city providing beautiful clothes at ridiculous prices. I mean, seriously. No wonder these kids I see have the cutest wardrobes I've ever seen... there momma's are staking out sales all over the place and buying Kelly's Kids clothes for ten bucks!

I met my friend Amye after work and we went to Mountain Chapel United Methodist in Vestavia and racked up. I got Ella a brand new pair of red L'Amour t-straps for nine dollars {those would run me $60+} and didn't spend more than twenty-five on any of the other outfits. Ladies, these were boutique outfits that would've cost me $45 to $65 each in the store, and they look BRAND NEW. I am officially a consignment sale junkie. There's another one tomorrow and one next week; be prepared to look at lots of cute clothes.

Everything I bought is for spring and summer - I got two short and top outfits, a bubble and four dresses, three of which are ready for monogramming. I did find one outfit that was already monogrammed that I wanted really bad. The initials were one letter off and I was so sad. If it had been less expensive, I'd have bought it anyway and had it appliqued over. Maybe next time!

Random Things

04 March 2009

I thought this was a random picture, to go with my random things. On Facebook, I've been tagged about nine billion time to write 25 random facts about me. As much as I like "looking" at FB, I don't really participate much. I consider it a spectator sport. Blogging, however, is full contact. So, here are my 25 random things. And I'm not tagging anyone because I don't even know 25 people who own a computer, much less actually read this blog! If you feel like joining in, leave me a comment so we know to visit you, too.

1. I'll be thirty this year and it makes me feel old.

2. I lived in a trailer the size of a postage stamp for one year as a child, shared a 10x10 foot room with my sister and hung our stockings on the knobs of our dresser. It was sad.

3. Although I haven't been formally diagnosed, I have serious OCD. Ask someone I've lived with {Ali, Kamin, Josh}. I count things. Everything. I really like things in groups of five. I know, you don't want to be my friend anymore, do you?

4. My favorite book in the whole wide world is The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. I read it while my grandmother was in the hospital after life-threatening brain surgery. I've read it at least ten times since then.

5. I went to art school and studied traditional printmaking. Now I'm a paralegal. And craft instead of make art. I'm sure my art school friends would shudder!

6. I have hiked The Grand Canyon, from rim to rim, in a single day. It was worse than child birth, but is absolutely stunning from the canyon floor.

7. My very first flight was transcontinental, to London and our co-pilot had a heart attack somewhere over the ocean.

8. I married my high-school sweetheart. We've been together for 12 years and married for 7.

9. I struggled with infertility for 18 months before getting pregnant with Ella. I felt like I had been pregnant for 3 years. Hormones are not your friend. Ask anyone I worked with from 2004 to 2006!

10. I live in a 90 year old rock house and I love it.

11. I have a dog who eats panties, regularly destroys the dryer vent and sleeps under the covers between me and SD. She weighs 84 pounds.

12. My sister is getting married on April 11th and it is the first time I've ever been a bridesmaid.

13. I fell in the middle of the street in Birmingham during a St. Patrick's Day parade. I had on a suit. Did I mention that I was clumsy?

14. I love Jesus. I don't say that nearly enough.

15. If I could live anywhere in the world it wouldn't be Hawaii or Paris. It would be Gulf Shores. I would eat at the Shrimp Basket for dinner and have dessert at Scoops. All the time.

16. Dead Poet's Society is my favorite movie.

17. John Mayer is my favorite artist. I've seen him about 7 times. The best concert was at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. I was about 5 days pregnant with Ella.

18. I had to have a C-section six days after my due date and Ella was born with a heart defect. I was fine and so is she.

19. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip. My second favorite is Mayfield's Extreme Moose Tracks.

20. I love to blog. Did you figure that out?

21. My favorite Christmas {selfishly, not including Ella} was the year before Ella was born. I got a sapphire necklace from Josh and a sewing machine from my mom.

22. I like to watch Gangland on television. It's a guilty pleasure.

23. I am not athletic. At all. I'd rather read a magazine and pretend to watch the game.

24. I hated tomatoes before I was pregnant, but now I love them. Especially in homemade pico de gallo.

25. I pass out when I give blood. The ladies at my OB's office always laughed when I started to panic.

Well, there you go. Twenty-five random things about me. Did any of those surprise you?

Sleeping habits

03 March 2009

Have I mentioned that Ella doesn't sleep in her bed anymore? Thursday night we got her mat out to watch a movie and she's been sleeping on a pallet ever since. Overnight and naptime. Have I mentioned that since then, she hasn't gotten in trouble during nap a single OR woken up in the middle of the night? Is it horrible of me to indulge her because it means more sleep for mommy & daddy?

Sunday's Snow.

01 March 2009

Good ole' Alabama weather.

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