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26 September 2009

or is it catch up? Either way, we haven't talked in awhile! I'm actually on the mend, but still not back to my old self. I'll probably continue to blog a few times a week for the next month or so and maybe by then I'll have some energy to spare.

Josh and I realized this morning that at this point in our pregnancy with Ella we had names picked out! Crazy, right? We haven't even discussed it. I dug out the old baby name book and looked through it this morning while dining on a breakfast of decaf coffee and Reese's Cups. Mmm-hmm. The deal is {we did this same thing with Ella} that we each make a list of five girl names and five boy names and then negotiate. We each get one absolute veto and after that it's simply a bargaining game. Hopefully we'll have completed negotiations in a month or so when we'll likely beg to visit some friends at their office and figure out what we're having. If not, we'll have another ultrasound with our doctor in 9 weeks to find out for sure.

I know if we have a boy I'll have to change the blog name, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Then Josh made it even worse when he reminded me my blog was pink and that it would have to change. Boo.

On Thursday, Ella stayed home with Josh and played all morning until time to meet me for the doctor's appointment. I got this hilarious picture via text message mid-morning and it made me laugh out loud. It was obvious they were having a fabulous time. I won't share with you what I thought she looked like...

dress up 001

Josh has been kind enough to keep the house cleaned and picked up over the last several weeks, but the one area we seem to ignore is the party paraphernalia. Ella's room looks exactly like it did two weeks ago. There are presents still in their boxes, tissue paper everywhere, clothes piled up. It hurts my feelings, but I just haven't had the energy to tackle it. The dining room table has all sorts of party decorations, cake pieces and parts and Barbie doll boxes stacked in a precarious pile. My goal is to situate all of this today. Ella just remembered mid-week that she had presents to play with. We've been unboxing a few a day and having so much fun. The roller skates are still her favorite, which warms my heart, considering that we purchased them for her. She has more grace than we thought she would and is so funny when she falls down.

skates 006

In case you need some new things to read, I found a few new-to-me blogs this week that have thrilled my soul:

  • Cake Wrecks is positively hilarious. It is a blog devoted to cakes gone wrong and boy are their some doozies. The misspelled words are probably my favorites. And the wedding cakes. Wow, that would hurt my feelings.{Be sure to click on each individual word that is linked... they are precious}.
  • This blog is something special, though. In case you don't know Katie's story, she moved to Africa to be a missionary at the age of 18 and has since adopted fourteen African girls. She's 20! Her story is amazing and she's now one of my favorite blogs to see pop up in the reader. Reading about her journey will make you so thankful for all that you have, but it will make you want to give more. I promise.

Well, that's all I have for now. I need to straighten the house, take a shower, EAT something and get ready to watch the game. I'm kind of sad to leave my still, quiet house, but I miss my girl :).

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