taz + belly: Saturday's List

Saturday's List

07 June 2009

1. We worked in the yard.
weekend 027
2. Went to Hanna's and bought nineteen shrubs to plant out front.
weekend 020
3. Watched my hunky husband dig nineteen holes, with lots of toddler and canine assistance.
weekend 022
4. Bought a sprinkler to occupy the princess.
weekend 007
5. She called it a splishy-splash.
weekend 011
6. Yes, we coordinate footwear and hair accessories with the bathingsuit. Who doesn't?
weekend 013
7. We finally got them all in the ground. Don't they look great? They should grow to be 4-5 feet at maturity and give us a nice little privacy hedge between our yard and the street.
weekend 025
8. We went swimming to cool off and watched Beemer chase tennis balls in the water.

9. Grilled out hamburgers and made homefries at KCory's.

10. Remembered why knife safety is so important (Yes, I'm typing with 9 fingers - it's worse than it looks!).
weekend 029
11. Ate two too many cookies after dinner.
weekend 034
12. Put the princess to bed early, got in the bed and watched a cute movie.


  1. Love the red bow and shoes with the swim suit! She is SOOOO CUTE!

  2. What a cute little house you have and Ella is absolutely adorable.

  3. I love Ella's "working in the yard" outfit! And playing in the sprinkler is what I would have been doing, too!

  4. I knew you had a cute house.....glad I went back and checked your old posts.

    Amanda in Alabama


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