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Praying & Touring

10 June 2009

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Each year the youth/college choirs at my church go on a summer choir tour. It was one of my favorite things to do each summer during college and the opportunity to see our beautiful country and carry a message of love and grace was life changing. Josh and I had a chance to visit places together that we can't afford to do now that we have a young family and small business. We hiked the Grand Canyon, visited numerous national parks, stood on "a corner in Winslow, Arizona", sang the national anthem in several major league baseball parks and stood beneath Niagra Falls. Those memories are some of my fondest.

This year, Par {the director} asked each student touring to fill out a questionairre and members of our church were asked to "adopt" one of the students to pray for each morning and evening at seven o'clock during the days they traveled. We were also asked to write a note and mail it to the hotel where they will finish the tour.

SD, Ella & I have had the pleasure of praying for Briana this week and let me tell you that Ella loves it! She "wrote" her own card last night and colored and signed her name. We mailed it in a separate envelope and she was very proud. Tonight, while she was playing in the bathtub I heard her say the words "Briana" "God" "Jesus" "Choir Tour" and "Amen". I can only assume that she was praying small, sweet words under breath.

Thank you LORD for FBC, for Par, for tour, for those watching the concerts and hearing Your word, for Briana and for Ella. May she always come to You so easily.


  1. Thank you so much to you, Josh and Ella for praying for my sweet Briana! She's like my own child. I am sure that she will love the card Ella made for her.

  2. That is the sweetest thing. Reading this post so was refreshing it made me cry. Thank you.


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