taz + belly: Spring fever

Spring fever

10 March 2009

We are ready for spring at the rock house. We are ready to plant flowers and play outside, barbeque on our gazebo and watch fireflies light up our back porch. We're ready for sandals and capri pants and new spring wardrobes.

In fact, today I picked up some sandals, a few dresses and a windbreaker for our resident princess and it sparked a spring cleaning frenzy. Her closet was atrocious. It was spilling over and clothes were piling up around her room. I'm embarrassed to show you the pictures. I'm even more embarrassed that Josh has been such a good husband and has really been keeping the laundry rolling around here and I, unfortunately, haven't been putting it away. Here we are before...

And here we are in the middle...

And finally, a very pleasant after. She probably tried on 20 items or more and we took out anything that didn't fit. Her fall/winter clothes that she can still wear are on the bottom with shoes and extra hangers, her spring play clothes are on the top left and her church dresses are on the top right. As full as that closet is, we've got a load in the washer and a load in the dryer now. All of that beautiful negative space is about to be filled. And to think... just this morning I would've said she had nothing to wear!

I feel so much better.


  1. Our computer at home is on a fast-track to dying and Facebook is REALLY difficult. So is editing this post for the hundredth time. Instead of doing either of those things I'm going to wish two of my favorite people a happy birthday right here on the blog. Happy Birthday, Ali & Chris. I hope it was wonderful! Please post a comment so that I know you saw this :).

  2. Looks great! Ella's room and closet looked like my master bedroom and closet.. It stresses me out even thinking about cleaning it up!! Have a wonderful week!!

  3. Thank you so much! It was a wonderful birthday! If you ever get on Facebook somewhere faster, look on my mobile uploads and see my present from John!!


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