taz + belly: Hypothetically speaking...

Hypothetically speaking...

13 March 2009

What if I told you that hypothetically a vacuum salesman came to our door a few nights ago? And that while he was here I felt gross. And my floors felt gross. And my mattresses felt gross. Hypothetically speaking.

What if I told you that I decided to keep that vacuum, because hypothetically we seemed really good at negotiations (purely by accident) and got a really good deal? And that the salesperson talked in a fake accent while he hypothetically filled out my paperwork?

What if I told you that while the hypothetical vacuum salesperson was vacuuming my hypothetically dirty rug that he said, "Do you have a tissue? I think there is something hanging out of my nose."

Hypothetically speaking, of course.


  1. Hypothetically, I would need much more information to satisfy my curiosity about the entire hypothetical encounter.


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