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Fruit Salad

31 March 2009

I'm calling this fruit salad because it is such a random conglomoration of things that there isn't another name for it.

I'm still out of town. My job is great. Spending the evening in a hotel room, alone, isn't so great. I'm watching American Idol right now. Who doesn't love Kris & Matt? They were so good tonight. I also found a cheap mexican restaurant today which made me happy. No more Taco Bell or Subway for this girl.

Josh is home with Ella and I'm not. She told me today that she didn't miss me. She told me she loved me and that she was my best girl, but she didn't miss me. Rats.

These are the updates I've gotten from Garan:

Monday - Ella had a good evening with garan and poppy! We went to bed about 9:30. She started out watching Tom and Jerry in our bed and fussed just a little when I moved her to the pallet but turned over and went right to sleep! She awoke about 5:30 saying her eyes hurt. We cleaned them and she got back in the bed with poppy for about 15 minutes. We cuddled, ate bisquits and watched some more T & J. She put in her order for lunch, got dressed, brushed teeth and we left for Heidi's about 6:55. She did not want to stay home with poppy and was ready to go to school.

Tuesday - Ella is such a joy! She had a good time with Poppy while I took Pam to dinner. As soon as I got home she said, I want my pj's on! I said why, she said, because poppy has his on! So we got in the tub and got those pj's on. She helped me make chili sauce, we watched a little of HGTV and she went sound asleep. I had to wake her up at 7 this morning to go to Heidis. She was ready to go to garans house as soon as I picked her up yesterday. She would not even let me sit down! She had no accidents at garans house. She also helped poppy set up your computer!

I'm still waiting on those pictures, but I'm glad she's having a good week. I cannot begin to tell you how much I want to squeeze her. I cannot wait for Friday. I'll be late getting home since I'm so far away, but she better get to stay up late and wait for me.

Our computer came and something is wrong with it. Figures. They sent us the wrong one and the touch screen isn't working. That doesn't bode well for a return to blogging, guys.

Did I tell you that on my way to this town I passed some crazy stuff? There is a field on a rural Alabama highway and it is FULL of very large folk art. I mean a tiger the size of an airplane. Bugs and animals made from round hay bales. A red prop plane with Snoopy in the driver seat. If I hadn't left my camera at home, I would definitely have some pictures to share.

Between my hotel and the small town I'm working in there is a funeral home. It is in a double-wide with a lean-to. They have six hearses. I'm not kidding.

The toilet paper in my bathroom says "facial quality tissue". They must be talking about the face of a dinosaur because it is the worst tissue I've ever used.

I've talked to Josh & Ella again since I started this post 40 minutes ago. Josh overheard her saying, "I love you, my Beemer" while we were talking. That warms my heart. The she talked to me again. She has such a sense of humor; I love the way she answers questions. She told me that she was having fun with her daddy and her Beemer. That she had pizza for dinner and a pop-tart for breakfast. I asked her about her day and she said they played doctor and watched cartoons. When I asked her if she played outside her exact response was, "Mom, it's dark outside." I told her that I meant when she was at school and she said, "I think I didn't." She is so precise. Then, when she was trying to tell me that Parker & Connor brought pop-tarts today she started stuttering and said "tart" about 15 times before she got it together. I'm not making fun, I absolutely love it. She's only started stuttering recently and she doesn't get hung up on syllables so much as words. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it makes me smile. A lot.

Have you watched this yet? I know that some of you read Kelly's blog, but I wanted to post the link in case you hadn't gotten around to it yet. I wanted to embed the video here, but I had to update something on my computer and don't feel like restarting it right now. I hope you'll head over there and watch it. It is something else. Our pastor told us this story several months ago, but I love the way Louie phrases the story and how animated he gets. Sometimes I need a reminder that God is holding it all together. That reminds me that I don't have to.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and the random nature of this post. Maybe soon I'll get it all together.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the randomness of this blog, loving the Fruit Salad! I'm sorry you're all alone in the hotel, that's no fun at all. Ella will be so happy to see you Friday! I hope you have a great day!

  2. What a fun read while on my lunch break. I'm rolling around laughing. A similar story: when traveling through Arkansas I once passed an old folks home. The sign read "Springdale Nursing Home" and in tiny text beneath it said "And Funeral Home". No crap. I'm totally telling you the truth. Talk about convenience.


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