taz + belly: Under my umbrella...

Under my umbrella...

04 February 2009

Ella, ella, ella.
I know... dumb right? Except that Josh sings it to her and it is precious and then she actually asked for her umbrella which made it even cuter! How adorable are they? And how excited that we're all together.


  1. That is so not dumb, it is so very cute!

  2. This cracks me up. And it cracks me up how Rhianna, or whoever sings this classic makes the word umbrella have like 17 syllables. Um-ba-rell-ah-ell-a-ella-ay-ay-ay-oh-oh. Priceless connection on the blog post...LOVE IT!

  3. Sweet daddy is just too much :) That is so cute!

  4. They are too cute!

  5. I know, Amy. I debated on how to spell umbrella to get the right affect. I decided to go with Webster instead of Rhianna's interpretation. That song is too much.


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