taz + belly: October 2008

Daddy, come home

31 October 2008

Dear "my Daddy",

We really miss you, please come home.

We miss how you are snuggled in the bed with Beemer when we leave in the mornings. And how you don't get mad when we wake you up to say, "I love you. See you this af'ernoon."

We miss how you play hide and go seek. And beauty shop. And how you don't cry when we're really rough with your hair.

We miss how you feed us dinner and get us out of the highchair {even though while you've been gone we started eating in the booster chair}.

We miss how you buckle us in and out of our car seat.

We miss cutting grass with you.

We miss how you give us pretty pink manicures every Friday night.

We miss snuggle time and John & Kate.

We miss 1, 2, cha cha cha.

We miss and love you VERY MUCH!!!


Ella {and Mommy... and Beemer}

p.s. these pictures are from today's "naked time." we do this everyday now. when we get home from school Ella says "I wanna be naked {only she says nekkid :) }. the funniest part about today is while she was running around streaking she pulled out the dress-up bin and added a feather boa, crown and bracelets. then she declared she was going to church, lol. In case you can't tell from the first picture below, she was doing a little rump shaking, too. We could hear the band from the Friday night football game and she can't help but dance when there's a good beat around!

Don't Make A Mess!

30 October 2008

Y'all... seriously. I don't know what to do about this dog! I've hired a "dog walker" - Karson, my cousin - to play with her every afternoon and she still creates this mess a few days a week. She's running out of things to destroy in my laundry room.

The funniest part about this whole saga is Ella's reaction when we get home in the afternoons. The laundry room is one of the only doors in the house that she can open without assistance. She turns the knob and marches in to see what mess is waiting. It would be SO much better if you could hear her sweet voice, but she either says "Beemer no make a mess!" or " Beemer make a mess!" It is so cute that I have a really hard time being upset with the dog in the process. Today Ella saw the mess, made her declaration and promptly put her hands on her hips (her new thing to do). She started fussing, "Stop making this mess, get outside, you're in big trouble," and so on and so forth. She is such a little mommy :).

Reorganize, Reuse and Repurpose

28 October 2008

For those of you who really know me, you'll know that I have a bad habit of redecorating my house. I don't necessarily mean painting or buying new things, just moving everything around. In early September while getting ready for Ella's birthday party, Josh and I rearranged our living room furniture. At the time it seemed cozy and fresh. As much as I enjoyed the new arrangement, I couldn't help but wonder where we'd put the Christmas tree next month (yes, I decorate in November) and I hated walking in the front door and looking at the back of the couch.

Since all I've been thinking about since the birthday party was crafting, my housekeeping really fell by the wayside. As a result, it has been a wreck. It hasn't only been cluttered and messy, but really dirty, too. Since I've taken an oath not to craft for seven whole days, I had to do something "crafty", so tonight Ella and I redecorated.

I put the rug back in the living room... since Ella is obviously over the whole potty training phase. I swapped the couch and reclining chair and added a woven stool in lieu of a coffee table. I then moved a small table and chair into the corner; there I plan on enjoying a cup of coffee and a good magazine on Saturday morning. I'm thinking we'll put the Christmas tree in that corner since the table and chair could be used outside for the time being. Yes... I realize that the table cloth and chair cover are currently pink toile, this used to be in Ella's room. I'll be making a burlap tablecloth and recovering the chair. I'm also thinking of painting the set the color of my couch. What do you think? I also want to have a glass shelf cut for behind the couch, but I want to make sure I like this arrangement before going to the trouble of drilling into concrete walls or spending money on the glass. For now, I have an occasional table filling in.

I also grabbed some shelves from the storage building and added them to the wall next to our dining room table. This wall has always been a little problematic and never seems to get decorated. There was no art on the walls or anything creative happening in this area at all. Now, I have three shelves holding my red dishes, some pictures of Ella, a lamp and a few odds and ends. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

This picture is of Ella using her new "big girl chair" that we bought last night at Wal-Mart. She is so proud of herself for sitting at the table. Now I can eliminate the huge, ugly high-chair from our kitchen. I am as happy about that as she is :). No more eating and watching TV for this family, we can't see the telly from the dining room table. YEAH!

Back to blogging

27 October 2008

Despite the fact that this weekend was wonderful, I must admit, I'm exhausted! I vowed not to craft for seven whole days and to enjoy my home, my family and spend a little time blogging.

In case you haven't figured this out yet... my child is a royal hoot. She has me in stitches most of the time and I rarely stop talking about her. She is so full of life and energy and has the sweetest little personality. Everyday she gives me enough blog-fodder for an entire week's worth of posts. Take today for instance...

I went to pick her up at my mom's and she had already eaten. Vegetable soup. Cornbread. Half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And 3 banana nut mini muffins. We come home and start putting groceries up. Of course, I brought her a surprise, why wouldn't I? She climbed up in her highchair and started noshing on her half of a Reese's cup. I warned her before beginning that she could only have half. After finishing it she said, "I wan't nother one." I said no and reminded her that it was mine. She said, "I eat yours. I cry." Okay... I don't care if she cries, I waited all day long for that Reese's cup!! She wailed. Then asked for yogurt. I obliged, with the caveat that she must eat all of it. She ate three bites and wanted down. I let her scream for awhile before putting the yogurt away, but she ended up in time out because she wouldn't calm down. After we established she wasn't hungry anymore, she went about her way. Not 5 minutes later she comes trotting into the living room with a baggie full of banana nut muffins, courtesy of Gran. Are you kidding me? This bottomless pit cannot possibly be hungry.

Then, we're getting ready for her bath (the next few paragraphs are going to be horribly embarrassing, so bare with me) and I was using the potty (I know... too much information). She was taking her pjs off and getting ready for bath. She took her diaper off, sat on the little potty and said, "Two girls tee-teeing on the potty!" Then, "If you tee-tee, Mommy, you get a prize." Thank you.

Now we're in the bath (yes, both of us - it's easier that way when Josh is out of town) and she's playing with the soap while I shave my legs. She tells me, "Be careful, it's sharp. Don't cut you* fingers." Precious. After I get out she tells me she's going to lay down and "swim like a dolphin." She gets out and insists on wearing big girl panties "like Mommy" so we paraded around in our panties and I took a few pictures. Of her, not me!

Finally we get into bed and ready for prayers. Over the last few weeks, Ella has really been upset about going to bed - she's afraid of missing the action. As soon as I mention bed time prayers, she loses all sense of control. To combat this, we've been making prayer time a little silly. Like tonight... here is a pictures of what we lovingly call "chubby face prayers." I hope you're not too horribly offended. God either :).

* I don't have poor grammar skills, Ella uses 'you'
instead of 'your' and it makes her sound so sweet :)

Tea Party Girls

25 October 2008

Friday night my sweet friend Kitty and her daughter Riley came over for an impromptu play date. How adorable are these girls and their mess? They were fancy!

Sew what!

23 October 2008

Another light posting day...

Today was my mom & dad's anniversary and now that it's almost over, my mom can forgive me for reminding you all :). Fortunately, they love me enough to spend their special day crafting with me! Poppy was working on junk angels at their house (I can't wait for you to see these on Saturday... stunning!!) while Gran helped me paint. Then, because she loves me so much and she's a MUCH better seamstress than I am, she & Ella sewed an apron to hold my bills, change and calculator at the farm. They wanted me to try it on for you, but I decided to keep my beauty from you tonight -- it is completely unnecessary for you to see me with no makeup and leopard print pajama pants. I promise to show off my apron this weekend when I'm more 'put together' ;). See you then...

We love you, Gran & Poppy

I won't tell you the real reason for this post. It might prompt a telephone call from Gran. Instead I'll share these sweet photos. Mom, you know why I'm posting this just for you & Poppy!

Lots to do

22 October 2008

I'm sorry that I'm being less entertaining than usual this week... heck maybe I wasn't entertaining to begin with. Did you know that Baker's Farm Cotton Pickin' Celebration is in three days? Yikes! Just like in college, I'm burning the midnight oil. I got lots done today, so I can't complain. I just need to learn to work a little faster and get started a little sooner. All in all, the merch is coming together quite nicely and I hope you buy it all ;).

Today, I planned on being home by 4:30 and crafting by 4:35. Ella had other plans. She & Beemer wanted to play outside. So, what do you think we did? Here are a few cute pics of our hour in the sun. Then, we came in and got to work!

Ella dancing in the fort

Ella & Beemer enjoying the sunshine

Looking for birds...

Listening to the birds chirp in the hedge
and wondering when they would fly out!

After bath she told me she was cold.
I put on her blanket sleeper and she said,
"Get a blanket and you can snuggle with Ella."
OKAY! I'm on it. There is nothing sweeter
than my snuggle bunny and a book.

Prayer would be good :)

Okay, so let me tell you that Tuesday was an awful day. Do you ever have those days where nothing you do goes right?? I needed a miracle just to get through the day. Thankfully, Heather took Ella for just 10 minutes, and sometimes 10 minutes is all you need!

Here is a list of things that happened... all in one day. You might think I'm crazy for freaking out about these things, but I'm stretched a little thin this week, so it really pushed me over the top :).

1. A credit card company has been charging me $15 a month since I payed my credit card off in June and never sent me a statement. Finally four months later they sent me a letter. Hey thanks for the heads up! That card was canceled today, but not before I have to petition them to credit the charges and remove the stain from my credit report. AAAGGGHHH. Not to mention the 60 to 90 days that will take.

2. While trying to spend $11 at Michael's, my debit card was denied. What?! Due to some "banking errors," I was insufficiently funded. After a few lengthly telephone calls with multiple banks, my account is righted. Why can't anybody in charge of money do something right?

3. While cleaning my kitchen tonight I leaned over a candle and burned a brand new sweater, only worn twice. Goodwill, here I come.

4. I started to pack up things for the farm this afternoon and realized that the $15 Rubbermaid container I bought on Monday to cart stuff back and forth managed to come home with the wrong sized lid. Apparently I have no concept of size or depth perception and bought a too-small lid. I'm not even returning it; I cannot possibly be bothered!

So... I'm thankful that none of these things affect my eternity, my child or my health. Instead of leaving you with angry pictures, I thought I'd share these sweet pictures of Ella and "my daddy" (her new term of endearment) cutting grass on Sunday (in their pajamas). She is suddenly over her fear of the tractor and was happy to help. Sweet.


21 October 2008

I feel awful because I've been meaning to do this for days. If you have (or have had) a two-year old maybe you'll understand why I never seem to be on schedule!

At any rate, this is VERY important! Ella got a card in the mail a few days ago from my sweet cousin Adrienne. You can see the picture of the card below. Ella wanted to respond with a card, too, but we're so late that I don't want her to wait any longer for our answer. Adrienne, Ella would love to be your flower girl :).

The card says "Will you be my flower girl?"
(sorry for the bad photo, Ella wouldn't stand still)

Ella insisted on getting a photo in with this ribbon?!
She's been helping me craft today, lol.

Here we are getting ready...


Kids Say the Darndest Things

20 October 2008

Our child loves to "play with you hair?" these days, so here are some funny pictures from the weekend. Please forgive our pajamas and general look of dishevelment. We have pretty much laughed at her the past week for saying and doing the funniest things. Here are a few of our favorites...

Thursday night I was painting and she was playing hard and dangerously close to my paint/water. I kept reminding her not to dump the water over or she was getting a spanking. She replied, "I'm not botherin' your water, I'm just touchin' my juice. Don't worry 'bout me."

I overheard her 'talking on the phone' this weekend and she said to the phone, "I prob'ly can."
Nana is right... Saturday at the zoo she told everybody to "Sssshhh, the animals are sleepin'. When they wake up we can ride 'em." I'm not sure why she thinks we'll be riding animals anytime soon.

Sunday, I was changing a poopy diaper and when I opened the diaper she said, "I got you a surprise!" I had to laugh through my tears... it was so funny I could barely continue dealing with said surprise.

A little later she was going in our bathroom to get a brush (again with the beauty parlor) and she came running back in the living room and said, "There's a trap on the floor." I thought she was talking about a mousetrap that we set several weeks ago when Ratatouille was on the loose, so I told her that trap wasn't going to bother her and she said, "Yes, it is gonna bother me!" Apparently, Beemer stole a mousetrap out of the pantry and it was laying in the middle of the floor. She walked a WIDE circle around it and said, "It's gone snap my fingers."

Then, my all time favorite. We were cooking dinner last night in the kitchen and she was being nosy as usual. She opened a cabinet and saw some Santa salt & pepper shakers to which she replied, "Look mama, I found God." Didn't you know God wore a red suit and had a long white beard?

Ella-boo at the Zoo

18 October 2008

Ella has been so excited all week because she knew on Saturday we were going to the zoo! Nana & Cookie bought tickets for us and we loaded up for Boo at the Zoo. Despite the price, it was well worth the fun. We rode the Haunted Carousel, decorated with scary lights and moving backwards. The only animals we saw were at the barn, but we said hello to geese, mice, snakes, sheep, goats, pigs and llamas. We got to sit on a tractor and pretend to drive. We trick-or-treated and got LOTS of candy (most of which didn't make it home... Ella really likes chocolate). We took a hayride through the woods and she was confused about why she wasn't riding shotgun on the tractor... she even called the man driving "Farmer Joe" (her name for the farmer in her play set, lol). Finally, we took a scary train ride and saw lots of ghosts, goblins and witches.

There were TONS of kids and lots of long lines, but we never had to wait long to enjoy. I totally recommend you taking your family, it is a great alternative to trick-or-treating! We had a such a good time and Ella talked about it all the way home. Be sure to click on Ella and sweet daddy above to see all the fun.

Fun Family Friday

17 October 2008

Fridays are our favorite day... the day daddy comes home. Tonight we all got to do something we loved. We ate Mexican food. Went to Books-A-Million for Ella. Academy Sports for Daddy. And Hobby Lobby for mommy. Fun Family Friday :).

Ella picking out a new Fancy Nancy book and God knows all about Me!

Nancy says, "Exquisite is an even fancier word for beautiful!"

Eating cheese with our fingers...
and lots of yummy rice!

Unfortunately, Josh banned me from taking any more pictures (he's embarrassed my his blogging, camera-toting wife). It would have been great to get a picture of her clinging to the ride-along bus in Walmart as she screamed in horror that we would dare drag her away!

My, My, Minnie!

16 October 2008

Okay, I should probably wait until closer to Halloween for this picture, but it is too cute to pass up. We decided to try our costume on tonight with the ears and make sure everything was perfect. How adorable is this?

Baby Blogger

15 October 2008

We've discovered that Ella likes to type. She'd like to say a few words: fsjug;irjtg;ekjg;dlfkgjeg gmkvmr kgj;kgj ;rlkt s;dlkfj l


Remember that dog bed that was virtually indestructible? Well, I came home to this today.

The mattress has a five year warranty... wonder if this qualifies? Being destroyed by a 75 pound dog probably doesn't qualify as normal wear and tear. Not to mention it came from a yard sale. Does anybody want a dog? Seriously. If she can tear this up, she can do anything. She also ate my pine cones (that I planning on decorating with awfully soon) and a box that I needed to ship some invitations this week. Some of my favorite shoes were also strewn around, luckily she wasn't that dumb.

I'm hoping the new chew toys I bought tonight are enough to distract her tomorrow. I cleaned it up and mended it the best I could. Replaced it with another crib sheet. Said a small prayer.

Oh, and while I was cleaning it up, Ella was doing this. To my cutting mat in the craft room. She knows that stickers are only for paper. When I asked her about it she said, "I didn't put them on the table, mommy." Technically, that is correct. I guess the cutting mat might be mistaken for paper?! Maybe.

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