taz + belly: September 2008

Random Tuesday musings

30 September 2008

bc 001

Here is Ella cooking "breakfast" for dinner tonight for sweet Daddy.

bc 002

My calling cards came today... YEAH! Aren't they precious?

Fancy Supper & Weekend Update

29 September 2008

I have the bad habit of making totally un-healthy junk-filled suppers while Josh is out of town. I really try to make healthy dinners, especially for Ella because I want her to be a better eater than I am. Unfortunately, when Josh is traveling it is really hard to do the nightly housework, bath & bedtime routine, blog and cook dinner (notice, I'm giving up dinner over blogging)! Anyway... tonight I was feeling frisky and decided to grill some chicken, make homemade mashed potatoes and fried squash. Not that is it terribly healthy, but it sure is yummy. While dealing with this...

wkend 012

I was trying to deal with this.

wkend 011

GRRR. Not only did she want me to watch and take pictures, but I had to make a few minor repairs to her high heels and jewelry and I had to rescue the necklace after it got caught in her pony. Talk about multi-tasking!! Turns out, Ella wasn't in the mood for chicken and squash, but she did eat the potatoes. Either way, I enjoyed our fancy supper and my fancy Ella.

As for the weekend, here are a few pictures that we took on Sunday. Ella - ready for church, sitting on the potty for the umpteenth time... watching Jungle Book (which she is also doing RIGHT NOW -- I am so sick of Bare Necessities, lol).

wkend 002

Getting a mani/pedi from sweet Daddy.

wkend 004

Working her lovely green high heels.

wkend 006

I hate that I didn't have the camera at my side all weekend because we missed some great opportunities. On Saturday, we ate cheap Mexican for lunch and Ella crumbled up her chips, dropped them in the cheese dip and scooped them out by the handful. It was awfully messy, but hilarious to watch. On Sunday, we ate Carrabba's for lunch and it was SO yummy. Ella decided she wanted to try olive oil, so Josh whipped her up a plate of her own. Unfortunately, she wanted "herbs" in hers, so he sprinkled a little black pepper that seemed to do the trick. She lapped it up and we had to give her multiple refills. Just when you think you have a picky eater, they develop a love for something like olive oil. Precious.

After... sneak peek

27 September 2008



Here is a sneak peek of the "after" shots. I still have a shelf and some art to hang, so I'll wait and share the whole room later in the week. It took three coats of semi-gloss paint in White Chocolate, but the desk and dresser look beautiful. They are both already packed full of art and scrapbooking supplies, stationary and paper scraps. I might should have bought two dressers!

New Treasures

ART 001

ART 002

ART 003

Okay, here are the before shots of the furniture I bought last weekend. Josh took me to pick it up this morning and I'm hoping to get it painted and put in the room sometime tonight. It is a small desk and large dresser that I plan on using in the studio. Come back tomorrow for the after shots!

My favorite

26 September 2008

JB 001

This is what we do. Every day. Sometimes more than once. We watch the Jungle Book. Predominately the elephants. Ella makes the elephant sound and sings the song. Precious. I attempted to watch 101 Dalmatians on Saturday, she yelled. We ONLY watch the Jungle Book.

JB 002

One more time

25 September 2008


It just means you might not get one tomorrow. I was going to put this photo in the hopper and save it for another day, but I can't wait. Josh & I were sitting on the couch watching Survivor and we heard loud footsteps. This is what we saw. Precious, no? She walks in them about as well as I do. I'm not sure if that is good or bad... I'm pretty clumsy!

Have you noticed how Bunny is in virtually every photograph of Ella that I take? I'm working on a time line of Bunny's appearances that I'm hoping to share in the next few days. I thought it might be fun to see the many places she's been!

Fashion Show Thank You

thanks 010

We got a care package in the mail from Aunt Lane today full of precious outfits for fall. THANK YOU! When I told Ella where they came from she said, "She came to my house one time... when I had lots of presents." Translation: Lane was in town this month for the birthday bash.

There was one more precious outfit -- a red velvet Hartstrings dress, but Ella hid behind her dresser when I tried to snap that one ;).

thanks 002

thanks 005

Before and After

24 September 2008

JUNK 001

Remember that sweet dog I blogged about this morning? Well this is what she did while I was at work. GGGRRRR! This dress is new. Nana bought it. I am so furious! Here are pictures of the only two times Ella ever wore it. So long, fair well. You'll be missed.

bama 001

Life before Ella

What did we do before we had a baby? We had another baby... a dog. Isn't she precious? This is her snoozing on the couch (despite the fact that she isn't supposed to be on the furniture) while K & I painted some furniture last night.

beemer 001>


23 September 2008

kitch 006-0001

kitch 008-0001

I've been meaning to post about this for a few days, but Erika at Urban Grace Interiors inspired me today. I saw the Pink Wallpaper post about this photo last week and she presented the question of whether you could survive open shelving in a kitchen. The answer is yes!

While my kitchen doesn't have a wall of shelves like the one pictured, I would love it if it did. Instead, we have a few nooks & crannies that come with living in an eighty-five year old house and a few sets of open shelving. Inside them are Fiesta ware, vintage linens and my collection of mix and match mixing bowls and coffee mugs. I'm sure most people would prefer closing the cabinets and having a clean kitchen, I kind of prefer the vintage-inspired clutter.

kitch 009-0001

kitch 010-0001

I'm a "Big Girl" now!

22 September 2008

No, we aren't potty trained. BUT, we are a very big girl. We learned to do a few things this week that we've been working on. We learned how to pull stickers off of a page and put them on our coloring sheets. She's been really frustrated with this and I've been showing her how to "bend the page and take them off". On Sunday, she said, "Look Mommy, I can, I can... I can do stickers!" Then that same day she asked to take a shower. This is huge. She screams at the mere mention of the S word. So, I put her in with me and she loved it. Here are a few silly girl pictures from tonight's shower. That second one I call "devious". Enjoy!

shower 010

shower 012

Treasure Trove

20 September 2008

JUNK 006

JUNK 007

JUNK 008

JUNK 009

There was much success to be had today. In addition to the thrift store, we found a great little consignment/junk store and bought much more than intended. I got some furniture for the studio - a cool buffet that I'm going to use for art supplies and a petite little desk that's just the right size for painting or sewing. Unfortunately, I didn't carry a truck, so Josh will be forced to do a ride along to pick them up next week. I can't wait to share the before & afters... I'll be painting them white and re-organizing our guest room turned studio space.

I did find this sweet little card catalog drawer set, which will hold knick-knacks and stationary atop my new desk. Here is another picture of a frame I'm working on. Once I get the black mat and glass back inside, I think it will look great on my green walls!

Mom & I are headed to the junk store after church tomorrow, so I'm hoping to share more treasures then. Maybe I'll get around to getting some antique windows for another project I'm cooking up. See you then!

Frame it up

ALL2 522

I've been working on a few new projects the last few days and this one's turning out great. I really to love decoupage... LOVE. I had a few frames that were kind of plain and not very useful, so I'm re-purposing them using some great paper scraps (something else I love).

I'm thinking about having our silhouettes printed really small and using these frames for them. I think the black images will contrast nicely with the frames and having all four pictures hanging in a grid will look fab in my dining room.

If you love to make things and you don't own a bottle of Mod Podge, stop what you're doing and head to the store right now. It's the best $6 you'll ever spend!

ALL2 523

I'm off to the junk store and the thrift store this morning for some new paper scraps, old books and maybe some windows. I have some crafting up my sleeve, so I hope to share more in the next few days. Have fun junkin'!

Pillow fight!

19 September 2008

pillows 002

So what better to post about today than sewing? Okay, well Ella... but there's a little bit of a tie in. As you know, her birthday was last week and I'm one of those crazies that has to completely redecorate a house and landscape the yard before every party. We spent our time and money working in the yard, so instead of redecorating, I just rearranged. EVERYTHING.

I had been craving new throw pillows for months, but after the crepe myrtles were planted and the swing set installed, our budget was tight and the party was stretching what little extra money I did have. A week or so before the big day I was still complaining about the ugly pillows I had laying around, so I ran by World Market on my way home. I wanted something colorful and bohemian, but affordable. Instead of spending extra money on pillows, I bought cloth napkins instead.

pillows 001

$24, 8 napkins and 1 hour later I had these cuties and lots of compliments on the throw pillows. And the birthday party!

In other news, I was reading a post earlier in the week about keeping track of all of the funny things your kids say. The blogger had kept a jar and added little scraps of paper to it everyday when her kids said something funny. I haven't quite decided how I want to memorialize these quips, somehow visually. In the meantime, I plan on blogging them for you to read.

Tonight while getting ready to take a bath she said, "This one time... I took a shower." After we got the bath going she said, "I'm gonna lay down and swim like a dolphin."

I realize it isn't nearly as funny without seeing her expressions, but she had a completely solemn expression on her face (just like her daddy) and she was talking with her hands (just like her mommy) as if it were an extremely important conversation. I love those moments.

Just Something I Made

18 September 2008

I just want to thank Cathe Holden at Just Something I Made for the lovely post tonight. I am so flattered because she is one of my favorite reads of the day. Please make sure you visit her blog and enjoy the craftiness! I'm hanging on to this for now, but I promise to pass it along when you make my day.

Just like mommy

towel 001

Forgive me for not posting much this week, it has been a little intense (see Monday's post).

Last night I didn't make it to the final night of revival because I am SICK. Instead, I nursed my sick self, ordered new business cards, folded laundry, bathed Ella, crafted, cleaned and paid bills.

Other than reading my favorite blogs for the day, the only bright spot in the evening was this precious thing. When she got out of the bathtub she said, "Do my towel like Mommy." She got a real kick out of seeing herself in the mirror like this. Adorable, no?

towel 003

Tea Party

17 September 2008

teaparty 001

Well, I'm sick and too tired for words. Instead here are sweet pictures of a tea party taking place in my living room.

She had to have 2 spoons, 2 plates & 2 muffins.

teaparty 002

She's singing, "Coming round the mountain when she comes, yeehaw!"

teaparty 003

Not Vaseline, Amy ;)

16 September 2008

Well, Ella did get Vaseline on the rug that Sunday afternoon and it does desperately need to be cleaned. Maybe I'll do that in the meantime. We (read mommy; daddy is out of town and couldn't care less) decided that since Ella is a big girl now, potty training must commence. She really could have done it months ago, but I put it off since she wasn't "big" yet. She always tells you when she's finished and usually brings a diaper and wipe and says, "Change-a my diaper, mommy." We decided this was a clear indication of her ready-ness.

Saturday, September 13th
-- We spent the day outside in our panties, playing and pottying. She cried every time she sat on the potty and pottied immediately after pull-ups were replaced. After we came in for the evening, while coloring me a pretty picture at the coffee table, she pottied on my living room rug... literally minutes after an attempt on the potty!

Sunday, September 14th
-- We reminded her that only babies tee-teed in their diapers and since she was two she was a big girl! She told us she was NOT a big girl, she was a baby. She then proceeded to demonstrate by crawling around the house. Then she held it for about 8 hours. Anything to avoid actually putting tee-tee in the potty!

Monday, September 15th
-- I attempt bribes. I tell her that she can sleep in the bed with mommy and watch Jon & Kate if she uses the potty. After church I remind her that she has one more try before bedtime. She says, "I'll just sleep in Ella's bed!" Are you kidding me? That child would give her left leg to sleep in my bed and watch Jon & Kate. Mommy HATES potty training. I repeat HATES.

Here are two pictures of her first successful potty attempt. Months ago. In February! Oh, how I wished I could rewind.

VDay at School 012

VDay at School 011

Take a guess...

rugs 001

Can anybody guess why all of the rugs in my house look like this? Please pray for me ;)

rugs 002

Sweet Nugget

15 September 2008

vacuum 001

vacuum 002

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