taz + belly: Fun Family Friday

Fun Family Friday

17 October 2008

Fridays are our favorite day... the day daddy comes home. Tonight we all got to do something we loved. We ate Mexican food. Went to Books-A-Million for Ella. Academy Sports for Daddy. And Hobby Lobby for mommy. Fun Family Friday :).

Ella picking out a new Fancy Nancy book and God knows all about Me!

Nancy says, "Exquisite is an even fancier word for beautiful!"

Eating cheese with our fingers...
and lots of yummy rice!

Unfortunately, Josh banned me from taking any more pictures (he's embarrassed my his blogging, camera-toting wife). It would have been great to get a picture of her clinging to the ride-along bus in Walmart as she screamed in horror that we would dare drag her away!


  1. That does sound like a fun night!! And that rice does look pretty yummy :)

    Grandpa Cookie thought she looked more fancy than Nancy in her Minnie outfit!

    After showing him the pictures of her and Isabella in their costumes, I think he may be the most excited kid of all about Boo at the Zoo :)

  2. Stop by my site and pick up an award I have for you!!!!!!

  3. Kristin: I tried to leave this comment on K's site in reference to her blog sharing pix of Sue's grandchildren, but it wouldn't let me without an account :( Can you make sure she sees it?? Her's doesn't give me the options yours does :)

    K - I think these are some of the best shots I've ever seen...

    From the clothes they are wearing to the beautiful setting - your camera captured it all perfectly!!


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