taz + belly: I'm a "Big Girl" now!

I'm a "Big Girl" now!

22 September 2008

No, we aren't potty trained. BUT, we are a very big girl. We learned to do a few things this week that we've been working on. We learned how to pull stickers off of a page and put them on our coloring sheets. She's been really frustrated with this and I've been showing her how to "bend the page and take them off". On Sunday, she said, "Look Mommy, I can, I can... I can do stickers!" Then that same day she asked to take a shower. This is huge. She screams at the mere mention of the S word. So, I put her in with me and she loved it. Here are a few silly girl pictures from tonight's shower. That second one I call "devious". Enjoy!

shower 010

shower 012

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  1. The last one is YOU!!! Oh, my goodness. These are so precious. My babies (all of them)from Louisiana will be here for Homecoming.


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