taz + belly: Before and After

Before and After

24 September 2008

JUNK 001

Remember that sweet dog I blogged about this morning? Well this is what she did while I was at work. GGGRRRR! This dress is new. Nana bought it. I am so furious! Here are pictures of the only two times Ella ever wore it. So long, fair well. You'll be missed.

bama 001


  1. Beemer!
    Why couldn't it have been something orange...or blue...or a combination of the both?
    It was cute while it lasted...

  2. My dog,Dudley ate Amy's Senior Portraits the night she brought them home (but only the edges)! Amy always hated him.

  3. I'm sure Beems didn't mean to do it mommy and I know she is very sorry!! I need to send you the picture of you holding Ella (wearing that dress) and Isabella (wearing hers) I took out here that day... too cute!! Anyway, as I see it - this is only an excuse to go shopping :)

  4. That is so sad..Miss Ella looked so precious Saturday in her little Bama dress. I have to say, Heath and I were thoroughly amuzed by Ella on Saturday over at Tammy and Cookies. It was the first time we've been around her in about a year. She is so cute and very entertaining. We could not get over how well behaved she was!

  5. What else can I say, but, SMART DOG!


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