Friday, February 27, 2015

5 on Friday: All the Things

It's Friday and I could not be more thrilled about the weekend! Despite the fact that we were out of school and work one day and delayed several other days, the last few weeks have seemed to crawl on by. I'm ready for some sunshine time with my family, but in the meantime we're making our own sunshine as often as we can. I somehow let the week go by with only one blog post (despite a full editorial calendar), so I figured the best way to make up for that was a little 5 on Friday action. Don't run, okay?

ONE: We are still going strong with our Bible Journaling over here. I've had a lot of great feedback and made some wonderful new connections, but I can't help but notice it might have run a few Instagram followers off. Are you enjoying these posts? Is every day too much? Do we need to tone it down a little?

The girls and I sat down together last Sunday afternoon because they had been dying to get their hands on my Bible. We pulled out some art supplies and I let them choose a few paint colors to try out on the pages of their Bibles. Of course, there's aren't made specifically for journaling, but that did not stop their efforts. We chose Psalm 139 and talked through the verses as we worked. We all loved it so much that I think we'll do this every Sunday afternoon!

Kids Word 01 Kids Word 02 Kids Word 04 Kids Word 05 Kids Word 06 Kids Word 08 Kids Word 03 Kids Word 07

They liked it so much, in fact, that later in the week we moved a lazy susan to the dining room table and we relocated the majority of those supplies I shared with you last week! Oh well, maybe I need to give you an update on our organization already...

Kids Word 09 Kids Word 10

TWO: Snow. If you live in the state of Alabama, then on Wednesday you were either delighted or depressed. We definitely fell in the latter category. It had been predicted all week that we could see 3-6 inches of snow in our area, but the forecast turned abruptly on Tuesday night and we were left with nothing but a cold wet day. Schools had already dismissed classes for the day and my office was closed, so we did at least get to spend the day at home together. When I finally climbed out of bed that morning, the girls were prepping breakfast in the kitchen. Yes, Ella preheated the oven, cut the biscuits herself and had piggies ready to go in the oven. I was there to supervise the going in and coming out, but they really had it all under control. While they were cooking, I threw together some chicken and dumplings in the slow-cooker and did a little housework. We were still hoping for snow, but it wasn't expected to come through until after lunch. We managed to watch lots of Netflix, snuggle a bunch, distract daddy from work, paint our fingernails and eat ice cream. It finally snowed after 8 o'clock, so we grabbed the girls from their bed and let them play outside for an hour. Unfortunately it was all gone when they woke up the next day, but I wouldn't trade those late night giggles for anything!


THREE: Speaking of snow... it pretty much ruined our plans for the first concert of the year. If you'll remember, I bought Josh tickets to see Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors for Christmas and that was supposed to happen on Wednesday night. As much fun as we had at home with the girls, I'm a little bummed that the show was cancelled and not rescheduled. The only condolence is that we have concert tickets for next weekend and they call for a ROAD TRIP. Stay tuned for a recap of our first overnight date of the year!

FOUR: Do you need a super cute "team" t-shirt?! I'll be the first to admit that I don't really do t-shirts and sweatshirts much outside of the comfort of my own house. Alabama sweatshirt at home? Yes. But going to the game requires a dress. Well, my husband is the assistant baseball coach for the local high school team and I needed something cute to wear for the games. My sweet friends at Tootlebugs {hi Amy & Emily!!} hooked me up with this cute baseball tee that is PERFECT. I'm also never sure if I can pull of a monogram tee, BUT this shirt is so cute and I love love love the gold lettering. It's just long enough to wear with leggings and fringe boots, but will be just as adorable with shorts later in the season. You're welcome.

Day 50/365: Thanks to the girls at @tootlebugsmonograms, I have this super cute new baseball tee! Now if only it would stop being 18* outside so the girls and I can catch a game! #tazandbellyhappen

FIVE: Am I the only one who watches all the things? There was a time in my life when I was not addicted to television, but the list of shows we watch just won't stop growing. Let's discuss...

5 on Friday_TV Shows

The Walking Dead: It just came back on for the winter season and I'm super excited to see where things are going. The first episode back was kind of boring, but it really set the scene for the upcoming episodes. This past week was really good, but I'm nervous. Is anybody else nervous about Alexandria?

The Bachelor: Y'all. I don't even know why I torture myself. Josh makes fun of me EVERY Monday night because I cannot even look at the screen. I cringe every time someone kisses and if I hear the word virgin one more time I'm going to vomit. We've had Whitney picked out since the Wedding Crashers episode, so I am not at all surprised she's still in the running. I did really like Kaitlyn, though, and would not be disappointed to see her as the next Bachelorette.

Better Call Saul: I haven't watched an episode yet, but they are quickly piling up on the DVR. We were obsessed with Breaking Bad, so we can't say no to this one, but it will have to wait until life calms down a bit.

Fixer Upper: Who's with me? Again with the DVR, but Ella and I will have a Joanna Gaines binge in the next few weeks and catch up.

Survivor: Season 30 started this week and I'm just as excited as I am with every season. The weather gave us grief and we missed about 25 minutes, but it did not disappoint. I'm kind of sad that So went home first, but I'm reserving judgment for now. Any other Survivor addicts out there?

Thursday Night TV: I'm quickly growing tired of Grey's (except I love Jackson & his adorable family), but Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder have me intrigued. They are both like bad train wrecks that I cannot look away from. I'm a week behind, so no spoilers please!

Mad Men: Anybody? I cannot wait for the final episodes to start in April, but the trailer kind of messes with my head. Why is Peter so bald? Did we fast forward ten years with no notice?

Pretty Little Liars: I had to take a hiatus, but I'm only a half-season from catching up. Finally. It's no Gossip Girl, but I have enjoyed watching it when there is nothing else on. I keep hearing rumors that the current season is going to throw me for a loop. I'm super nervous!! Any intel without giving it all away?

Marco Polo: We aren't watching this right now, we finished the entire first season in approximately 48 hours. No, I am not kidding you. It's a history series exclusive to Netflix and it is worth your time. Let me just go ahead and tell you there is lots of nudity, so if you can't deal with that, just skip this one on the list. There's a Mongolian emperor with concubines, so the naked ladies tend to mill around a bit more than necessary. BUT, Marco is amazing and you will grow to love the emperor and you won't believe how twisty it all gets at the end. We still have ten long months to go before season two, but I definitely recommend you give this one a try.

AND Sons of Anarchy: I hope we can still be friends, but I'm struggling with this one. Season one was terrible. I loved Jax from the beginning (because, Charlie Hunnam), but the writing and dialogue was awful. As always, the season finales and premieres have been the best episodes and seasons 2 and 3 kind of won me over. We just finished up season six and I cried pretty much the whole time. Or cussed, depending on which episode we're talking about. Gemma is the devil and I'd just assume she meet her maker. Josh does THE BEST Uncer impersonation and I cannot keep a straight face when he does it! I keep reading and hearing everyone say "Jax is really a good guy. He was just born into unfortunate circumstances." Umm, no. He is psychotic. He's beautiful to look at and I want to like him, but I find myself more disgusted with every episode. I like the storyline over all, but seven seasons might be too much. Maybe it wasn't as hard to stomach when there was space in between episodes, but we've watched it all on Netflix in the last month and I haven't had any time to breath or process. I'm hoping I don't regret the $25 I was forced to spend on season 7. Please tell me I'm not going to want to throw my television out the window. Please.


Be sure to visit the 5 on Friday girls and see what everyone else is up to this week! I have actual, real live posts for you next week. So I'll see you back here next time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Race Recap: Mercedes Marathon Weekend

If you live in or around Birmingham, then you know that this past weekend was a big deal. Every February, Birmingham welcomes over 5,000 runners to it's downtown double-loop marathon course. This is only my third year to participate, but it is always so much fun! Starting on Thursday afternoon, streets are blocked off and traffic becomes unmanageable, but you realize on Sunday morning that it is all worth it!

Ella's elementary school participated in the Kids' Marathon this year (there is both a 5k and a kids run on Saturday morning) and she had been so excited to run. The kids had to run 25.2 miles over the course of the last semester and then they run the last mile together on race day. The kids are divided up by grade and run in waves and each grade wears a different color shirt.

Ella had quite an eventful weekend, so we were hoping her run would turn out well. She slept at the dance studio the night before for an overnight practice and was super cranky when I picked her up on Saturday morning. She had only gotten about six hours of sleep and that may as well be nothing for this sleep loving girl. She started crying almost immediately and said her tummy hurts. Translation: I'm exhausted and I'm nervous and I've pretty much made myself sick. I got her dressed and she pulled herself together (mostly), only to throw up in my car on the way to her school. I cleaned her up and gave her a pep talk and she boarded the bus with a smile on her face. Fast forward thirty minutes and I get the call that she's throwing up again. I know I'm probably going to get some giant eye rolls here, but I knew it was just anxiety and I was determined not to let her bail on the run. She got some rest in and hung out in the park with her friends and by gun time, she was ready to go.

Mercedes 01

Doesn't she look a little green in that picture with Gran? She kept asking me if she had to run, but I knew that talking about it would only make it worse. She hung out with her classmate James and eventually started acting like herself again.

Mercedes 02

We could resist a few selfies in the park. We were both wearing fun tights and crazy shoes, so a foot selfie was a must. She was feeling much better at this point and I was getting a genuine smile from her every once in awhile. See that building there over her shoulder? That's my office building. It's pretty fun to watch all of the hoopla leading up to the race the week before.

Mercedes 03 Mercedes 04

We got them lined up in their corral and found a place not too far from the start line to watch them run by. There are almost 5000 children that participate, so it is HARD to find your kid in the crowd. Fortunately, she ran right next to where I was standing and I was able to snap a few photos before I darted to the finish line.

Mercedes 05

I called out her name right as she was crossing and she looked up over her shoulder! Her daddy had just gotten downtown when she started, so he was there to watch her cross the finish line, too. He was pretty easy to find in the crowd because he came straight from his baseball game. I can always find him fast when he's wearing baseball pants!

Mercedes 06 Mercedes 07

You want to know the first thing she said to me when I found her in the finish corral? "Mom! It was so much fun. I definitely want to do it again next year!" Whew. I was thrilled to find out that she wasn't sick at all (she ate tons of food right after running and never got sick again) and even more thrilled that I encouraged her to run even when she didn't want to.

Mercedes 08 Mercedes 09

I'll definitely be buying these photographs from the race photographer, but couldn't resist sharing a screenshot for you here. She was so happy sporting that medal and I love that she smiled and waved at the photographer when she crossed the finish!

Mercedes 10

AND, my girl finished her first race in 10:55. How is that for a mile pace?
Mercedes 11

Now for Sunday. For the last two years I've run the half-marathon (2013 & 2014) and I just new I would regret it if I didn't run this year. I debated it for months and ultimately decided that I wasn't prepared for 13.1. I can tell you that my sprained ankle and later my wisdom teeth played a huge part in that failure, but I need to admit that a huge part of it was due to my own lack of motivation. I don't know what my problem was, but I just couldn't get it together. After not running for so long last year because of a huge project at work, it has been really hard to get back into the swing of things. I was lazy and I kept putting my training off and I kept telling myself that I could pull it off last minute, to stop worrying about it. I ignored the wise words of my husband and slept late and worked through my mid-morning running breaks. 

 Day 52/365: It's cold and raining, but who doesn't love to run?!?! #kristinruns #mercedesmarathon #mercedesmarathonrelay #tazandbellyhappen Thankful for hot showers at work, because now I'm warm, dry and eating BBQ while I wait on my team to finish! #mercedesmarathon #mercedesmarathonrelay #kristinruns

I am disappointed in myself. I'm so sad that I don't have that half-marathon medal to hang up this year. I'm bummed because I know what I'm capable of and if I had given it even a little bit of effort, I would have been able to cross that finish line with no problem. Instead, I opted to run the marathon relay with a great group of girls that I work with. I initially signed up for the first leg because I knew I could continue the route and run the half if I ever got myself together. It was a six mile leg and had quite a few hills to contend with, but overall it is a part of the course that I love. My alarm went off at 4:30 on Sunday morning and I was in the car at five making the 50 minute drive into town. The temperatures were in the low forties when the gun went off and there had been a steady rain for hours. I was already drenched and freezing when I crossed the starting line and I had six more miles of torture to go. It wasn't easy. My pace was terrible (I averaged just over 11 minutes a mile), but I ran the entire thing (except for a few feet at a few water stops) and I didn't quit. There were no tears, no cuss words, just wind and rain and music and amazing people cheering us on and holding up hilarious signs.

I was back at my office by 8:30 and had many hours to wait on my friends. Thank you baby Jesus for hot showers in our gym. I took the longest, hottest shower I could stand, put on warm, dry clothes and dried my hair. I picked up BBQ at the post race party and waited to cheer on my friends as they crossed the finish line. It was such a fun day and I'm glad that I participated in some part of the race, even if it wasn't what I wanted. My legs are still pretty sore today, but it's my abs and lower back that feel it the most. I may have had a great time, but I missed crossing that finish line and I promise you I won't miss out on it again next year. 2 hour finish, here I come.

You can read about how the race started here, along with some super fun facts about race weekend (scroll all the way to the bottom).

Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback 5 on Friday!

Once upon a time I had a hard-drive. On it was my entire life. All of my graphic design work, every photograph from the girls life and countless home movies. Yes, I had much of the content uploaded and preserved on the blog, but there was still plenty that only existed in that one place. A little over a year ago, I plugged the hard-drive into my computer and the light didn't come on. Once day it worked and the next day it didn't. For months, I didn't do anything about it. I secretly dreaded hearing a computer guru tell me that all of those moments were lost. I felt like I was putting off the inevitable. In the meantime, I worked to build up my design work again and recreated so much work for new clients. A few weeks ago, I buckled and asked our IT guy at work to take a look at it and tell me what to do. Instead, he brought a hard-drive to me with all of my lost data backed up! I have since carefully organized and backed up (again) all of those precious memories. 

That first day I cried a lot. I was so happy to have these little moments back, even though they wouldn't be precious to anybody but me. There were videos of baby spit bubbles and plastic french fries and medleys of our favorite songs sung by our favorite four year old. Josh and I sat up late that night, showing photographs and videos to our girls that they had never seen before. I have never laughed and cried so much in the same moment. I know they aren't your kids and maybe you don't care about their earliest performances, but I thought it would be fun to share five of my favorite flashbacks today!

First up is one of my favorite Ella performances. In case you've wondered about her love to perform, this one might help you understand her obsession with the stage. When I was on maternity leave with Sophie, she spent countless hours in this same spot singing me every song I could come up with. Sometimes they were accompanied by dance moves, high heels and sparkly tiaras and sometimes they were followed up with a little comedy. I'll bet you can't look away!

This isn't the first time Ella met Sophie, but it one of my favorite memories from our hospital stay. This is a few days into our stay and Ella came to spend the whole day at the hospital with us. I remember them laying just like this -- looking at each other -- for hours.

hospital_days_2 012

This makes me laugh so hard. Even at this age, Tazzie was so spunky and full of personality. I love that toothy grin almost as much as that fake temper tantrum she throws.

Oh, Kamin. I'm so happy to have you as my sister for so many reasons, but I cannot deny that I am beyond thankful for the vast collection of images you've captured over the last eight years. I will never be able to convey my gratitude for the memories you have preserved. This is Sophie's nine month session and I could not love this photograph any more. This is the first photo shoot where somebody wasn't wearing a smocked gown and I love how casual and informal they are.


And I couldn't let it go without one more little performance. You'll have to excuse Ella's daddy (and me) for singing in the background. Instead let's discuss how cute she is bobbing her head once she catches up on the lyrics! Videos of the girls singing along with the radio are some of my favorites. And that hair! Gosh, I miss those curly locks.

Thanks for indulging me on this walk down memory lane. I'm thinking I might have to do this once a month or so and share more of my favorite flashbacks with my favorite girls.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bible Journaling: My Workspace

It's been almost two weeks since I vlogged about Bible Journaling and how it revolutionized my daily devotion time. In that time, I've made so many new virtual friends and found even more favorites to follow. I have been so inspired by the daily artwork shared and I've learned so much about how other artists spend their quiet time with God. I'm learning that something I used to find fault with is a shared problem among creatives and that I'm not the only one to struggle with being still and quiet.

Bible Journal 02

I'm relatively new to Bible Journaling, but I've jumped right in with two feet. I saw a friend post a photo of her journaling Bible back in the fall and since I knew I wanted a new Bible for this year, I ordered one. In the beginning I was just journaling in the margins, but it didn't take long to get into the groove.

We live in a tiny house and our dining room doubles as our craft room and my office/blogging territory. It is tough to keep all of our art supplies organized and to segregate what the girls are allowed to use from things that I keep for myself. We spent a little time over the weekend cleaning up and organizing a few things and I finally got my little desk in order. I thought you might like to see where everything was and how I keep it organized!

Bible Journal 01a

1 | My pretty Valentine's Day tulips from Josh. They are still so gorgeous and the bigger and droopier they get, the more I love them!

2 | A few bags and expandable files to throw in my purse when I want to take things with me. The black and white file is from the dollar spot at Target and the floral bag is part of a 3 piece set I picked up at TJMaxx a few weeks ago. There are also a few Kraft paper envelopes that are perfect for cutting apart when I need a little tag.

3 | When I have design orders that are ready to be delivered, they hang out here. Right now all I've got ready for delivery are a few gift certificates for the girls at Spark & Arrow.

4 | Do you have Distress markers? I know you can get them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but I picked these up on Amazon. Be prepared, they aren't cheap. I got this 12 pack for around $30, but I want all the colors. Somehow I have to figure out how to justify a hundred dollar marker purchase. These have both a fine tip and a brush tip and if you draw over them with a water brush, they act like water color paints!

5 | I have some old sewing machine drawers filled with metal buckets from the dollar spot at Target and that's where I keep most of my supplies organized. These two buckets hold regular scissors, decorative scissors, markers and highlighters.

6 | This is the Bible I use. It's the one column journaling Bible by Crossway. I've had several people ask about the size of the text, but I think it's just right. This Bible is a little bulkier than usual, but I'm guessing the wide margins are to blame. The margins are lined, but the lines are super faint and don't bother me if I decide to draw instead of write.

7 | Washi tape and bakers twine. Need I say more?

8 | This is the bucket that the girls know to stay away from. In addition to an abundance of mechanical pencils, I keep all of my art markers and lettering pens here, along with some professional erasers and a pencil sharpener.

9 | The absolutely necessary iPhone 6 with a super cute (if I do say so) lock screen that I'm sharing with you at the bottom of this post!

10 | All the colored pencils. Give them all to me! The girls use the erasable pencils from Crayola, but my favorites are the Twistables. They stay perfectly blunt and are great for layering and color mixing. If you want to spend a little more and buy something nicer, I like these Derwent ones that stay tucked away in a drawer.

11 | The Erin Condren Life Planner. If you aren't using this to keep your life organized, then you should be! It took me some time to get a good system going, but now I can't go anywhere without my paper planner. I use the month at a glance spread to keep up with my editorial calendar and blog post to-dos. 

12 | Stickers, tags and post-it flags go here. I use tags to journal on pages that are already full or have too much bleed through from the previous page. I usually find them in the dollar spot at Target (are you sensing a theme here?!) or at the craft store, but sometimes I make my own with scraps of paper and ephemera that I stash for later use.

13 | That little green gem is a notepad that I stole from Coach Daddy. He uses them for baseball because they fit in his pocket and they are waterproof. I like to take notes here for journaling later AND the paper is pretty enough that I might tape a few pieces inside my Bible at some point.

14 | I knew I would forget a number and I did -- it's way back beside #2. I couldn't bear to move the numbers around and reorder this list, so try not to break out in cold sweats. It was touch and go for a few minutes over here. In that sweet lotus bowl (hello, thrift store) I keep business cards and tiny letter stamps that I got at (yep, you guessed it) the Target dollar spot.

See anything else you want me to talk about?

Bible Journal 03

Here is a closer look at a spread from last week that I never shared. I was playing around with fluid lines of text and liked how simple this one was. I need to invest in some chipboard tabs or a tab punch, but for now, I just cut them out of Kraft paper and adhere with washi tape, when necessary.

Bible Journal 04

See that little photo tucked away under my flowers? That is of us in the getaway car after our wedding. It is my favorite snapshot from the day!

Bible Journal 05

A closer look at a few tags and labels in my stash. I'm looking forward to using that feather tag for Isaiah 40:31 - "But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint."

Bible Journal 06

Here are a few of my favorite go-to supplies. From left to right: Distress Markers, Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils, Martha Stewart gold lettering pen, Sakura Micron .05, Brush Pen, Target Mechanical Pencils and professional white erasers.

Bible Journal 08

And because she's adorable and takes many selfies with her pretty pink Instax, I couldn't resist sharing this little viewpoint. That is my favorite family photo ever and I hang up finished pieces and works in progress on the twine above my desk.

Just in case you were hoping to actually *see* some journaling work in this post, here are my favorite two spreads from the week. On the left is the introduction to the She Reads Truth Lenten study. I used paint for the first time in my Bible and was pleasantly surprised with the result. It dried almost immediately, didn't crinkle the pages and there was zero bleeding on the other side. I think the pen work even shows through less this way because it's sitting on top of the paint instead of soaking into the paper! On the right is a little lunchtime devotion from Monday. I don't listen to Christian music much, but I do find God speaking to me through all kinds of lyrics on a daily basis. I am quick to cry during a song! I heard John Mayer's Belief on the way to work on Monday morning and couldn't wait to find a passage to go along with it. This one from Romans really spoke to me ; "How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!" Romans 10:14-15

I'm hoping to do a monthly post (at least) on my journaling journey and at some point I'd like to share some process posts so you can see how I'm creating these pages. Is there anything else you'd like to know?!

And because I love you so much, here is a free iPhone wallpaper I made just for you! You can right-click and save to your desktop for later or save directly to your camera roll if you're already viewing on your mobile device. This one is sized for the iPhone 6, but I installed it on my mom's 4 and it fit pretty well there, too. Enjoy!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Miscellany Monday

Do you know why I'm so late posting this today? Because it's Monday. It is. It has felt like a Monday all day long. I think I'm a little bit bitter because up until late yesterday afternoon we were forecasted to have some significant ice and I was looking forward to spending President's Day at home in my pajamas. The girls were out of school today, so it pretty much stinks that I was creeping out the door while everyone was still tucked in and snug. Instead of focusing too much on the Mondays, let's look at a few fun snapshots of our Valentine's weekend.

Day 44/365: Things I was not planning for on this Friday morning: Tazzie throwing up EVERYWHERE in the car in the way to school this morning, walking down my parents crazy long drive in short sleeves when it's 25* to keep from making a bigger mess, being Hugs & Kisses for our favorite teacher-friends today! ❤️XOXO❤️

Friday was the day of Valentine's Day parties and exchanging of sweet little tokens with our friends. I shared our cards a few weeks ago, but if you missed it, this is what we made for our school friends. Sophie woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning and nothing would make her happy. In an attempt to cheer her up, I planned to drop her off at my parents' house to ride into school with my mom. I thought surely a change of scenery would help! I met my mom at the end of her driveway and had just snapped Tazzie into her seat in my mom's car when she proceeded to throw up everywhere. Now, mom and I are both late. She drove her car back to the house and we walked because I didn't want to put her back in my clean car! In case you don't know, my parents live on 12 acres, so it was a long walk in 25* weather and I was wearing SHORT SLEEVES. I finally got her back home with her daddy and even though she missed her party, she got a box of sweet preschool Valentines delivered that afternoon.

See those mason jars right there? I was planning something completely different for teacher gifts when I stumbled across those at TJMaxx. They were $1.99!! I bought every one they had and have them stashed in the gift drawer. I'm guessing they will come in handy at some point. We filled them with chocolate hugs and kisses and sent them off to school.

I know that flowers are impractical, but really... what girl doesn't love a surprise delivery?! And kudos to the boy who knows roses are not where it's at. #givemeallthetulips Day 45/365: Happy Valentine's Day from Taz + Belly!! #tazandbellyhappen

Josh and I had agreed not to swap Valentine's Day gifts this year, so imagine my surprise when I got a delivery of two dozen tulips. This photo does them no justice -- they are now open and perfectly droopy and look beautiful on my desk at home. As if that isn't precious enough, he also sent a delivery to a good friend of mine who has had a rough couple of weeks. She called me to tell me that I have the best husband ever because he sent her a box of yummy treats. Who does that?! 

When I stopped by my mom's to pick up Ella after school, she had given the girls these sweet heart shaped chalkboards. Sophie promptly drew a kissy face on hers. I die.

Because, Valentine's Day. And because my husband can cook! ❤️❤️❤️ Day 46/365: Sundays are for snuggles!! #tazandbellyhappen

We opted for dinner at home instead of finding a sitter and braving the crowded restaurants. Josh cooked us up some yummy filets in the oven and I roasted broccoli and made twice baked potatoes. There was plenty of good music, conversation and maybe some dancing in the kitchen while we cooked.

On Sunday, we all slept late and spent the day in our pajamas. I hate that we missed church, but Ella was at a kids function for 8 hours on Saturday and Sophie was still a little under the weather. I was at my desk working on some design projects when Josh texted me this picture of them in our bed. Sophie decided his neck was the perfect Kindle prop!


It was a holiday, so let's just ignore all the junk food wrappers in this trashcan, okay? I was still expecting a "snow day" so we had indulged ourselves at the grocery store earlier in the weekend. Sophie's favorite Barbie had a little mishap later Sunday afternoon and no matter how hard I tried she could not be resurrected. I found this scene when I got up later to cook dinner and I couldn't help but laugh! No glamorous funeral services for her.

After watching approximately 68 episodes of Sons of Anarchy over the weekend, we took a break and let the kids bring ice cream to our room for a snack. Josh and I never watch TV in the living room -- there just isn't enough seating for everyone to spread out comfortably -- and it's rare for the girls to hang out in our room after dark. They came armed with Mint Chocolate Chip AND Extreme Moosetracks and were pretty proud of our little ice cream picnic.

Today's #jesuscalling devotion was GOOD. Zechariah 2:13 says "Be silent before the Lord". I'm not good at being silent or still, so this was a perfect reminder for me on a Monday morning. #tazandbellydoodle #scripturedoodle #scripturedoodles #illustratedb

I slept as long as possible this morning, so I didn't get to do my daily reading before work today. Fortunately, I had a few minutes mid-morning and had to laugh at where God led me today. If you know me at all then you now I don't know how to be still or be quiet. These are not my strong suits. I always love it when God speaks directly to my heart -- especially on a Monday morning!