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Blog-tember: Passion

04 September 2015

There are lots of things I could have written about today - there are many things I am passionate about. I've been doing a lot of thinking the last several weeks about how much I miss running and how I keep trying in fits and starts, but it never seems to stick like it did before. It's hard and it's hot outside and I'm not as strong as I was a year ago. It's discouraging and I want to be that girl who crosses the finish line again. I was digging back through my archives for some photos earlier in the week and I stumbled across a post from early 2012. It was bittersweet. I want to be that girl again - the one who is so passionate about her body and her health. 

"One year ago today, I wasn't a runner. I was a lazy girl struggling to lose the weight from my second pregnancy and trying to convince myself I was happy. I had been "exercising" for one year and was trying Weight Watchers. Although I had lost over 10 pounds, I still had a long way to go and I wasn't getting there fast. One year ago today, my best friend invited me to run a 5k with her and my life was forever changed. On February 2, I completed the first day of Couch to 5k and wanted to curl up in a ball and die. I couldn't believe how winded I was after running for 90 seconds at a time. I bought new shoes and work-out clothes immediately, knowing I would feel committed after making a monetary investment. I was so afraid to say "I'm a runner" out loud because I was so used to failing or giving up. It is beyond my comprehension that a year later I'm still doing it and loving it more than I could have ever imagined. Running is hard work and sometimes I have to make myself get up off the couch. But once my feet slap the pavement that first time, I am locked in. I've heard people say they pray while they run, or they think about their to-do list, or that they listen to books or that they wonder when it will be over. When I run, I'm not doing anything but running. I don't think about work, or family, or stress. I don't sing along to the songs or even think about what is going on around me. I'm thinking about my feet connecting with the ground. I'm thinking about the beat of the music as I run to it. I'm thinking about how fast I'm going and how many miles I'm covering and how I'll reward myself with a big gulp of water in another half-mile. I'm thinking about how much longer I can run, how much farther I can push myself. I'm thinking about the half marathon and how it's going to feel to cross the finish line. I'm thinking about the runner's high and the route and how far I'll go tomorrow. I'm thinking about how with every single step I'm making myself stronger. I'm thinking about how my girls will never know a time in their life when I wasn't healthy and active. With every step I am making myself a better person and I am proud of how far I've traveled."

Couch to 5k. Ouch. Dinner. 360 calories. #febphotoaday Today's post-run sunshine. #febphotoaday Running with my crazy family. #makesmehappy #febphotoaday Garlic-cilantro, oven-baked fries. Yes, please! Post-Mexican run with my husband. Snack time! #febphotoaday Day 2: PB & banana toast. Yummy. #breakfast #fruit #march Lunar Glides #somethingiwore #marchphotoaday Lunchtime run. #red #marchphotoaday Does anyone else find it excessive that we have four gallons of milk in our fridge right now? Only a few #clouds today. #marchphotoaday Home alone = sleeping late. Time for a quick run and a few hours of silence before the noisemakers invade... Calf massage = awesome. Yay for 5k! Starting line. Post race snack. Proof that I enjoyed it :). #iheartdrpepper Insane. What I ate for lunch :) sweet potato chips.  #photoadayapril #orange #afternoonsnack Tiny running shorts. #photoadayapril #lastthingibought Still catching up... tomatoes for taco night. #photoadayapril  #veggies #peace and quiet at the gym #photoadaymay Peanut Butter. #smellsiadore #photoadaymay #grass... It's what's for lunch! #photoadaymay I wouldn't make a great caveman... I had to have cheese!! Post work-out chocolate milk & SD. #cantlivewithout #photoadaymay #New water bottles that require a degree to operate! #somethingnew #photoadaymay #upclose and personal with my favorite shoes. I had a great 3 mile run lunch today. I'm trying to focus on increasing my speed.  Grrrr. #photoadayjune Wedges and compression sleeves... sexy, no? 2.5 miles at sunset. Finally, the rain let up for a bit! MON - Produce Solitude at the gym! Yessss. What the what?! First good run in weeks! #onthefloor at the gym... #photoadayjuly Untitled Summer is over and I'm tired of being lazy. Time to get these legs back in gear. #day1 Day 2 #imgettingfitagain Day 7: Run a 5k at lunch Check! #imgettingfitagain More like a Watercolor Run, but we had a BLAST!! @kealfano Day 1 of half-marathon training. #2miler #twentyweekstogo #136lbs #dreadmill After!! No turning back now... Spotted around mile 3... Just when I needed a little boost :). #day9 #lunchbreak #5miler #halfmarathontraining #19weekstogo #day17 #5miler #halfmarathontraining Good morning, mileage. 43* is the perfect running temperature. #8miles #halfmarathontraining #day20 #day22 in my favorite pink shorts. #2miles #halfmarathontraining #day36 #2miles #halfmarathontraining #day38 #5miles #pr #halfmarathontraining Untitled Working out with daddy! #p90x Duly noted. Fitness Friday is back in the blog today! #fitnessfriday Just an 8 mile Sunday afternoon stroll... Average pace while running, 10.36. Mickey & I just logged 3 miles at lunch. #halfmarathontraining #teamfmf 5 mile lunch break. 10:36 per mile. #teamfmf #halfmarathontraining Everything in my gym bag happened to match today. #happyaccident #halfmarathontraining #3miler I rocked out 10 miles today. It was my first double-digit run! #halfmarathontraining #teamfmf I think I should have this! 50 miles so far this month! #halfmarathontraining Last January I hadn't run a single step. I would never have believed a year later I could manage 11 miles. #halfmarathontraining #isitbedtimeyet #wheresmydrpepper #jellolegs #igotthis Post-run euphoria. #6miles #halfmarathontraining 72 miles in January! #halfmarathontraining #dailymile #teamfmf

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." HEBREWS 12:1

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